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Wan avoid all evil, to break' the sound of a loud shout, loyalty unto death on fleet feet purple masterpiece, Purple direct bullfighting mysterious Grand Master on his forehead, actually evil cloud out of the sky a gap, the mysterious Grand Master where dare neglect, and quickly out of the sky. Prolapse is felt when the cage of a sudden a carnage to cut down the middle. Jianguang before the arrival, but it felt itself to be the other sword and blood drawn, as if his body prolapse have to be the same, even Zifu meta tire also emerged sluggish color. Small mouth slightly open, mouth spit out a tiny Purple, continue to nourish their own blood. 'Broken!' Mysterious Grand Master face suddenly red, gold mouthful of blood sprayed on the loyalty feet, I saw a large purple flash, as if the sun in the sky in general, stinging eyes, I heard a loud thunder too, was surprised to find loyalty foot bombCrushed, a mysterious yellow gas block in front of the mysterious Grand Master of the body, barely stopped that bloody sword, this is the case, the mysterious Grand Master can not help but cry Canhu sound, but it is that bloody sword in the left rib cage draw a wound, blood like golden tank was broken in general, have been sprayed out from the wound burst of pain came over, but now is a strange atmosphere coiled around the wound, constantly corrupting the whole body of blood. Grand Master Xuan face became pale, and quickly fell down, on top of a mud ball out Purple on Purple but showing three magnificent Golden, are purple, Purple, about the size of half an acre, slowly flowing purple on fall into the ground, but it is the mysterious Grand Master of care in the middle, and mysterious all Dafa tutelage sleeve to take a gourd, poured immortality, the glittering, fragrant, but it is known for the Three Realms nine turn-saver, weekdays mysterious Grand Master himself reluctant to eat one, but glanced at the moment but, it swallowed. Three Realms really is a treasure, that road wound immediately returned to normal appearance, and sister is not pretty.' Du wind nodded and said: 'It is beautiful, your sister is a perfect woman.' Yang began biting his lips guess zero and said:. 'She should be very gentle, very docile and obedient of that type, no matter what you say ...... no, you do not even say anything, she would want for you.' Du wind could not help but lost smiles: 'You guessed half, almost everyone guessed that half.' Young zero curious authentic: 'So what is the other half?' Du wind scowled and said: 'The other half is me and her unique secrets, can not tell you.' To his surprise, Yang zero towards him and made a bold grimace said:. 'You do not say I would have guessed.' Du wind shook his head: 'You guess the.' Young zeroTongue and said: 'Yes, you have not heard, there is telepathy, I was dreaming about her often between sisters, she also secretly told me many things about you, are you, oh privacy.' But for the moment was right duel, Du wind really want to ask her about it carefully whether it is true or false, Yang Ying told her something in the end, but unfortunately now is not the time to ask these things. Young zero little heart bouncing wildly, pretending a calm sweet face and said:. 'Is true, telepathy and sisters, it is possible to ignore any distance, including room and to the government.' Du wind eyes light up, muses: 'You say ...... away ......' Thoughts float in something else, Yang zero grace quietly back out there noticed her, his thoughts have turned to other areas. Yang said zero 'distance' should remind him that in many far and when he kept close shootout. Xu Du able to keep the wind away fast if winds speeds. At the beginning of long-range shooting, Xu Yuan's speed was starting to lag behind, however, at the moment the wind was found to Du mystery. Xu Yuan keep up with his speed reasons, because they want to own deliberate and maintain a certain distance. Armed grudge scope not seen as Du eyes as the wind, beyond the effect of armed grudge there must be an invisible killer range, that layer invisible endlessly, another two feet radius of a spray Punta their names, followed by Zhang Xu also with a long snake, being used by the tree 'among big factoryGap years should be hit from the storm, only five or six feet distance themselves apart. Head immediately heard a 'Ang a shrink, and received their names, to the depths of shade retreat, dazzling without a trace, not a little more sound. Look air, if not approached Donnie restrained himself simply to the enemy with a sword Current serpent, this tree is the right man leap antecedents aid branch of the cliff there is the river, two children, never off guard as well behind this terrible evil thing, will be for the injury or poison gas sprayed in doubt, the heart Haiyi party. Donnie has been transferred face smiles:. 'This temple since last year moved to the home division, with no outsiders had previously lived footprint master a friend met, in order to retreat, do not want contact with outsiders, when you build a temple, specifically looking for odd provoke disgust terrain, will open the gate backwards on top of the hill by the front to the Peak blocked, people can not see, and although the former are more mountain road, not good on. Then to crosses this hinders the middle there twenty-three. And then from the mountain around more in the past, more trouble. Hill left it, though nearer, but the forest cover. I do not know who the end, passing never see. Is to know, such as the future too, in order to walk through the patch of woods, outsiders no leadership, really never expect. Man said bending turn, discourage occur, the more entrenched within many poisonous snakes, strayed into danger, thousands of flocks together to attack, local and narrow, four full hold several trees, tangled veteran cadres, its hard as iron, how good are not open display of martial arts is that it will be very difficult to survive the bite. Jing also poisonous, stinging itch ąýÚ, only worn by the bamboo forest to come to the vertical cliff again, more is better. Today the forest Chongyi destroy the Dragon, even a large array of Immortals should seriously injured, wounded, how can the immortal twelve ancestral witch opponent. Black fist closer, thunder god Pangu chaos are gathered in the cloud, as if ready to be down for the same. Dragon even have felt coming of death, the immortal face look a hint of ashes. 'When.' Chime, clear and melodious, as if from nine days down. Qingming while the immortal soul. When again, a big fuss at the moment seems to be the same as laid down. Shensha all day on a large array of golden revolving, black gas condensation, but could not see the slightest movement, hangs over a large array of both god Pangu mine has disappeared without a trace, as if never been the same. 'Chaos bell.' Mysterious Grand Master eyes light up. Fruit see above the clouds, there is a boy clinging hands of a small bell, small blushed, obviously rang the bell of chaos, but also exhausted their best. Chaos Sambo Pangu streamers epoch, Taiji diagram given wind water and fire, chaotic minutes free three realms, repression obscurity. Only this matter at this time in order to have such effects. Sure enough, that the bell rang, the original Dragon seemed tired to eat fruit, like ginseng, very excited, audible cries of Dragons, supple body quickly penetrate all day Shensha big fuss, a golden fall direction toward Tianzhushan in the past. Sure enough, the large array, Li Xiao bursts of sound, a Wu Guang, surrounded by a body to reveal a devil, about Baizhang, men ugly but strong woman is a beautiful flower, swaying more position, although the whole body Emotion, but there's a line-like beauty. 'Shanhaiguan goner.' Neutron cloud Yangtianchangtan road. The rest of Immortals is also a hint of sadness on his face, a little luck color. Also thanks to Dragon angered large array of Temujin, resorted to twelve Jin, plantedThe all-day Shensha big fuss. Formed a Pangu Mami, this makes the immortal thought, First Secretary of the Wu family still has not been used if Temujin surgery in a large array