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!' Hu nine demon looked at the sky orange cloud tis hearts really a surprise, knowing now comprehension sector in the clouds Zhen Fang only one person, and have believed that a little moment. 'Young, Miss you go underwater, the Secretary was there too!' Hu nine demon frowned, urged. 'Miss Division Who?' Zhang Zi Ran know where so much, just to let him know that Zhen Fang live off the other end of the monster flood peak moment and shook his head and said:. 'Master's in there, afraid of what our mission is This is the first monster to live off, can catch the better. ' 'Catch?' Hu nine demon hearts surprised, but not know where half a year, Zhen Fang strength rose, has a foot in the anti-imaginary period. 'For ah! Master had a travel thing, just missing a coolie. I think probably it shares hit peak in the head must be evil Jiao, the master said to do it that hard labor.' Zhang Zi Ran proud smiles. 'Song of the Month audacity to small rodents. I look into the swallow you.' Suddenly peak surge, a huge Jiao head out now, I saw there about twenty meters diameter Kau head size, eyes are about the size of the basin, are insidious flashing light, now head of a horn, flashing silver, the whole body covered with dark scales, is indeed a branch of the Dragon, dragon. 'You head snake, do you send me to pull the car to be a master, is already a big blessing. Do you know who my master is? He is one of three master comprehension sector, boundless good fortune reality. 'However, being evil goes purple Jiao called broken its own history, Chun blushed and took the hands of cursed. 'Hey, is that guy posing underwater dragon occupied, hey, he does not come already, to me even he ate. Immeasurable merit, he can eat more than you who is much better.' Ferocious evil Kau said. 'Really? That Pindao'll give you.' Suddenly the sky came a cold voice, evil Jiao looked up in the past, was surprised to find a golden fly over towards you, all of a sudden falls on his body, AberdeenA look fine, but it is a rope, Ambilight, looming in an the saints, although some offense, but in the end is a benevolence. Taishanglaojun though angry, but do nothing, if really fighting on the ground Once upon a time, the idea does make under boundless Shanie, even if that person has a large array block, I am afraid that when the saints live supernatural means. 'Houtu junior sister apprentice is a good means that Red Cloud Young Goddess junior sister apprentice and where is it?' Tongtianjiaozhu received Qingping sword, standing in TaishanglaojunAround sneered. This time the saints found Zhen Fang and Nvwaniangniang have not been received in, the mind of a turn, suddenly understood to mean the soil behind the empress. Houtu Goddess Fenlian slightly red, and she does not debit Nvwaniangniang Chen, had, indeed, a bit selfish. But only a small aspect of it, in general, still worried when pitted saints, harm innocent people. As Zhen Fang and Nvwaniangniang of fighting, she is nothing but the personnel to do it. Okay. 'Taishanglaojun brow wrinkled, light, said:' The Saints fight, but decided the outcome of the final battle Yaozu, Red Cloud Young Once upon reunification, we must make a break with the demon clan, This is an act of God. To cover your Yaozu Goddess junior sister apprentice, it was just to make personnel, two have settled some. Houtu junior sister apprentice to do right. I waited for his two can not intervene. However, I waited though a saint, but Red Cloud Young also had words, God knives, no one in the list, and no one should not be on the list; and have seen this, I waited for the saints must involve in them. Saints causality between entangled, incidentally, is also taking some today, Nyaya. ' 'Big Brother is justified.' Quasi-mentioned Taoist Tongtianjiaozhu looking, red-skinned, cold hum smiles: 'Today, one can see how to help you not fall mud dough, sorry hatred year siege..' 'Then you can drop the dough, the same is true today.' Quasi-mentioned Taoist laughed. Hands greeted Qibao wonderful tree, did not because of his own magic with Daoxing, but ancestral witch who co workers, nine phoenix, Temujin, who shot him hidden mysterious radiance seeing soil behind the empress, a hint of mysterious smile on his face, but soon sighed, as if to express dissatisfaction with their own land. 'Worship witch!' Wu family worship being inadvertently glanced at the front thanks to a soil behind the empress. Eyes in undisguised awe and respect. A million years. Wu family finally out of a saint. Since then. Wu family no longer be calculated and slavery to the object of. All because of the Wu family to back out of a saint. Witch ancestral temple around. Pangu around the ground around the statue. Stood twelve ancestral witch. Mat were received systemic ancestral witch golden scales. Ear wearing a Snake. Two foot dragon. People face tiger body. Department of Health scapular wings. Western Jin Zu Wu. Ancestral witch sentence Mans Aoki body color. Birds face personal. Dragon foot two. Orient wooden ancestor witch; total work python head personal ancestral witch. Black Dragon foot two. Cyan constrictor wrapped around the hand. Black body scales. Good manipulate prehistoric water potential. Northern Water ancestral witch; Vulcan. Shoutou personal. Binaural wearTwo salamanders. Two foot flames. Systemic red scales. South ancestral witch fire; Houtu ancestral witch personal tail. Behind seven hands. There are also two in front. Teng hold two snakes. Ancestral soil of central witch; the first eight days of Zu Wu faces of the people. Tiger body ten. Wind ancestral witch; Xuanming ancestral witch spurs the body. Behemoth. Good strong ancestral witch tiger first person; rain ancestral witch. Take two yellow snake. Ray ancestral witch; Wu Xi Zi Zu bird body human face. Earhook two green snake. Holding two red snake. Power of ancestral witch; Di Jiang ancestral witch who face a bird body. There are four dorsal fin meat. Chest, abdomen, legs six claws. Good speed. A four-winged twenty-eight miles. Body red scales. Ancestral witch space speed; candle jiuyin ancestral witch who face Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, almighty. If not on the top of the head, and a string of prayer beads, barely eighteen Rohan figure emerged, each with appearance, round after round of gold from down. Eighteen array became faint, the trio care in the middle, probably would have already been killed by the military spirit, where also mention what salvation army soul, had immeasurable merit, gilded relic form. 'Namo Amitabha.' Physiognomy monk see everyone rushing over, can not help the old blushed, he certainly knows his own greed, if not attack. To learn Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Buddhism itself trying to influence these four hundred thousand soul of obtaining power greedy days, never once thought of Buddhism is sometimes ineffective way, with their magic enough. Such credit is not readily available. Zhen Fang looked at those behind the soul of the military have endless black, the last one to know the ban has been opened, otherwise it is impossible to peep so much soul. Just like that to the military spirit, they are just some of the soul of the military effort to break the ban Dafa, take out. So everyone can be very leisurely off some division of labor. Originally determined in accordance with Zhen Fang. Is to make the ban slowly torn trace hole, then slowly move the crowd. Although this time a lot slower, but the probability of success is the land of many. No one thought, truth monk actually so greedy, those put out the whole soul of the army, he is not surrounded by these strange military spirit. 'Dear fellow, now, when the moment is not shot.' Zhen Fang suddenly a call: 'immeasurable revere.' Suddenly rises behind a bucket earth merit golden, shining void, right hand Fuso rod or play or point divided into numerous root fire red crutches, in an air cast three red light, hit countless soul among the left channel but shed a purple Zixiao God of Thunder, rolling downDrop between the military spirit, and shortly wiped out two or three military spirit. Merit behind golden shine off, a road white gas slowly to generate,