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the heat, although not yet The other toppled, but relies instead unharmed. Each significantly superior martial arts after a hand, the situation is changed, there is magic Arrow Venerable know each other body care, also stormed in vain, then is at every step, foot nine palaces gossip position, if only parry, no strength to fight back, Quan Shi getting slow. By this time, Kennedy thought Mercy Jackson factions battle can certainly hit the ground running, but the pain and the Zen masters of the air but instead face heavy, Shaolin disciples several relatively sophisticated, but also with each other though a step back, but did not like to expose defeated, however, in any case, it seems Mercy Jackson prevailed, so they do not understand why the head of the Master worry shape or color? Mercy Jackson will be forced to bear the other side, then raised to the palm of boxing, great King resorted to secret Shaolin techniques, palm shadow as a mountain, the enemy completely over, there are several Shaolin disciple could not help but cheer up, I did not realize it roar at this moment, fierce hear Arrow Holiness, like the head hit a Maggiore, I saw the whole body thrown Mercy Jackson came down out of the thirty feet away, though immediately leaps, but has been considered lost. This is what the change was too sudden, the factions of ten eighty-nine disciples do not understand why Jackson should win anti Mercy defeated, the same care dismay, I saw a largeButterfly a wave, his men armed with weapon, ready encirclement. but said: 'We are not with you, gang fights, beggars who cloth into the square, only defensive attack, Yu Xiang Gong, Ms. Owen, princess, you have three people in the periphery of the guerrilla Run out!' She gave the order, cloth on the battle immediately, Kangsi Han pretended authentic:'I'm fighting the blue Meng!'Word text Qiong Yao smiled and said: 'I deal with Miss Tsering!'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'You are the master snatched, I do it?'Wu Yunshan said: 'The rest of the people are your target, with your Shuangchui, of it. ' Fairy could not even hit a few of the Cold War and said: 'What do you ......' Du silent wind, gas construction avatar is not what profound ancient martial art, three-star and above ancient weapons can do. Seven stars above the ancient weapons, even in live material to construct gas. Only in the manufacturing sub-behind, ancient weapons of power will be greatly reduced, in equal shares to each of the spare power is vulnerable. When you want to lay people must display matrix method, but his side has no companion, and perhaps also some handy spare. Most of the time remaining, spare just a pretty decoration only. The group of so-called immortal in that discussion with obscene language Yang Ying, Yang Ying also attempted to impose avatar evolution of the law, may only have one purpose, that is to Yang Ying made commitments, while more than act as servants . The thought here, Du wind is furious, surging infuriating by his body hair skin broke out at every foot of ground already bear the weight of the diamond crack a pit, misty fog constantly raised from the foot. Immortal before the start of DU could not weather the wind chill exudes body trembled. Du words revealed a strong wind murderous said: 'I want to know, in this world except upon a time, if there lives to the government.' Immortal chattering teeth and said: 'Do not you ...... ...... ...... do not know Hello bold, dare to dare ...... ...... ...... This immortal so rude!' Du wind eyes revealed a terrifying evil spirits, stressing each syllable: 'The! Then you go to the trouble to ask the netherworld.' All fairy head, slowly slipping from their neck, blue Xian Qi as a fountain-like emission from broken neck cavity. Triple figure intersection of the moment, triple the figure were made of different gestures, majestic 'Heaven', 'earth', 'man' characters mixed together, from Du consistent wind out of his head. Yang Cheng-tao white-haired old man laughed and said: 'Well ruined my old man Yang's plan can not sell this one daughter soaring demand.'  sit for a moment, suddenly Yingsong real laugh and said: 'reality meritorious, please sit.' Xiyi live also said: 'Daoyou so the repair, if sitting here, I also no's first face sitting up. 'undertook to know at this time, a number of the above are anti futon on the master sat empty. Moment straight hearts sigh, this is really a self-cultivation sector with strength respect for the community. Although her young, but because of the anti-dummy master, so a chance to get on the superior position. Present commanded some longevity and Dragon himself toward the front as England loose several futon to sit in the past. After the wait to sit down, only to find between reality and Wudang Yuanyang xiyi live myself sitting position is notA front, nor on the list. 'Today's saint Laojun birthday, Shushan for Laojun disciples therefore invite you fellow, come Laojun worship saints, saints born in chaos, into the road to the emperor, when one family born in the enlightenment beings, boundless, I'll wait Although the road, or Buddha, or Confucianism, but all are one family, the date of the birth of Laojun, can not sacrifice. 'Lonely Road chief sitting on top, slightly hoarse voice, but above the main hall, everyone else hear clearly. Both of those have low strength should be combined, only to sit together with the Lonely ide anti virtual master. Each heart sneer. Lonely though Laojun think this disciple, but this time in order to keep the Shushan, actually through Laojun birthday banner, invite the group to repair, come to negotiate resistance Momen. If Laojun care, I am afraid to throw stripe down the outside pole thirty-three days from the Lonely killed a pole now! 'Lonely Daoxiong, etc. why today I come quickly or Tell me! You know the matter is urgent, can not miss.' That Lonely Carter, and an honest and peaceful sound, though not loud, puts above the main hall to the sound should be combined. Suppressed. Zhen Fang do not see that this is a long road Kunlun breeze moves up. Lonely Road looking ashen. He thought of today