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synonymous with power, magic and more must be able to overcome the little magic. So everyone likes innate Lingbao, but it was only a small part of the people know, in the end is Moliu means magic, although able to promote their own growth in personal combat, but the tunnel itself but then no more land line help, blindly rely on magic . Not only does not increase the line to make their own authentic, but will not move forward in their favor. Look at those saints, magic at most twelve only. Not based on how much magic to determine the strength of their own strength. Otherwise, there can be no divided treasure things Hongjun Taoist year of the. Treasure Taoist year love magic, and even wore itself to countless magic, enviable, but what can they do today, but is dressed in cassock and, although still shiny treasure, but is nothing but a baby only. Itself did not hang numerous Lingbao. This is a sign of great progress Daoxing, back to nature is the right way. Treasure Taoist faint nodded and did not speak. There are thousands of channels, each person taking the road is different. How much Po Po Road. See a hill, watching the water is water; the mountains are not mountains, watching the water is not water; see the same mountains, watching the water, or water. Dubbo Tathagata is clear that he is such a road. 'Open!' The Queen Mother looked faint Dubbo Tathagata, she did not speak, just a hint of jealousy among Fengmu, a trace of resentment. She was also the year in Zixiaogong liking Road. Also with the East Duke alike, when talking to the qualification, is quite extraordinary. Although this is different from Taishanglaojun Heaven blessing of the people, but if compare to words and Dubbo phase, do not know how much better times, but unfortunately, until now, the repair of others is growing rapidly. Themselves over the years, and not much progress, despite their own ranks supreme, with Yao Chi scenery,Zhou endless power of the stars, there is no prohibition to fall into the Jade Pool. But he is still no hopes of is Miss ya, can not be us.' Is sunny for several consecutive days, the day the wall and connected to New York City is nearing completion, the extradition will be injured Morohito injury has gradually recovered. Mergers underway extradition and the World Association of ancient weapons, joint announcement with Valkyrie, Raytheon, Independence Day, the tomb four issued pistol, enough to make most of the ancient martial Society chapters to give up resistance, even though there is this kind of unhappiness shadows or in the hearts of all gradually erased. Guang laughed: 'Little Princess, is a nosy old lady.' Parachutist seem to have a trace of anxiety broad forehead, and finally said:. 'Naturally, I am one thing, I do not know to ask should not ask' Yoo Ji-day, shaking his head, straightforward authentic: 'General Lee, for what I can not directly say it?' Guang frown hesitated for a long while, it said: '? Oh, little princess, the wife really wanted you entrusted to him, but in your heart what to think.' Yoo Ji-day bird flying in the hands, looked up at the sky and said: 'Lee, you really want to know?' 'Nature!' Liu Ji day took a deep breath, his hands beam back and whispered: 'There is a joke in the world, it is said the bomb hit probability on the plane is one ten-millionth, there Monopoly extreme fear of death, in order to reduce the probability of each the second aircraft to bring a ticking time bomb. ' Guang could not help but smile, this behavior can only be described as stupid words. Yoo Ji-day like naughty children exposed face and said:. 'Like father, people think he's stupid, and how to become a millionaire who would only say stupid game better.' She looked up at the sky. Face turned serious and said: 'Heaven has been a continuation of the tens of thousands of years of legends troubled, saying there is a robbery heaven ......' Interrupted Liu Guang Ji days, then said:. 'That robbery has occurred, the soldiers of God, the second princess and prince mutiny, the Emperor sealed in the second heaven.'