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protecting large Song Pingan. Nine days on top of that, the Jade Emperor, his face ashen. Mouth in mock hint, perhaps the only way to Ha Chen was so bold, dare looked soon, regardless of the attitude of other countries, actually heavens saint worship together. The above thirty-three days. Saints face was showing several strange color, do not know what my heart is the idea. Dongsheng God is worshiped everywhere Island RoadThree clear door; West cattle Hezhou worship places are holy Buddhist double, Luzhou North is dedicated to all the saints Nvwaniangniang Yaozu, each have their own ownership, but only jambudvipa to a grotesque, dedicated to the heavens saint. Although he knows that this is Zhen Fang idea, but it happens nothing. Three door waiting Zhen Fang Qing also sanctified holy together to cope with Buddhism double it, and although Buddhist holy coveted double jambudvipa trillion of Lebanon. But it happens again and Zhen Fang forged a causal link, and then before the completion of causality, but do not dare to start Zhen Fang. Beastkin hands to move the demon streamers Nvwaniangniang gourd used, or when the Red Cloud hands of it, but also helpless, while the soil behind the empress is because the town Motoko also for her now guarding the hell of it. This cause and effect do not know when it can also, for a time, although that Kuangyin playing slick, but it happens not any way. Taishanglaojun sighed slightly, over the Ni Wan flashed a clear air, awaiting the next hand waving, suddenly mouth hint of mysterious smile. Illegal channels:. 'Since you have to have to come up with a little strength calculations to show that you have calculated the supernatural Saints job.' That led the officials on Kuangyin Square. Thanks to a half hour later, the congregation was surprised to find within the temple, did not see the movement, though secretly anxious hearts, but did not dare to look revealed the slightest displeasure, the square is still kneeling. Zhen Fang on natural Tianzhushan to understand the meaning, gestures can be seen, but one thing is the same. Du wind chop when Shendao control, cut Shendao endure the pain brought him, Tu is the same. Talent just dust. Will is the key to drive the knife. Sword admitted that he is his own master, Kamiya Mo Tu comb then put his hand to put his sword intended guide in the past. General effort began to break free Higgs Stewart, can be twisted into each other rather own meat also refuses to let go, he seems to own life do not mind, if not reversed shear force generals crack in the sun for a while He will become the sword hit the two, can be turned into bloodthirsty monsters blond nobility is not refundable. Mo comb body has become a bone in the carcass body armor cover, to move the carcass issued Italian sword. Some generals face changed, he did not grasp at powerThe whole block sword restricted conditions. This is the world of a clean break. Kamiya silent comb master stream fencing final esoteric Japanese swords, Bakumatsu executioner Flying Sword flow from generation to generation - day Xianglong flash. General only saw a burning strong sun light up completely pierced his eye mask. Between unprepared sword has cut into the general body, the sword even faster than the speed of the wind Du, let the opportunity nor the generals even dodge. He did not get away, but they can react. Jianfeng only felt some gentle, but also to the power of solar energy than blazing sword did not keep up, and Du shadow together with the pairwise forget themselves compared to the power of the sword is completely out of touch, power is divided into no interlocking one after another. Higgs Stewart blood claw still stubbornly clinging to the generals, but only grabbed the meat and bone, did not catch the critical parts. If not to snatch each other ideas for magical attacks abandoned wife catch hand, abandoned child catch to snatch the other hand is the main nerve, such as the blond aristocrat grab method can only be regarded as a kind of brute force, the generals could not resist sigh a to the Western Paradise took a being that two saints mind you can rest assured that the West ? ' '? If Guaren into the Western Paradise, fellow's mind not to fall yet,' Haotian Emperor suddenly laughed: 'I've had come to know fellow, I do not know what the final Guaren get?' The Queen Mother too tightly pegged to gold bi wind, apparently they are up for grabs in the end to see which party to benefit much. . 'His Majesty the heart is too small,' Choi Jin wind suddenly sighed and said: 'Your Majesty, let a mere three realms Extreme weekdays carefully, fear, fear of other people's day a little monkey calculations are also sire. invite others to come to help, but a saint disciples climbed on His Majesty's head and now for their own lives, with his wife and children into hiding this Wonderland, and just Majesty, your heart is too small. ' Haotian Emperor and his face flushed, but yet do nothing. Side of the Queen Mother suddenly sighed:. 'Daoxiong though magical wand, but in the end did not like the red clouds of Heaven was favored, even a saint is not his opponent, but I'll wait for it is different under the saints, all ants are just calculating about it, what can they do? ' Jin Choi wind laughed and said: 'After amulet, Hongjun Taoist immortal will suffer seal, Heaven is controlled by family division, give all those saints soul fled into Heaven, as long as the family division between waving, can thanks to a Tao Hong Meng Purple Majesty have nothing to worry about it? ' Haotian couple heard his face became pale, Hong Meng Purple, the legendary boulevard of the base, the key to holiness, when in Zixiaogong in allHong Meng Purple been strong have become a saint, although only one has been the fall of Hong Meng Purple Red Cloud, but until now how this guy has not been sanctified every move will bring pressure to others, an unpaired holiness guy actually the ability to defeat the two saints, it is easy to imagine that if this person after sanctification, what kind of strength. Haotian Emperor face a hint of