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whither layer gunpowder on a cover, according to the common phenomenon of acupuncture points, will also throw him to the top of gunpowder. Looked up and sawKou Fang Gao that class of people high on the hillside, the rocket shot to dense, but fortunately they spread in order to avoid, as far as high on the hillside where, in addition to Cole force Gao and several great master had sent, not the rest of the rocket to the bottom, they came to a place in the hillside. Once the sound of screaming everywhere, good and evil factions, there are a lot of people have been burned a rocket! This is a sudden unexpected event occurs, at once so that the audience chaos. Good and evil factions masters are Youjingyounu, have to force Gao Cole attack that class of people go! Kou Fang Gao led a large within forty guards and Guards generals, entrenched in a hilltop position above the crowd, condescending, still kept throw! At this time, Tang Xiaolan and Meng Shentong reached a critical juncture now, both in concentrate, deal with each other's attack, if a little one who is lax, they give each other the internal forces of shock death! Despite the spin around upside down, both of whom Jingsi blind eye and a deaf ear. There are few of the rockets falling around them, have already burning up the weeds, poor Fortunately, they have not burned body. That heap of gunpowder Rockets goal Jin Shiyi not spare, seeing Tang Xiaolan going to shoot rockets, the underground fire is also melting melting toward him off, leave immediately gunpowder heap, rolled into the fire among rolled them The next play quite a carp, jumped up, and even the general skill, palms were a plug, about a minute, at this moment, only to hear the bang bang, loud, and that pile of gunpowder had to shoot rockets Kou Fang Gao in an explosion at once! It is: take credit only for the reward, the disabled party then why not? Very smart, he used martial arts secrets in unloading force ingenious effort to force both sides to unload the two, had still not separated, but just at Futian Hao, began to say to herY. stroke Shuangchui said: 'You find pieces of weapons, I can not bully you empty-handed!'Duron Santos said: 'Duron palace soaring taste, but to one with your hands Shuangchui equal weapons, is actually very ashamed, unless you are willing to lend me a two-edged copper hammer points!'He just casually talk about this request, because he liquidated yuan will never agree, I did not realize yuan a very generous nodded: '!? What can you edged'Duron saints of the accident and said: 'Do you really Kenjie?' Yuan said: '! Of course Shumou although because of potential force, must be against you, but do not want a position of vulnerability, must beat you in a fair fight!'Duron Santos said: 'Well I'm going to that edged your right!!'He was afraid one of fraud, fear of Shushi dollar edged give him a fake, just check that edged right, because it took a knife he had a stroke, confirmed no false! Yuan nodded and said: 'Well you come get go!!'Duron saints just to leave, blue Meng said: 'Holy why they fight with demons eight roar with force it to solve them forget?!'Yu Shi Yuan laughed: 'The Omen applied for after eight roar, he also destroyed, white cheap you would not!'Blue Meng sigh loudly and said:? After the 'saints do not know his intentions, he would like to take the opportunity to shoot, the loss of the Holy One of skill, saints fight to exhaustion, even can Shengde Guo Yuan, also will be unable to cast demons eight roar! 'Duron Holy sneered: 'I'm not a fool, Hath not know, he is willing to lend weapons, I knew his intentions, and do not worry, I have a sense of proportion!'Yubi has said: '! dollar you put copper hammer throw over you when I'm not on, so I came to pick up a hammer, you taking the time to come on me, I may suffer!' yuan chuckle: 'You're in the heart of the villain, a gentleman of the abdomen, then!'Duron Holy quickly opened it to care, but floating into the hands of copper hammer. yuan chuckle: '! Shumou old Duron assure you that will not dry despicable plot to attack ' When the Virgin Mary suddenly said no. Immortals heard surprised a moment, and asked Yang also let go of the prayer flag loose, slowly put down, but the look on his face ashen remains. 'No when senior sister apprentice.' Yellow fall, fruit see a vicious Taoist now looks out, not a dragon who is the first fairy. Immortals face a trace of doubt. That Qiu first glance the immortal fairy, one can not see the crowd when the Virgin Mary, the hearts of surprise, and quickly called out. 'Have come to speak!' Kongxuan mouth a hint of sneer. Zao Wou-ki, who resigned look on his face out of touch, but did not dare to go against Kongxuan De command, had ordered his soldiers to suffer exceedingly burial. Without seeing his face out of embarrassment when the Virgin's appearance, the sky, who also face some unnatural, Our Lady of Hope is livid. Well quite a while, when Notre Dame was no sigh: '?. Young magic strength, how it will kill a few soldiers let the good fortune were the division chart brothers do not like.' 'Senior sister apprentice, not that few mortals it? Brother just off the cage, and finally have this opportunity, to kill a few mortal what is the relationship.' Qiu Xian first his face changed, casually said. 'Is a mortal creature.' Sky fairy sneered. 'How, sky junior sister apprentice must speak out for those dozen souls?' Qiu first heard this fairy face while became pale, his eyes a hint fiercely, fiercely staring at the skySon. Where there was fighting, there are square cut to teach cents to North Korea, subglottic disciples naturally divided the various factions, there are differences in the door and the outside of the door. The sky is the outer door of the fairy leader sits three Xiandao. In fact, although it is on the outside door of the disciple, but was Tongtianjiaozhu exceedingly popular, and even gave all three realms of magic under the well-known treasures. How to make the cut to teach Immortals convinced. And is not a matter of long-standing. 'Shut up.' When the Virgin Mary without seeing