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brother has heard this year has been a big witch repression Ying Zheng, Ying Zheng after turning around, will actually throwing it behind, and now for Xiandi income, although its main function is not used Xiandi, but so is enough to get a lot of the benefits. 'Zhen Fang shook his head, if not then own whim, too impossible to know those tattered thing, the whole body of P. Jiuding guy actually is Divine, can be obtained by arcane treasure Three Realms universe tripod. 'So, little brother went to the north were all Luzhou took a look may have found.' Now that we know can not escape causality, Zhen Fang natural duty to sanctify, and bid farewell to the town Motoko went north all Luzhou from. Houtu Goddess face suddenly changed, and can not help but said: 'Sister, take sanctification but Red Cloud Road Zuqin be, can not be changed.' Meaning it is now afraid Nvwaniangniang momentary anger, frustrate Zhen Fang sanctification. Within Wa Palace, demon division Kunpeng uneasy mind, thanks to the hall on the above Nvwaniangniang face cold, light, said:. 'Kunpeng, the seat view of your intentions recently assisted a small nine, my heart even comfort trick before you today come, is toFormer seat achieve this promise land. ' Kunpeng heard joyful hearts, although initially they are being oppressed again follow Nvwaniangniang land pressure. But which is also a hint misses Nvwaniangniang had said the words, now Zhen Fang Daoxing increasing. Golden Tiger swallow sharp day and generation can be considered a demon dog day holy, though not as Kunpeng than himself, but he is confident there is no Zhen Fang, fireworks will not move the two play in the hands at the moment, Zhen Fang on Like a mountain like. Pressure in the apex Kunpeng, if not gloomy personality, probably already shown. Nvwaniangniang words heard today, joyful hearts, quickly worship: 'The Goddess of Mercy, Goddess of Mercy.' This moment seems to breeze blowing. People Choutet incomparable. 'You Yaozu but the division, who also millions of years of existence, non wished. Later still money to be Thai Tukou tempted to tell all the truth to each other gradually, anger with hatred of the enemy, naturally hit it off, and soon became Damon and Pythias, and live in one place. Every morning and evening, with each apprentice training rate is the son of martial arts, is not coming easy step. Each had two short-long effort, the money should be more informative Thai, Kung Fu deep, for restraint not fully aware of the enemy's weaknesses; sexual candor, more anxious a helper, he gave Toushi income heartily say, then two man pointing to each other. Although money should Tai old, and broken the body, in the end is pure chun martial arts people, is that through, so the two Goes into art. Money should know Di escape the Thai public and his son Shu Liang Jin Ju fencing, although this can be a single line about Di ratio and escape, then take the seal, so son embarrassed to come forward to help. But all people are capable Di house, and from the addition of different people, then should the lucky winner, these people will be out looking for games, how to cope? Determined to go one thousand loose rock looking for Shen Lin, make about Di escape to the south to explain the holidays. One places ago and people say that 2023 will visit the north of the Tianshan, has already expired, consciously discredited ashamed. Put more fear hidden pseudonym Xiao Jun Xian Taoyuan Yao universe Palms to lead the line, Di escape harder than Didi. Chen Song advised not light on the surface of the move, but secretly invited hotshots in to help. The Proton about the man named Lang, originally did not pass a five faction remnants. When the five faction Sword is powerful when it is really a lot of capable people. Because they behave badly, and then to the Fei Xu mother's generation is in decline since the founder leader of BI from evil; even after three Emei sword fight, eat decent Sword slay all exhausted, a total of not more than a few slip through the net, and more is fear in Emei, Qingcheng factions momentum, the ears of Lee Han, also quickly made the appropriate arrangements. Luo Feile guessed the enemy's plan, to anticipate them to go this dark line, had set up an ambush. Liu fat constantly muttered: 'Bomb, bomb ...... how would' This despicable fat though afraid of death, but it does cautious, such as hair, had already been used bomb detector Luo Feile detailed examination of the entire body, not the slightest traces of buried bombs. OnlyLiu fat undreamed bomb is not placed in the body, but within the human body. Entire campers, have been transformed into human bombs unknowingly! In the ancient martial techniques, the most magical than nothing, you can use a gas derived [figurative] Other objects, however figurative objects in the manufacture of certain complex of ancient weapons grade requirements are too high. Some ancient weapons, the next best thing, practicing the object can be converted to an object [refinery]! These students will undoubtedly be people moving in their sleep hands and feet, the body was transformed into a small bomb refining techniques, as long as the sentiment of anger or panic abnormal state, the body of the gas will be the fuse coking, when the gas along the liver, heart, After the stomach, lung, and kidney meridians order of weeks again, the bomb will explode! Explosion on the plane after another, Liu fat bladder scared almost out of control, Du wind suddenly said:. 'My nose is very spiritual.' Liu fat body sweat-prone, if the wind was Du find themselves scared wet his pants, he was definitely Siwuquanshi, quickly trying to control his urine. Du wind silent, kicked three deployment bag from under the seat, Liu fat man's face lit up and said: 'parachute, boss ...... instructor, when did you get over.' Then again Distressed said: 'Three ...... three months, we have four people ah ...... ' Du wind coldly:. 'Kinship can change their own bat fly' Du wind eyes flashed strange look, slowly:. 'There are two qualified graduating' His hands grasp two looks identical twin sisters was his surprise, Liu days butterfly grunted: 'I do not know what you're saying.' Du wind a silence, shaking his head and said:. 'Nothing, I probably wrong person.' He no longer speak, several people one after the other through the long corridor through the drawing room, Luo Feile already there, waiting for them to respond immediately saw the butterfly days after Liu, Du wind whisper: 'She look it is very friendly, Lee Han people pair temper it? ' Du wind shook his head and said: 'She is not Lee Han people.' Luo Feile exposed face unexpected expression: 'That is ......' Du wind indifference: 'I had to guess a person, and now it seems I guess wrong, but she was not looking for a fight.' Liu butterfly day grunted: 'I'm here to help you develop a strategic plan for the mob.' Luo Feile exposed dismissive expression, Liu butterfly long day and said: '? But your plan is to take advantage of the Challenge Cup when disguised as others, entering into the headquarters in New York, this plan is perfect, but how fancy you want him.' Her fingers pointing straight Du wind, Luo Feile reached out her fingers open, hum:. 'We have the best teacher in the world turning.' Fees behind her smile a little, Liu days Butterfly shook his head: 'Come on, looks can be disguised, but the temperament and the momentum is fake does not come, you can even disguise Independence Day Du wind, as long as he shot, you are all Teams will be penetrated, will immediately betrays. ' Luo Feile moment was choking, Liu days butterfly proud authentic: 'Finally, we still have to fight to develop the program for you, in my capacity as the World Association of ancient Chinese martial branch president, can take four peers, as long as he mixed into our team on the line, rest assured that with our strength definitely the way to the Finals, he shot totally unnecessary. ' Du wind swept behind a willow butterfly four days, four against the wall lazily stood idle gesture, but his heart was filled with a wind Du strong sense of unease. Liu butterfly Huangji day