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she came to me to do what? 'Gu Zhihua say, Li Qinmei thought the other hand, heart and said:' Yes, Lisheng Nan and Meng Shentong grudges, before she hated sister valley, the valley is about my sister but because of the exigencies Meng Shentong daughter, now dead Meng Shentong and wanted her sister will not find the trouble Valley. 'She was afraid to mention this matter, it willGu Zhihua embarrassed, they turn to change the subject, said:. '.. Gu sister, congratulations you have to take over the head, but I can not come to the ceremony of one hundred small token Cunxin little gift to you, hope you are satisfied that the sun' He finished out of a box, and then said: 'There is a Tianshan snow lotus, you leave it for a rainy day.' Gu Zhihua see her affection set design, had suffered a moment while the other two wine tears. So, now her father is dead, although sometimes inevitable by stimulation, but things have been in the past, like the haze cleared, emerged the clear sky, but she was therefore made up his mind, to revive the prestige of the door, a good father atonement. On the other hand, she has determined not to marry for life, love scars, while still on, but not like the previous confusion. Yizhong Mu such as a public one day with the door to see her better day, gradually perk up, also secretly happy, head too deep celebrate who has been a resurgence of Mangshan sent home. Instant after March Yizhong Mu choose the Mid-Autumn Festival this August 15, inaugurated as the new head of the good old days. Send invitations in advance over the factions head, some parents come, not toward the past, also sent someone to come to congratulate. Mangshan beaming on this day, the new head of the pick Ren Dadian was held on time, be told on three generations after the head of the Patriarch, the ceremony is complete, exactly noon. Then the ceremony is the messenger of the factions accept congratulations. He is sound Yinger among the Mangshan send as Zhi Ke Sheng Lin suddenly came disciple reports: 'Outside there is a black view, Fang Jue drinker old man, old man complained to himself: MA Kun thought, then do not go, and so when? Relied on the old man does not know himself, push, said:. 'It has been eaten, and in a hurry, no dishes, etc.' WithOpen the package and remove the 22 silver thrown on the table, the package will go out the folder. Arrived stairs, do not suddenly hurried ran a person, or two potential child are anxious, actually knocked a full chest knocked stinging, almost Yang fell out. Side to attack, to see exactly what the head elf, I do not know why Christine did not finish out and ran out, hit a man without a word, only one side of the body, buried inside run, heart shocked. Fluke other bold, not seen, where they dare to go look for the theory! MA Kun Jinu hearts and minds, which also account for interest! Cursed 'dwarf ghost', a bayan, three darts hit Pente go forward. After the respite given, consciously wound pain swelling, to turn dirty wet autumn insects like mosquitoes more bite together, really pain Nanjin, could not help but ventured out out. Mention gas stable form, take the extraordinary step, we see rain and hail stones generally called. After Jianjue the reed outside enemy is more than one suspect that a fellow drunk to drive to. Qigong had just seen the good, how my heart afraid of? Qin Zhu know, never doomed, had strong flick of the on, ready to endure pain, Britain Dayton reed sludge among the nervous, designed to designate enemy long since, a reed to escape again. Who would have thought the enemy was actually dead heart, not out loud, just outside boil dry. Several calculations enemy has gone, but the first class started to leave, regardless of diversion, what method, all escape his eyes. Fortunately, not moving, a little action, not to be hit by stones, at least, will be subject to some false alarm, really Zhiqiong exhaustive, do nothing. Bitter barely wait until the dawn, that the road has been pedestrian, but also keep the head all night, when already walked. Surprisingly, the East beat the just remembered, there are ways you can cast.' Voice hardly ever, four power play by the passage of time the fanzhen do broken arm bones, twisted like a snake suddenly like extending pairwise twisted together with each other. The four pillars looked like rubber boxing arena, and by extending the mutual links between the pillars of the fence rope. I did not expect these four individuals or practicing yoga masters in India, and in one of them died, immediately resorted to the use of their expertise new formation, the Du wind trapped in the middle. Death eight golden array biggest secret is that a lock words. As long as people trapped in them, infuriating grade who can not speak over the sum of the lineup, you can not Destroys violent methods, numerous road Salmonella immediately took the wind and the crushing pressure to Du pressure over. Du faint wind tunnel: 'FIGHTING not my strong suit.' Luo Feile That felt good, exclaimed: 'I'm sorry ...... I came to drag you ......' Du wind snapped: 'Do not talk nonsense, get hold of my waist.' Luo Feile a sweet heart, and quickly clasped his waist Du wind, at that moment, a ratio still raging waves than lightning Daoguang also glaring lights in the desert. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Come books ah, ISBN 181966 'Merry New Song,' the authors than I lewd Daoguang under one touch, all the doors are heavy piles turned it into Jifen. Purgatory squad alarmed, frantically operate Xian Qi, formed a considerableEight star power of ancient weapons punch pressure, forced to crash the door reunited again. Four FIGHTING cast together, in their skilful operation, increasing the power of the matrix method, the change between each Zhenshi gradually clear in mind, and even some in the past had never cast changes are also taking out. Four people at the same time shut his eyes, enjoying pleasant. Suddenly a cold stung their retinas, four people shocked eyes. Du Four winds coldly stood in front of that kind of