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screamed out of the broken windows, heavily killed on the ground. Scarface KazakhstanLaugh, and another seat beside Duodao building, housed in a building which he also became a towering pillar of fire point. Ke Leizha listening to the screams over the city, dragging crushed legs crawl jeep. Like the legendary general, the team is not the slightest hell horror human existence. He was going to find the Independence Day Du wind, a few hours ago that also made him scared and trembling, anxious immediately and then quickly away stars, now he has become the last straw. A dapper figure jumped from the jeep, a punch in the stomach , Ke Leizha suddenly fell to the ground unconscious. After the blow knocked , fees not surprisingly killer, but muttered:. 'Rest assured, I will take care of his brother not to kill people, you just lie here for a while now.' He did not found not far from the buildings that were masked girl being condescending overlooking his every move. After been overthrown, the girl's hands gathered from a strong cyclone, after seeing the charges did not kill, she would flash figure disappeared. After wiping his face from under a thin layer of stuff, fees drive jeep out a small corner. Fat women do not know when already there waiting for him, but action to bloated body so quickly, is really beyond imagination. Fees respectfully handle things on his face attached to fat women, fat woman's face instantly became image, fees Gong Sheng:. 'Now I'll help you carry on sculpting Disguise' Fat woman seems satisfied, sweetly: 'Kill the fake to get ten million US dollars reward for Independence Day, I will not share the less you.' Fees men nodded accelerate operates, but a moment, the fat woman's body became miraculously shrunk the size of an ordinary middle-aged man, she squeezed his throat, issued the same sound as Ke Leizha satisfactorily leapt jeep . In the strange ancient martial art, and [turning] has lost close to legendary Yi Rongshu top, not only can instantly change the face of the other, even sent out Fort Rohde Hain, now he has evolved into a prince, and this speed is also very rare blood group. Of course, to have this effect, and Zhen Fang transfer his power to absorb the lunar FIGHTING have a great relationship. Therefore, for Zhen Fang in fear while more respectable. And in Zhen Fang also has a second element immersed in God's own Daoxing rapid rise. Far on the vast land thousands of miles away, this time also because Zhen Fang disappeared. Gradually become calm them. Six months, dashing to the world's information, enough to cover everything. Of course, there are still many caring people in watching all this, Zhen Fang is gone. Or is gone, but he still has his disciples, Valentine's wife or something. Then Secretary Snow, nine fox demon, Zhao siblings became the object of a search everyone. Unfortunately, that demon fox with nine brothers and sisters all day Zhao hiding among the Yangtze River underwater, do not see the light. Where can I find a way to. The Division of snow, although the spotlight, but behind the father was related to the secular regime and the entire Long group, although these people tough. But u easily offended them. Many big demon was kept a mental benefits. But soon discovered. Secretary of the Ministry of snow around to know when more than a masked woman to hands lay leaders a green willow branches. To those who did not rein it. I heard that the South China Sea have become net fast mountain animal care. 'Xie sister, you say how come nobody trouble lately it? Do they have to give up?' Eyes in the cold and snow Secretary hint of warmth, since Zhen Fang leave, no news, original exterior and is now cold and wear up, and more cold than before. But opposite to thank Shichiku, but much better. Although Zhen Fang's departure, in part because of Xie Shichiku to reason, but have to say that because of the existence of black bamboo Xie, let the Secretary of snow from the many dangers. Because of this, they can only be on the lawn of the villa, sipping coffee. Xie Zizhu still covered outside to squeeze a man, years old, a black, gloomy face, chin, left also long - summarized hair, eyes sharp as with electricity.He came rushing Luosan Ye hold boxing: 'Luosan Ye, brothers stood outside straight itchy throat, have a few words to speak out.'Luosan Ye this guy very polite, busy Baoquan answer a ceremony, smiling, said:. 'You're welcome dude, what would not hesitate to say'That black man said: 'If you nodded Luosan Ye, the brothers should respect the presumptuous, Zhangye did not name the stockade small stockade, you also shut Luosan Ye ringing people outside the political arena, especially the guard this train no matter what happens, you have the iron shoulder one arm, and now work day and night, the team in trouble for two lives, together with the head anointed with oil under that murder feet run fast, you have to protect the car Gu guys, chase inconvenience, not to mention that it exists, but the pile, dead Hebei 'official Chuang' less suzerain that after people get the full worth of stuff to go, you actually it went silent ...... 'Luosan Ye coughed and said: 'Dude ......'Black guy raising his hand, said: 'Luosan Ye, please let the brothers to finish, you have nothing to say later, Luosan Ye, there are so many people in the team, everyone one life, all life support parents and Comin trouble two lives, and who knows who will fall for tomorrow misfortune head, to everybody's belongings lives, things can not get hold of this file clear injustice has a head, bonds are the main, people Who killed who stained with bloody hands, saying: 'Sharenchangming, Qianzhaihaiqian', whether it is red lady Ye Hao, Ye Hao White Snake, have let her get to the public and then spit it out Officer compensation less suzerain a life, you want timid, please bring your stockadeBrothers stand far a little, something I am not afraid, not afraid to have a few things friends, this sort of thing to us to do ...... 'Speaking just words, they come in four black guy, older are similar, temples muster, sharp eyes, to see that empty Master, now what to do.' Thinking Space Master and Koga wide of looked at each other, but it is frowned enemy is not terrible, terrible enemy in any place, and do not even know. 'Legend has it that there is a supernatural cross Turkey Sword of the surgery, people thousands of miles away, to take the enemy head, as Tannangquwu, today it seems, the other party must be the use of such means. But to me, so familiar ninja academy either in this body, but you and I are supporting the Sant forbearance, if the body at this time, the action, the willThere are strange, you can escape my grasp, but you now I still do not know where the other party, and that it was only a possibility, this guy must Sword in the vicinity, as long as his body to find out, naturally easier to handle. 'Koga wide eyes hint of this insidious light. 'Well, if that piece of some kind can ponder the matter, and where afraid of Turkey's comprehension is again a world war, and no longer call.' Thinking Space Master sighed. 'Go!' Stature such as electricity, fading back into the darkness, Koga, who seeing the wide, also have the escape into darkness. 'Hey! Yes, actually there is such a mind, the idea of ​​this place is indeed Fuso produced stuff. Just what 'that piece of some kind' really mean is it?' Outside of a small maze among Zhen Fang mouth hint of mysterious smile Right pointing to the ground, holding a Huang Zhen Fang rose to the sky, suddenly disappeared in the distance, where there is the slightest trace. The next day, the same ninja academy, again a massacre, hundreds of people lost somehow in the head in a huge world of ninja academy in panic, not all day, come to learn of tens of thousands of ninjas sit walking are all very upset, fear suddenly emerged around a sickle, his head cut off in the past. Entire ninja academy are shrouded in white terror. On the third day, fourth day, fifth day ... for a whole week, Zhen Fang from time to time to kill the ninja academy dozen people. Although these days the ninja clan also by