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are focused upon a time coming when, secretly imprisoned horsepower plunge into the roots of the city core, downed willow days butterfly. Figure flash, Du wind also appears in the palm of Liberty, will hand on the body of Liu Ji day, Liu Ji days and days of Xian Qi Liu blend butterfly, into the wind Du body. Du wind itself another two weeks appear blurred shadows, Heaven, Earth, three ancient seal slowly floating on air. Ghosts and Xu Yuan sigh loudly, two years, it is the use of this type of wind Du fails, extradition will be sent to all the lost space. That's what thousands of miles twinkling of an eye. Tripolar Chuan Songzhen! Hi, vigorous growth of the tree of life withstood Once upon coming, will be forced upon a pole into the sky to go, feeling depressed and feeling hot all of the chest suddenly disappear. Valkyrie slowly shook his head and said:. 'Heaven three generations of the tree of life, each a thousand years Once upon a princess, actually is in order to help resist Once upon earth, they calculate the pains of making God, he also never dreamed of.' Guang stroking Qiuran said: 'The old lady believed, these people are robbed.' Valkyrie flashed a naked eye and said: 'robbing God congregation Thirteen falling off the old gods and new born of God will finally extradited due thirteen!!.' He secretly calculate the in mind, in addition to Independence Day, the King of Ghosts, generals, gun tomb, Thor, Luo Feile, even with three princess of heaven, and only nine people, four of the number still missing, even if, according to Liu enumerated , leaving a shortfall of three, enough strength extradition would be included in the ranks of the people, has been in full here. Guang put up three fingers, obviously familiar with the idea of ​​Valkyrie in mind, he downed a mouthful of wine, and whispered:. 'Valkyrie, you say the two of us, the possibility of a robbery.' Valkyrie Lengheng cry:. 'Robbing God congregation Thirteen off, do not want to own their own robbery' The tree of life in the sky more lush apprentice, to save a life, than seven Buddha, not to mention, causal or not, I am afraid that in the future road sector little progress.' Escorts Taoist suddenly sighed. His face is a trace of compassion color, behind merit Kingland was illuminated. 'Humph!' Nvwaniangniang face the cold, she did not want to save the Dragon is not, nor is it did not want to have a year of cause and effect, but at the moment do not want to lose a minute combat, because once lost a bit of combat, may be able to affect the entire Beastkin future. Zhen Fang is too cunning, but at the moment it is also helpless. 'Zhen Fang, you win.' Nvwaniangniang teeth, hand micro-stretch, shot a little blood, crystal clear, fiery red, which contains an enormous energy, very fragrant, but it is with the Dragon's own blood the same breath , it is then a drop of blood left archosaurs. That drop of blood as if life in general, see a constant screams of the Dragon in the air, as if their loved ones are generally met, Ruyan homing, not into the Dragon body, carnage soared, but also cries of Dragons, silver large accounts, aerial emerged a little knowledge of the Silver Dragon, very vigorous, aches clouds blossoming, and set off the meantime, the end is now archosaurs style. 'Meet the teacher.' Silver flash, Dragon has returned to its original appearance, but the whole body misty, an enormous breath faint and Lu, Ying Ying worship the ground. Between Jingbo, a sparkling orb, it is Pearl. 'Well!' Fang Chen with a smile,Up, pointing Laojun said:. '. Xianxie great uncles, and then go to see your sister longevity, go to your wife's horse led to' Carter, Dragon and longevity face flushed with shame, just Meet Taishanglaojun a go and Nvwaniangniang. One to pull the tiger demon. 'Disciples Meet uncles.' Dragon respectfully worship worship. Laojun is laughed and said: 'Go, and seen your sister.' We do not know why Laojun Dragon laugh, but still obedience to Meet Nvwaniangniang. 'Sister, courtesy of the Dragon.' Dragon smiling as if, at the moment she