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cross-shaped injection. Cross-inch Mans! Impulsive radiance, Arena cents animals killed before issuing terrible screams, all the walls become flaccid flesh collapse, formidable fighters sway in the wind Du figure has disappeared from the back of Li Tuo, cross-inch Mans power off the air. Fog and a shower of blood mixed together, can not see the wind anyway Du Li Tuo grinning: '? I am God, you want to hide where the mortal' He picked out a note knife Biao, once the air shower of blood spatter from a bottle. God's power, and speed of response, more than a hundred times more than an ordinary fighter, even proud Du wind speed can not escape Lee Billiton Du wind is still in the fast moving, bodyConstantly oozing wounds, ghost soon revealed his whereabouts, wins wins wins Flying with sound, all nailed Du wind body. It did not look like a duel, is clearly murder. anxious eyes cried: '! Hey, Liu Ji day, you wake up ah Lee generals are making.' Liu Ji days shoulders and legs were Yang Lie knife can not be moved through her teeth and said:. 'You are making me onto the side of General Lee, I can wake him up.' Luo Feile efforts to drag the Liu Ji day, just drag move a few steps, tears welling up and said: '! Why do you eat so fat.' Yoo Ji-day angrily: 'My body is very standard, is that you no effort is too small to exercise.' They also forget the quarrel between life and death, Li Tuo snorted, waved his left hand. His hands had not hit the knife, but also blazing than the sun's rays shine yet close, fast-moving wind Du figure has been burning up, issued a strong odor of coke. Wins slamming, Du sun light wind was nailed in the air. Li Tuo sneer stop, just as he is one of the uniqueness of pine, the sky is lit up bright color Jianguang. Lee is not only the extension, all of whom speechless: '? Sword' Li Tuo plus the ban has been partially lifted the knife on them, in addition to Raytheon Li Han, the rest have been able to speak. Independence Day DU weapon is a knife with the wind, but also those who come Mangshan not stay idle land, life and self-Shu Mei, Fei Mu, and the self-Shu Mei, MO live up to this really good time beauty, good moonlight, with my Dramas this country with a good draw. 'Yanmu Fei shook his head slightly, and said: 'Yuqiong, I do not believe you can calm ......'Jinyu Qiong plaintive a chuckle: 'All things are given day, the slightest help people, you and I never meant to, do not worry, and without force, you and I did not edge, worry no use, but also insist not, can think of these, how about the mood to put calm some! 'Yan Mufei smile, said: 'Yuqiong, strong self-calm mind most uncomfortable, it is better go with the flow!'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Mu Fei, I dare say I love you, more than you love me for the strong, because her family is not easy emotionally purdah, especially as I have such a daughter at home, once moving the situation, and that is whole pieces of children's heart, without reservation, I gave you heart with people, this life do not make him think, from that moment, I put you as his husband, to rely on you as a lifelong Of course, I hope this is long, but I hope this is life after life.But Tianxin too thin, God wants it short, that is irreparable human, Mu fly, in case something fails, I have my own place, I do not die, but Buddha lamp in this life. 'Yan Mufei excitement and sorrow authentic: 'Yuqiong, do not say ......'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Mu fly, do not do this, man must face up to the reality, especially you, the odd man of indomitable spirit, a real man disdain Universe, moreThe Student Groups to face everything that you have a core, is not it? 'Yan Mufei smile, said: 'Yuqiong, such as the face of ten million cavalry, or face the world of martial arts, I can fearlessly remorse, but is related to a feeling word made me ......'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Mu fly, I ask, what do you do with make up, I do not say it, it can become a need not be so, not into, sorrow is useless!'Yi Tan Yan Mufei shook his head, beginning a long while and said: 'Well, Yuqiong, I feel relieved and Shu Mei, only wait for the match will be a obeyed.' Lord of the main stage early eat flower four Yaoseng diabolism Regardless stabilize, given poisonous meter, ready to wait until the night, the human caught Xing party, now the two sides just by real martial arts fight; heir see the number of array Cai party game losing streak, while also anger, did not think that the fight. These people rushed played with a mostly east stands, this is implied by the Cai turtle heart anger owner does not speak out earlier, this desire to play, causing melee. I do not know all the other investigations Hung intends to preserve the old, knowing his temperament staunch, lest the lead, took Sigu crash and burn when subject to roost, as early as a good discussion in advance, first Sincere anti-room to be discouraged, until the appearance, then by Thief Ge Eagle lure him out of the village to go. scheduled to come out to see him play again, he saw the thief Wenguang Zhang Ying, Friends remembered kill enemies, and fear ancestors, two river ignorance, poison dart in the Mi Hong plot, so before playing catch, kill Ying after the thief, The cable named wanted war, he saw the. East from two enemy party, parties simply want to kill a few further care, see a flood of unsolicited check, exact mind, almost two less on the skill, such as on the witty eloquence, natural world difference, even excited with cheat , no more words will be said Fish move. Unsolicited cherish hero hero, Charles Hung although when enemies get Geying treat heart, but this and other favorite characters, potentially speculative nature, eating Geying a bar, than we have everything obedient, obediently with the left, both the arm, after the station no place to walk, straight like Charles Hung and people fighting, they became friends as well and tried to mediate, he strongly urged the scene away. Flower Sigu saw on stage, know Geying scheming, Charles Hung fear fooled, human plot, Mangming two henchmen accomplices secretly tailNot to mention go peek. Two teenage fathers kept weeks according to friends nor with nothing. 'Four people can not think of saving the law, only secretly stare Liberating dragon. So they gave up the mood to play Mountain, rushed forward to continue.Less than half a mile, with everyone right side Bashan mountains go, Baoshu De asked: 'They do not go along?' Bashan said: '? If it wants to dirty tricks in the Sunshine Boulevard how the line' four chasing most of the day, Ju material actually no longer see. Then they walked to the top of a hill, a small beggar stopped do not go, muttered:. 'Control them, we do not check, the day is late, the town of the city to find a meal stop' Bashan said: 'We now stand Jimingshan place is in front of a chimney hill, but not nearly to the towns, or continue to Yantongshan take the strike. ' said:' Do not go, we play roast beast 'Mostly indeed evening, everyone. did not speak, then went separate beast.Baili Chao inflexible admission, he was in charge of the valley at the foot of the stone shelf, looking for firewood.After Chugeng, they ate a picnic, break into two more before they left, walking trails are rare, the direction is north.Until a ridge, Baili Chao suddenly exclaimed: 'here was a fight!' Baoshu De scrutinize ear, did not hear anything, hurriedly asked inclusive and Bashan said: 'What? You did not hear' two shook his head, simultaneous said: '? no way' Baoshu De asked: 'Do you then listen.' said: 'Really, itHowever, so, I'll convene the brightest person Yaozu, Luzhou White North all soon, if let as empty is not good. ' Houtu empress also said: 'Sister can be convened, those Serbs still do not know what the young girl among prehistoric sky, when the return of, and probably very troublesome.' Three Saints heard heart of a dynamic, these witch family After World War II when the prehistoric man, and some have been meteorite body, and some were later sent to Earth, some of it is through the three realms of the gap, do not know which corner to hide in the Three Realms. Saints supernatural though tough, but if in a short time,