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Cai parties such as abortion, the solid is hard for justice, that is, or win or tie, do not pull on the two brothers, their own sooner or later die. Everyone knows he feared Wal Beaufort, timid imaginary situation, both sides against the enemy, fall behind, broken down not long for this perfunctory truth. Heart of a dynamic, side to seize the opportunity to escape, they left a god.Heimo Le progenitor deposit Zhou Jiang Ming Hing four children know nothing but the gold six Tigers took the opportunity to escape in order to see the enemy up, hands Weaponry whipped up and down, the storm in general, oncoming both fierce and urgent. Four kind of anxious to know three shots of play, either a pure martial arts how chun, internal organs such as the non-deep foundation, lasting decisions difficult. But they change very much, skill swift, stops Ling Qi, also real not to be insulted. This is the beginning of the dozens on hand is also very powerful, slightly worse, must wait until the other really bad force, has been killed, the battle to win those who are here. Had relied on an expert to teach, they all have a pair of eyesight, know that there is a world badly, all want to meet such a rare enemy, just to get him the experience to see Shen Qi Miao stops? Consumption to other exhaustive, playful way, and then start also attack. Each enemy to look doomed, along Zongyue whipped, blindly masking frame spacing, not really cheap never seen naked. Though not well-known like Beaufort inaction of the law, but closed very strict, skill and fast. Figure eight points in the four corners of the station to catch on the children to roll, Daoguang silhouette of a mix, equal skill, just listen Weaponry touching, clank sound of dense Qiongqiong consistent beads, who is also impeccable, truly beautiful. Tigers Although still young brothers see each other, but it is a rival, and saw the enemy less defensive and more offensive, you know ill, can not succeed in the first half, the second half harder, think Suri Wal-Mart, in the hands of a few not. ' Jiang Ming laughed: 'Xing brother grew up in the mountains than we grew up hill to eating food, I really do not have time to even eat roots leaves can not you heard, Ling Peng, Kang Sanxia the furniture massive, stress. What diet? hing brother grew up with the master seclusion although small temple in the mountains, but the land adjacent Fujian, Zhejiang Roads thoroughfare, what good can buy, not always too clear bitterness. See the future of nowhere foraging, truly dynamic concept ? it 'Tong Xing laughed:'! I'm just reminded of the words of the master Shishu, casually mentioning, not to say a mile below, put my two brothers and other bad law, 'Jiang Ming replied:' This is not to say ...? well you age you would also have small doorways repair for the future we have to practice refraining different, how can we generalize it never absolutely fireworks ' also said: 'This remark is justified, even if there is not Xing brother say?' Tong Hing Road: 'I remember that day and I said, Master, and a friend with the tour because of Huangshan, in Wenshu rain stayed three days, waiting until the weather clears, then the tour was originally coming from the soup I wish the way, also. want to go around Nanjing, Yangzhou two friends. Had not even in a hurry, did not intend to copy this shortcut. Even escorts came loose from the banks, behold, two priests on chat near the boulder, inadvertently comes to the art of war Gap Excellent Valley, not knowing where and to a GuaimangTiger face-man, half-beast monster birds, trees one day hold fast, without early and night battles endlessly. Master the past interrogations, sleep monster resembling a decade ago that the North Tianshan wear Genting Di division wounded grandfather has raised big gold eyes gold claw hamadryad seeing them under the strange beast are fragrant. 'This is something better and mandrill scenarios similar dexterity abnormal, mighty. Gifted with a unique retreat and eight toe claws, tiger face head, forehead four, Quintana Lvmao such as Dai, its hard as light sweep shallow rationale good clothes, the leisurely slowly said: 'Don big head, we win another game, this game is the final showdown of the two bearings. Let me move you made this game, I let God Mountain, give you shot, that is my life that is so, no complaints! 'Everyone can imagine in this showdown critical juncture, Lisheng Nan actually let Tang Xiaolan starter. Since they are worried Tang Xiao Lan internal forces never recovered. I'm afraid not pick of Strongbow fierce arrows, if starting from Tang Xiaolan, it would have a chance to win. Then they are afraid Tang Xiaolan refused to agree that the first empty master said: 'Li girl right, reciprocity, should be so!' Xiao Qingfeng also followed, said: 'Yes, the girl Zhefan kindness Li, Tang Taixia the accepted rationale to Otherwise, you always let her hair, but gives you a misunderstanding underestimated her, 'Field said, but the words were very heavy , Tang Xiaolan had said:'! Well, since the girl is so vigorous argument, Tang had from life . 'Oh Don Chosen by three branches Tianshanshenmang handed father, Tang Xiaolan breath and said:'! Li girl, the wife has kai of the 'two fingers of a bomb, once a dark red Guanghua, lightning shot to the ! God Mans off, with very strongly howling! People see him in the contest just after the internal strength, God Mans issue, or sample the amazing power and influence, can not help but whom speechless! BendBody, a welcome sword, only to hear the 'ding' sound, a Bai Guangfei since that dark red Guanghua Road to white a twist, suddenly interrupted! Tianshanshenmang actually cloud sword to cut her cut for two! Tianshanshenmang Kennedy over stone, this is the first time gives Xiaoduan with Weaponry, everyone was stunned: Lisheng Nan also with the whole track with seven or eight steps backwards, leaning against a pine tree, whistling breath, his face pale as a sheet! Tang Xiaolan said: 'The girl had better rest it?', Then still the end, but before I saw Lisheng Nan jumped, standing in field heart, light, said: '