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the kind of cold mountain wind Du momentum. Liu fat heart of a tight, I do not know why actually emitted a strange idea: Is this a ragged look just in front of the tomb of the man climbed out of that year and the extradition will be missing along with the world's three ancient weapons in the first, [ Independence Day] Du wind? The idea is definitely not whimsical. Leader of the world known as the Association of ancient weapons [Independence Day] and [Thor] Du Li wind and cold, but the last two decades, Lee Han also occasionally been seen a few times, but it is a Du wind did not appear in front of people too positive. Du year's Independence Day style, is a shot though resolutely, but accepted behavior dignified honorable ancient weapons. This wind and Du strange demeanor completely opposite behavior in two decades, has caused a lot of people guessing and criticism. Liu fat fast operation began his cunning as a fox head analysis. Young zero a few days ago, we went out of town called 'unique in the world of ancient weapons.' This little girl, although only one star, but it is the heart sky high, claiming extradition would talk only descendants of the ancient common root WarriorThe dismissive. This little girl can be referred to as 'unique in the world of ancient Warrior', and by no means trivial figure. Yang's father, Yang Cheng-tao zero and Du wind extradition would then belong to the end, if Yang got zero clue what this living fossil dig Fiends from an unknown tomb is not impossible. Look Du wind tattered clothes is not yet completely destroyed, if not changed in two years, is it blocked in any place with the turtle breathing spent 20 years? Du wind is still driving a jeep straight face, Liu fat corner of my eye glanced several times with him quietly, were he in the eyes. He has been unable to start listening】 【days depending on, you had better listen to the voice of the body's blood flow, or not a problem. Blood flow velocity in just fat Liu suddenly accelerated heart at times, converted into said Exalted surprise. 'Zhen Fang real good luck.' Young priests short laugh. 'Is indeed out from Turkey, a move to arouse his suspicions, again attract a snake out of its hole. Turkey is indeed the people.' Hometown Art of War '. First, kill a few people, so those guys up in horror, and then follow it on to me Here come. 'gale Exalted face became pale. 'Yes, you are very clever, but unfortunately, it was too late.' Zhen Fang cold smile, have not got the slightest movement, and that the earth will fall into the hands of the palette. 'Really powerful.' Gale Exalted eyes reveal a trace never ran, suddenly asked: '? As a Divine noble comprehension, a dying person can tell you a secret.' 'You said.' Zhen Fang frowned, suddenly felt a little wrong, but yet can not tell the taste. 'Excuse me, this is what treasures among the palette it? Make you afraid of tragedy, killing so many people?' Gale Exalted mouth smile more and more. Dinghai Pearl name. Hey! Xi emperor six! Divine Dragon Gas! 'Zhen Fang becomes open, the palette is not only among the five beads, there are six gold Yuxi, there Kowloon coiled, but smaller than the transfer country Yuxi on a lot. Xi, usually as one of the hallmarks of the emperor. According to the 'Spring: Bowl pivot,' said: 'Shun for the emperor, HuanglongNegative Xi ',' Supplements in mind, 'said:' Yu Chuan Yiyue guide, and Genki negative Qingni after. Genki who angels essence of the river. Submandibular turtles have printed text, are ancient seal character, as the word mountains of Kyushu. Yu Department of the Chuanzao to Qingni seals it, so Genki seal on it. 'According to research mentioned here is the legendary Emperor Fu Xi hexagonal emperor Xi: Xi emperor, the emperor line Xi, the emperor believed Xi, Xi Emperor, the Emperor line Xi, the emperor believed Xi Xi are hexagonal jade dragon. 'Han Official old Miriam' recorded six emperor Yuxi usage: Emperor line Xi, where the seal life (Princes and officials) use it; Xi emperor, who gave the book with the Princes; Emperor letter Xi wait for them to be killed Zhen Fang mouthful. 'Yes, it is human Evil.' Child prodigy sand Ming Yu see so timid, indeed disdain, sneered:. '. So cowardly, it's a waste of good qualifications, I was not one of the' Stars angel frowned, suddenly on the small lead, said: 'When the original five palm founder of Tai-Hun, who handed down a path to enlightenment, the legend can be condensed out of a two-edged sword capable of swords to come. , Ming Huan Zhu Xian Jian demons, I am willing to change this sword, how? ' ? 'Zhu Xian Jian Omen' Ding cited thought for a moment, suddenly smiled and said:. 'Daoxiong, although this child impressive qualifications, but timid cowardly you have?' . 'He is cowardly, but if you let him repair nerve blood, I'm afraid, after listening to the cultivation process, are also scared to death,' the stars angel coldly: 'As for this coward, I have a way help him overcome if into my door. Plus he Cihang Road Act, who is two long, perhaps it is not worse than you said that Zhen Fang. ' Ming Yu a, if the stars angel worship into sects can not actually poor example Chen, remember where loyalty shame, quickly nodded repeatedly, The rise means: 'The hole in the shape of a dragon kindred Panasonic, door and covered the violet vine, acting outside can not see inside but very bright, but I do not know what the name of this hole than the famous Huayang hole smaller. 'Girls see it was a strain on the cliff phenomena of pines, enough to have three or four feet from the ground, the mind feel puzzled, but does not point out, because she did not see what pretend and hypocrisy , then smiled and said: 'How do you go first?' Baili Chao nodded and said:. 'The first time I ever saw two snakes in the cave, of course, go take a look at me,' the girl attentively, paying particular attention to how to go .Baili Chao probably out of reach, actually a cross body, but also cross-step climb! Really a take out an orchid.Can cross climb on cliffs, which allows girls gaped in surprise, but she was not seen Bai Lichao said:' I should not kai reasoning more, but I only bear the emperor's trust, since the caution, strict selection, also is as deserved. So be it, please Sagong adult players first choose a group of Guards sent, so my brothers and they have a competition, if anyone can unbeaten in San Shizhao of this person can go to get around the Shaolin Temple. Guards picked first, and then pick the palace guards. 'Simon Makino such arrogance, could not bear the common phenomenon of the first, and immediately said coldly:' I am overconfident, and I want Mr. Xiang Ximen gotten the recipe and see can go tooShaolin Temple? 'Simon Makino startled Yi Zheng, busy:' Sagong adult jokes with his brother, and adults martial arts excellence, Brothers has always been admired, Yanyong try? Haha, does the adult is determined to be my incompetence, the more effort I test it? 'Simon Makino already knew then speak recruit bogey. Would like to say a few words to laugh, to quell the common phenomenon of anger, but I did not realize the common phenomenon of Ban Qilian hole, quietly, to a default. Simon Makino embarrassment, Kou Fang Gao positive want to persuade, to find an officer came over, with the common phenomenon of Shi a ceremony, said: 'guide adults, why personally end, demeaning? Beizhi Fucai, the more willing to be subject to any test, but also save giving ridiculed assassination: Let's say that in addition to the command of the Guards, then nobody up. 'He finished, standing upright in front seat, his eyes staring at Simon Makino common phenomenon of listening to him say, just kind of, thought and said:.' I heard Simon Makino martial arts are very strange, I may not have the certainty of his victory, as Let this person try. 'Bianji laughed:' The sweet brother was new coach, proud pupil, inside and outside the martial arts have been a few into the furnace, Mr. Simon is willing to give him the recipe can it? 'This officer is none other than Simon Jin Shiyi Makino.' Well, 'a cry, trail:' What is this? His disciples how a competition with Lu Ya and Valkyrie appeared in Once upon a bridge, he did not participate in the fighting, but coldly watching. This scene, like most of the legends of the immortal battle scenes, then this scenario what happened? His hand on the rack in the neck Yang zero, cold tunnel: 'Before, if all bright star in thirteen robbery, killed last Tiangang Xing, what the outcome, Heaven will come naturally disappear?' God's body armor issued numerous light, the entire operation upon a time and every time he was fever, he finally stopped panting: 'The count does not come out, I do not know.' Young zero bite: 'must try.' She grabbed the hand of the Treasure of the Sierra Shang Fang Jian Guang, a cross in his own neck, the world no one can kill Liu days and reincarnation, in addition to her he could kill himself. Guang sleeping on the ground suddenly woke up, seize the hilt, hissed: 'Son husband!' In the crazy world of the King killed by lightning jianpi beheaded stopped, stunned Inter on this, the tree of life has been strapped to his body, he frantically shouted: '! Concubine' And the King will fly to mind is then shared the screen, and that away from them in the sad woman. It do not know where Liu drilled out, howling: '! Stop zero-day princess, if kill, it is better to kill me.' Even God has stopped his soldiers opened the art of war, cried: '!! Stop sister' Young zero hands trembled, and she did not mind the impression that these people, these people are able to hear the words of the implication of friendship, Du wind was cold tunnel: '! Kill yourself, the end of the tragedy.' Figure flash, Yang Ying Du wind appeared in front, hold tightly Yang zero hilt, two lines of Tears said:. 'Wind, destiny can not be violated, we have failed over' Du wind first as general disregard Yang Ying, Shang Fang Sweetness his sudden snatch snatched the sword, shouted: '! You could not do it, then I'll kill you.' Guang howling sound, I do not know where he comes from powerJumped up, beat up playing in the wind Du chest, suddenly shake