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have any opinions,' Chao nine: 'I recently saw a real suspicious character, he is also a really young, and I know the truth about him? 'Zhen Fang cold smile, hands, rub, a giant hand out now, it stars hand, a surge of coercion falling from the sky, fast if ponley lightning strike on the robe.' Bang 'big sound splashes little star, top robes, the stars dim light suddenly a lot. long robes and soul stars interlinked stars angel yuan tire major injuries, but also emitting a blood come. 'Bang!' Citizen hand again strike down, hit the stars robes, the stars, the stars have hit no robes, three pending counterattack, you see the sky falling countless red, head rushed over, while hot so that the three pale and scared. This time all three suffered internal injuries, how can withstand Zhen Fang attack, see the fire lunged, could not help but color of despair in his eyes exposed. 'Ow!' I heard the sound resounded throughout Zhongnanshan Lihou, a troll fleet height of about Baizhang, raw Xuepentaikou, covered braved evil spirits. I saw his hands hanging chest, emitting a nasty bite again, waves of stench spilled on the sun real fire, real fire that hit the flames, was surprised to be pouring black smoke rushing Lao Gao, Leighton time disappeared without a trace . Ding cited seeing, heart was shocked, and quickly said: 'Hurry, if Zhen Fang react, and I could not walk and so no longer.' Then, they disappear into a red light in the sky. 'Want to go. Where there is so easy.' I saw the red gourd head Zhen Fang, the first step marching industry fire red lotus, hibiscus holding stick, it will be among the stars angel hands three laps in the middle can not escape, leave little red Three key position in the end the Ministry of angel with stars on the small lead, Ding can lead to its own blood acquired the art of the rainbow, as long as there is the presence of the blood pool, you can get rid of the risk of falling into the blood pool. And the prince of the three stars is no such ability, coupled with its another seriously quickly resorted to his good character, wanted to take the opportunity to win some time, know where the air suddenly emerged in a big hand, about kung size, an enormous destruction of the atmosphere will be flushed three Fearless weight, and even dare to spit on a gas. While quasi-holy and large Luo Jin Sin is only a notch. But the difference is enormous. ThreeSin practice for thousands of years, but in each other's hands, but just like a little child can walk. Where there is the slightest of resistance, not to mention, this is the other side of the extra-territorial demons to killing a living, full of destruction atmosphere, extremely powerful, so where as Fearless, though Daoxing profound, but in fact pampered, where as the extraterritorial demons, fighting tough, hard body of a person if the King, comparable ancestral witch melee invincible afraid, but if the other party is not only melee invincible, and the body does not fear you any magical spells. Fearless is not the best at melee, but the spell, but also remote means of attack, once the other party to destroy its own remote means of attack, even death is not far away. 'Bang' bang, but it is on the ground three groups emerged meat from the ground Fearless India, Heavenly Sword, and so the object can be seen just to the identity of the dead to three. Shushan distance above the blanket of darkness filled the air, the devil horizon, huge mountains at the moment is like a demon in general, eerie sound of screams again and again, who taught at Once upon Orthodoxy is already a distant For fall, even quasi-West Taoist did not think to mention, once framed Shushan, actually stir up such a big scene, I am afraid at the moment is a whirling Pure Shushan Road, but also with a huge centuries to time to Foli Shushan evil spirits will be dry clean wash net. And the Tianzhu Mountain, the immortal being heard wonderful place, and suddenly felt the ear sounds disappeared without a trace, where what hype, Musella lasiocarpa wonderful scene, could not help but have over