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cordial and sincere! 'Jin Shiyi smiled and said:' my life ridicule, said today that the only decent Huaer. 'Jin Shiyi mind there is a wonderful feeling, he was also surprised why something so excited to Gu Zhihua whispered:.' Is not it? That in your life no one actually able to talk to friends? 'Jin Shiyi Li Qinmei mind glow shadow, thought for a moment and said:' You can say there is no one like you as a friend. I know other people who either need is hate me when I was a monster; either need is pity me when I was a nobody to take care of children. 'His mind him as' Poor child, 'the people, including women, including icebergs day and said:.' But you do not know a person, she is neither hate you, do not pity you, but to You as anBlock diamonds in the rough, although strange behavior, but it is possible pondering synthesizer. 'Jin Shiyi stared, asked:' There is this man? Who is it? 'Gu Zhihua said:' It was my master. 'Jin Shiyi smile:' No, although I have not seen Lv Siniang, but I already know from the mouth of my master her. Especially after this big, I think your teacher is a very familiar, very familiar. 'Gu Zhihua said:' Why? 'Jin Shiyi said:' Because you are her only disciple, who came out of her upbringing. You are a virtuous, but generous heart, a woman can tolerate everything. There his teacher must have its believers, so look from the mouth of the Master met Lusi roots, know that you are after her apprentice, although I met only once before with you, it was deja vu feel that you are friends. Today saw your act, but also more aware of your master. 'Gu Zhihua Lianfan blush, said:' how can you compare me with Master, how can I as much as her. 'Rested, they could not help but smiled slightly:' Imagine that you are very flattering one. 'Jin Shiyi is Yung said:' No flattery. Perhaps you today is far smaller than the master, but it certainly is a future Lv Siniang. 'They eye contact, a little embarrassed turn too far Gu Zhihua Jin Shiyi think of the issue, suddenly asked:.' Before you master Zuohua, call your few hundred meters from Teluk Falls, was also forced to upstream water column. Xiaojian sword-shapedIs carrying him to fly up, Li Han will hand on his shoulder, the airflow to enter his body and whispered:. 'You hurt badly.' Xiaojian smile: 'As spades A, I take good care of them the way, I did due diligence.' Li Han slightly shook his head and said: 'Lee Han adults ordered me to convey that he is very grateful to you, O spades protect her Canruo Morningstar eyes flashed a hint of Crystal Mountain in immediately:' But from today, you do not have to protect her . ' Xiaojian stunned and said: 'Our ability to really inadequate.' Li Han light: 'We still can not figure out the rest of the base to the position by Don situation, instead of this, it is better to put her hand over some deep magic north can also be applied out of the cocoon, perhaps to appear miracle!' Under the shadow of the lake like a huge whale-like growing, are covered with strong gas within the whole lake, the neigh silver completely covered in notes issued. Shadow constantly being scaly silver plated film, every inch plated, silver chaos reduced number of notes. North deep with fish, which is called Kun, Kun great, I do not know its thousands of miles also. Only the body absorb physique with ancient weapons, can perfectly use North offerings. But for thousands of years, I'm afraid no one can think of ancient weapons, the highest state of North deep magic is the first ultra-figurative God will be turned into the legendary fish themselves - Kun, lurking in the most favorable for the fish in the water to perfect cast out. Even paradise that support the squad can devour human cents weird flute, being the body to use the north wind Du Ming reverse devour. Li Han opened his eyes and said: 'Let's go!' Xiaojian Yaran said: 'Don Love ......' 'Don situation would be handed over to him to take care of.' Li Han smiled, his face is actually showing a bucket bicker like small children next door frame that succeed after Jiaohan demeanor, coldly:! '