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escaped the cage again and touched his forehead with sweat. Quickly silently observed in vivo situation, fleet Zifu among the shrinking soul, magic has become exhausted, as if about to disappear, as only a trace of red gourd flying milky aura, Zhen Fang knew it was Dinghai beads absorb Reiki millions of years, since the host mana depletion, therefore proceeds slowly transported millions of years. But, after all, is not self-absorbed Zhen Fang, slower absorption of many. 'Cheating ah!' Zhen Fang suddenly Yangtianchangtan, perhaps if the injury is his too, almost damaged the road base, I am afraid not know Dinghai Pearl's built boundless aura. Has this aura, I am afraid that no longer have to worry about the future Zhen Fang in the industrialized areas of Europe, can not find a suitable place to absorb the world of Reiki, grown their own mana. 'Help ah!' Heard the cry for help will Zhen Fang English awakened, compassionate look up in the past, was surprised to find not far away, flying a black bat, behind several thousand feet, the number of road Bai Guangfei over, looked at it fly white shot, Zhen Fang mind a move, could not help but it will take out an iron bar, but struggled for quite a while, just close up. 'Why am I looking at that white light I hate it! Involuntarily filled with a murderous it!' Fang Chen frowned. 'Oriental magic monks, to save my life.' That seemed to see the bats Zhen Fang doubts, and quickly added it out, but this is the. 'You're a vampire western bar!' Fang Chen Ni Wan a move, a huge golden merit gushing out in the end that bats are dark creatures, see gold spray, could not help but issued a scream, again and again incite wings until golden light shining out of range stopped down. Into a handsome young man, pale face, but refined temperament, a black suit, if not revealing a fist big hole on the shoulders of blood, really is on a good artist. 'Powerful Eastern monks, I was Carma Lima league Rhodes Hain, but an artist, not a magic party myself, behind the church damn kill me, cast away, and see out over the seven-week camp Guanghua Road, across Xingyu, the Big Dipper light staggered, then a burst of dark earth, the South came a rumbling sound, faint waves. When look at, but it is week camp over the Yangtze River water has been firmly protected. Jinshan seeing monk laughed: 'This means dared to come out to show off.' Contemporary worship: 'The disciples subglottic Jinshan West Budaha of joy, because Zhou imperial suppression of Buddhism, Buddhist disrespectful, special thanks to the eight disciples DenonQiantang borrowed water, the water flooded the camp week. 'Then they ordered on the incense, but also towards the Qiantang Dragon Lee supernatural eight Dragon wide of Buddha bowed himself three times. Smoke transitory man, straight up at the sky, SanSheng with some rare fruit on the altar also disappeared without . track Jinshan monk laughed: 'Do not worry princes, eight Dragon wide of the Buddha has been agreed. That Chairong Although protecting the Yangtze River water, but how can I stop the West had eight Dragon strike wide of the Buddha. Arrest princes just wants to go tomorrow. 'Then laughed, very proud. Lee supernatural, although I think this person rude, but was rushed tomorrow's victories without a trace. Quiet room, Zhen Fang sat on top of industry fire HL, above Ni Wan, twelve pieces of Poseidon beads in gold merit ups and downs, but under a road pale golden light billowing from Dinghai beads, continue to embellish the Zhen Fang whole body. Zhen Fang now recovered memories of past lives, a Daoxing are slowly recovering, not to mention they had twelve Earthly Branches of Pat snake contains one yuan will be magic, recover faster speed does not know how much there immeasurable merit bless, do not worry about the invasion of demons, but several years of work on the gold in Wonderland world. 'Hey! This guy down a bit smarter.' Quiet room among Zhen Fang compassionate eyes suddenly opened, a colorful photochemical into the sky, as if all of a sudden it through thousands of also. 'Jinshan monk heard his face dark anger, but did not dare to attack, but it is the disk psychological thinking of what chance will find that Zhuolai female immortal beauty, joy total participation of the road. 'Your Majesty, there is a camp of people who asked to see Charms .com' a feminine voice suddenly rang in the big tent. Sejong emperor is heard rejoicing, though, but the time of day, but big business has a growing number of soldiers have been caught up in a coma, if not wait Bai come again, I am afraid that the Emperor Sejong only one way of withdrawal. By the time the big loss of face not only their own, but also may be dangerous to defeat the other side, how to Sejong emperor is not urgent. Getting Bai came today, the hearts of surprise, people can not wait to come to pass. 'Bai met His Majesty.' Although it is in front of a country, but Bai has not the slightest fear, still reasonable manner, advance and retreat well-established. 'So is a snake demon.' Quiet Sun Buer although the bulk of people known as the San people quiet, in fact, is not quiet, but the temper of the seven most popular one. Seven have been on the right Kuangyin dislike, coupled with her Daoxing far above Bai, and therefore at a glance Mami Bai Suzhen. Startled Bai where also think the origins of the hands of the sword flashing coldness towards Bai took it down. 'Ah!' Bai was shocked, and quickly overturned fling the hands of the basket, on a colorful brilliance of justice, bearing between vaguely mysterious yellow color, just the Jianguang blocked. Bai had to serve our community, do not know how much merit accumulated placed between herbal medicine readily blue, too faint glimmer of merit contaminated gas, in times of crisis, to be used as weapons Bai block the block, in the end is a good thing gold, just blocking that sword, this is the case, in the end the magic repair for far Bai Sun BuerUnder, under a strike, it will hit the mouth of Bai emitting a blood come. 'Junior sister apprentice wanton shame!' Side of Danyang