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extradition would end.' Luo Feile disappointed, shook his head and said: '? Once upon a doomsday membership will extradite' Xu Yuan grunted, his eyes swept out with Young zero, can not help but surprised a moment, Luo Feile lost no authentic:. 'She is the sister of Yang Ying' To her surprise, Xu Yuan only lightly Oh sigh, and even the names of zero Yang did not ask you to turn away. Tan Song still hesitant, Du Feng has cold tunnel: 'Tan thread, you bring me down, I promise not to kill your father.' Xu Tan bite:. 'Impossible, I finally stood on the ring, it will not go on.' Tan Song thrown a trace of doubt in the eyes, he thought Mrs Tan Xu was shaken by the wind to the momentum and will adhere to its own hostile, did not expect to actually openly contradict Mrs Tan Xu wind. Xu Tan increasingly agitated tone: 'Northern School Tan legs to heirs, only 17 years old, had qualified to represent the end of the lead on .u a ring, his father, is not that what you desire to see it?' Tan Song body startled, involuntarily step back. Northern School Tan legs have had a brilliant time, however, prevailed upon the ancient martial art, Tan legs were considered to be limited to the leg strength limitations martial art, at most, can be used as auxiliary exercises and not major. Was all the rage to Tan Jiawu Art Museum, also from the deserted, almost to attract less than apprentices. And other forces and desire to ministerDifferent people in Xian Qi, Tan Song force with enough strength to force the five elements of earth pressure cents into the body, he only wants to use the power of the party in control of ancient weapons Association, Tan legs martial arts had to reproduce brilliant. Even the president has become a sub-association after ancient weapons, Tan Song still feel that learning tan legs, though much, but still not showing Tan legs once had appeal. And now he does not do things his son did, Xu Tan extradition will stand on behalf of the end this side of the ring. Even a broken leg, the face several times vague, but the secret is to have reacted with the reaction. These saints on high, all in the hands of the secret thought. Behind do not know, the secret blur even caused by man, but also a part of Heaven, so where could fool fled in a Heaven in. Body in the office naturally see the future direction of the chess game, only to jump out to see clearly. Good luck to the palace, Zhen Fang eye sitting on a cloud hanging bed, suddenly a smile mouth, gently taking the side of the Ruyi, to tap jade chime. I saw there are two boy walked Chuishou orders. 'To the mountain Kongxuan your brothers summoned.' Zhen Fang faint told Road. After quite a while, I saw Kongxuan worship into the hall and said:. 'Disciple Kongxuan seen teachers, teacher Shengshou boundless.' Zhen Fang nodded and said: 'That sage bully Pindao heavens no avatar of the surgery, you want to break the good fortune to take Jiuding air transport, cutting the West Chen Zao want to do in Gao Village West generals Chen Xiao Tian over a Pindao one was going to go to embark, something of the human world, you take longevity and Dragon wants to embark on a being. ' Zhen Fang laughed: 'Since Pindao can achieve universe Jiuding repression Terran air transport, then other people also can be used to suppress the universe Jiuding Terran air transport guard universe Jiuding Jiuding the universe but only as long as the break of the battle. Jiuding the universe, destroying a large array Jiuding Pindao on trace element of God, and then to his own path of God sits Jiuding the battle among the natural universe tripod repression can borrow Terran from merit and air transport. ' 'The teacher mean, this is to take the incredible universe Jiuding?' Kongxuan heart of a dynamic, dryLoudly and said: 'Father Feng ah really hurt, and the pain people eat taste, as long as Feng did not lose, there is a big thing and did not care.'Zhao six words mean, how can children do not understand, but did not hear installed. Eyes of a condensate, looking Fengniu Er said: 'I tell you, Sunlao