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Mao Chun Kwan, really extraordinary.' Zhang sighed. The so-called San Mao Mao zhenjun refers surplus, Mao solid, Mao Zhong three brothers, as Mao Shanzu division, creating a Maoshan a vein, and four more have not and Fearless door today with a spell out, but Rao Zhang Tianshi a clock master, had to admit that a pulse Maoshan really excels. 'Drink!' No air live awaiting speak, suddenly the space of a move, a fire red figure coming from the west, a fire red sticks in the middle and finally a head, and suddenly the eight Qi killed. Everyone looked surprised to find an old man leaning on a diminutive red crutch looked at other people. 'Actually be able to cut through the space, presumably this is the patriarch of labor Emperor Wu Jiang elders.' Zhen Fang smile line for a ceremony, after all, to assist in the work, and Zhen Fang naturally not neglect. 'Dare miss real trouble.' The Royal River elders arch of the hand. 'Well, but a group of Mangfu it.' No real wind frowned, said quietly. But the field is supernatural powers of the people, where not hear it clearly. Public witch clan elders furious, even Zhen Fang also frowned. See both sides to live side xiyi gunpowder and more concentrated flavor, quickly said: 'Gentlemen are Divine a vein, today went out eight Qi, equal-offFuso a pulse air transport, until after the good luck the rest of the Divine Dragon Daoxiong gas gathered, and the Divine to take off around the corner. Wu family patron saint of the state over the years, no small contribution, congratulated ah! 'Then ask real glanced overturned. Xiyi seeing reality, looking no real wind sighed Divine Dragon now gathered around the corner, and God knows the future it will go in the Wu family, Wu family to know that in ancient times, is also a strong presence, the already weak Maoshan background today it got him a huge head, do not know the future is a blessing or a curse. 'Good luck Daoxiong, I'll wait to come Zhu Quan, although the President ordered, but help is help. How not to invite me to the immortals Serpents underground volcano away, so he had the time to comfort Liqin Mei said so: even though Jin Shiyi sloppy, offended many people, even being called a 'murderous mad beggar,' but that he died, but the performance of his very great mind. Li Qinmei thought of her uncle Kim Se comment on this behind, among sad, felt some comfort to him, Jin Shiyi, though dead, but thus also makes him more understanding, more miss the. Yi Zheng startled, and said: 'Come in!' Looked up with, the door into the room and saw it was her brother Chung Show. Chung Show last three years never left her half a step, but never had to mention her marriage. This is the idea Ying Feng Chung Tang Xiaolan exhibition is the only disciple, Jin Shiyi is dead, and Ying Feng Tang Xiaolan hope to marry Liqin Mei Chung Show. But Liqin Mei Ying Feng understand the feelings, but also know her temper, her sadness over the end of time, if for Chung exhibition propose marriage. I'm afraid it will cause resentment, it is better to let it develop naturally. Qin Mei is a chest without hesitation who really after three years of daily life, though not yet to show Chung talk about a '. 'Word, but this is as close as brother and sister, and he walked into the room Chung exhibition, see the hands of exposing a length jade hairpin, his eyes the tears still looming, the heart could not help but do have acid meaning, thought:' Golden World Heritage dead for three years, she still can not forget him. 'He pretend I do not know, levy smiled and asked,' on the mountain to open several flower lotus, junior sister apprentice, how you always stuffy inside the house, do not go out and play? 'Liqin Mei said:' Somehow, I always feel lazy not want to move. 'Chung Show:' I tell you one thing fresh boredom. 'Liqin Mei said:' What fresh thing? 'Chung Show:' I came three guests master there, guess who? ' said:' Who are you? 'Chung exhibition:' The one is really Xie Emei School, but he is now the representative of the beggars come; one is Mangshan camp Cheng Hao: Another one is the power, we put them all away, ha ha.' 'Thanks to you!' Little fox apparently been choked vinegar did not mind, 'They put two fingers you hit into a gray! Well, restoring power to restore power to restore the strength he went to Yang Ying Did not have someone to take care of him recover strength, princess of heaven or, Valkyrie's successor or, Raytheon or, in short, and I have no relationship. ' Mechanically sound throughout the port are stopped. Small fox vent anger sounds huge port would have overawed. 'Oh.' Ghosts hand picked off the ground wide-brimmed hat, 'the little fox, you still do not understand ah Independence Day.' He remembered to float mouth smile: '400 years of life relative to a vampire who you are too young, four hundred years of career, I've met a lot of emotion segments, each is true and unforgettable. ' He suddenly lowered his voice: 'But if these feelings interwoven in the same space and time, I do not know how to deal with Independence Day as well..' Slammed his head suffered a heavy blow, a small fox Chuaizhuo big wrench angry authentic: 'There are words in one breath finished, dead lo!' 'Rude.' Ghosts head awkwardly touched package. 'You do not understand Du wind ah, if I was Independence Day, I met so many beautiful and gentle and kind, they can not refuse to girls, even move the heart. I also have to look for Yang Ying, only to find Yang Ying, that is The best way to silent refusal. ' See the little fox face Nuse disappearing, Ghosts hey laughed and said:. 'Do not worry when you Flying Mount Marksman, we all hear the Independence Day says you are his woman ......' Young zero eyes a dark, bang bang big wrench when they picked to face the King of Ghosts, Luo Feile aggressive authentic: 'people do not know we do notRoad it! That was the mantra of Independence Day, as long as there is the phrase when a woman needs to protect him. ' Young zero exposed curious expression, how would such a strange wind Du mantra, the King of Ghosts laughed and said: 'It is still a combat weapon