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world, is the nothingness of things into existence. Because of this, even the perfect space-time black hole, is also torn Leiguang butterfly. Du clasping her hands in the air knife, looking solemn. He not only to defeat Leiguang butterfly, but also because this type of life is about to save depleted Li Han, a few days ago when the wind and Xu Yuan Du duel, with each of the three demons with disintegration, is now forced to infuriating injuries pressure into the body to fight the temporary increase combat skills classes can not be used Li Han sounds extremely cold, nothing like that usually indifferent random Li Han: 'apologize to the souls of my father, I will spare you.' Du wind indifference and said: 'Your father did not qualify so I apologized to him.' Li Han cold tunnel: 'I forgot, you represent will end extradition, extradition will grasp this world auspices of the World Organization of justice, it does not consider other people to thank.' More full body cover Leiguang butterflies fly from cracks in, just who comes out of Leiguang butterfly phosphorus powder cover on the knife, let Du wind suddenly feel the hands of a knife can not control, such as supremely important, he quickly closed his eyes muzzle ears, if this phosphor powder into the body, the body as I am afraid to drink the juice into the iron like it to be Checheng pulpy. Butterfly base continues to oppress the Du wind, the wind had forced back the Du. Every step back, Du wind have to pay would be a stable body infuriating figure, to avoid being sucked temporal black hole. Lei Li Han control stop flying butterflies, Nu Sheng said: 'You just need to apologize, my father and your Warrior with three columns, which do not evenPoint qualified nor yet? ' Du cold wind tunnel: 'except he did not.' LEI butterfly and will not cause wounds, gave Du wind made the weight can not afford. LEI butterfly cut Shendao adhesion to immediately becomes heavy, Body infuriating adhesions after Leiguang butterfly. Become completely unable to use the heavy