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fortune when all were allowed to take away today, but. it is also a period of causality. 'Motoko town heard nodded slightly, Hold your hearts. 'Daoxiong, Buddhist and powerful, Pindao today obeyed Daoxiong arranged.' Rivers of blood ancestors cold sweeping golden Yin on shrouded avoid, the only piece of gold, do not know where things. Blood River ancestors mind though anxious to kill all Buddhist monks, but they also know that at the moment the four Buddha otherwise strange, but also become cautious, not neglect, quickly going to town Motoko shots. Motoko town Zhen Fang looked at, suddenly overturned laughed: '! Now you fellow has come, the body emerged Come' Carter, I saw several people falling sky, were taught mysterious Grand Master, illustrates teach Nanjixianweng, Lingbao Grand Master, cut four teaching without when Notre Dame, his face showing a trace of embarrassment of color, after all, after four people into hell, but hiding in the side, although there is no malice, but after all, to see through others, inevitably some embarrassment. That side of the river of blood Zhen Fang ancestors mouth hint of sneer, coldly snorted. 'The disciples saw Shishu Red Cloud.' Mysterious Grand Master quickly returned to normal, the first line of the DPRK Chen a ceremony, and then towards the town Motoko a ceremony, and finally fishes rivers of blood ancestors fought a Jishou. After all, the future is to be sanctified Zhen Fang, and the town Motoko three clear again and befriend, but Zhen Fang's brother, four did not dare presumptuous, and rivers of blood ancestors, but it is different, though also a party leader, but Four disciples is a saint, no less than the identity of the other poor, therefore only meet the same generation. 'Laojun brothers told what to let you come?' Zhen Fang naturally not believe the other side of it just came to help, with no benefit is impossible dispatched three religions sects countertops can sustain only a few people. Although he is the futurePeople, when they befriend and three, but now frustrated as the day of fighting. 'Buddha.' Monju Venerable face a hint of confusion of color, this time, can not see the reason is a fool. Buddhism has abandoned the three Buddha, so it became a list of people. Monju Venerable unwilling hearts, more desperate, Buddhism has abandoned his own but also where do you go? 'Under Heaven, still have a life, you can not want to abandon abandoned.' Enlightening the Buddha sneered. ThrowThe word, when he was used to others, when teaching a large array of every broken cut, it will send to the test array, the one may break injections in that a trace of murderous, more importantly, virtually reduced explain Gods of opportunities to teach his disciples. People who test array, or to teach junior figure illustrates this figure but a couple of years of practice, even dead, and then received an apprentice is quite simple, and the other, just a little effort of those laity only, this can list, is a blessing. But I did not expect is that today have their turn. But he really is so easy to abandon it? Enlightening Taoist mouth of uch a hint of sneer. Why should abandon their Buddhist whom he brought from the three Buddha can see a little, but a ton output lines move it, but his betrayal of these doors come from people who became abandoned child. 'Namo Amitabha!' Suddenly I heard a faint sound from the air, the Buddha passed over, the EEP Buddha face became pale, then a hint of surprise of color, Manjushri is also a hint of a smile on his face. Zhang Mei Buddha face is a hint of excitement and color. It all sounds quite familiar way, is none other than the center of the dancing master of the Pure Land, Lord Theravada Buddhism Dubbo Tathagata voice. 'Meet the Buddha.' Although the year Laojun Saints will be ordained as much treasure as the main Theravada Buddhism, the Buddha poke off the Lord's position, Dubbo Tathagata is known to be the ancestor of the new poke. But the mind does not really convinced few. Enlightening Taoist mind is not satisfied with the. But even today, the breath, quietly approached the little girl, and supervision will be different, Schindler family when the master would never allow her to take away his daughter, she can do thatOK stolen Marian. Oddly enough, the little girl seemed to see her, no matter how to change the angle of the light angel close to her, the little girl's eyes always light angel nailed him, completely unable to get rid of her gaze tracking. Angel tries to light across a step closer, the little girl immediately scared to cry. Distant Schindlers unknowingly watched lawn, they can not see the light angel stealth. Angel of light can not take into account their feelings directly forward reach out and grab the little girl. To her surprise, the little girl to immediately bloodshot eyes, like the emergence of severe symptoms like conjunctivitis, with her closer and closer, the little girl's whites have completely disappeared, leaving only a vague blood red. Among black pupil became scarlet color, even light angels feel shudder. She was forced to calm down their emotions, this force so powerful, it must be wrong of this little girl. She tried to approach a step closer little girl. Shocked little girl pupil split in the middle there is a distortion of the cross, like the word Nazi symbols like the flag, light angel read immediately felt a strong force to attack his own body, if they are not energy state body, had already been strongly telekinetic pieces. She also forward one step closer in the hand can grab the little girl, the little girl began to cry loudly. Make light angels tremble is bloody awful idea force grew excited girl's eyes out in spray. The little girl crying in fear, but her face was showing a monstrous smile. Flowers, air, all became horribly distorted word, bloodshot eyes caught the light angel body, light angel wings behind to start after a blur of light waves, she escaped the shackles of the little girl's eyes. A ten year old child actually have this power? The Magic Flute will be no less than entirely Steering and void.