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martial than have this rare opportunity today than Well, we have learned of his life, although some are contest, sentenced to one is better!' Tang Xiaolan said: 'martial way, like the sea, vast boundless occasion, to fully contest, I do not know if what ratio method, also requested Mr. Meng instructions.' Meng Shentong said: 'Although the road martial catchall, but in my humble opinion, not these three aspects, one of the martial insight, and second, the courage and the guts to martial arts, and the third is the martial art itself. I would like each of these three aspects of a subject to a test, I do not know Don large palm ? No doors that close, 'Tang Xiaolan in mind:' The insight and martial art itself are equally important, but that he was right for the courage and guts, he has made it a little confusing, is not the highest level of martial Pifuzhiyong. nor is it the kind of courage not afraid of dying, but Allied Yu Mo can an upright. But this was not enough for Meng Shentong enlightened. 'But Mengshen Tong Tang Xiaolan, although not agree on that, but to clear beforehand, and he said most of it still reasonable, and therefore they had nodded and said: 'So please Mr. Meng out of question now.' Meng Shentong said: 'Don big head pedant Heaven, originally Mengmou should kai beyond question, but sometime Jicheng, respectful than from life, I also had not afraid laughed. 'paused, then said:' Three test of who wins and two, I know he will be victorious Cao palm. The door-minded broad-minded, the outcome may not mind, but it was implicit earlier, lest others talk, 'Tang Xiaolan Nianxu levy laughed:' Mr. Meng say is who wins, do not mind this, if I lost the first two, that the third test of the course does not have to. 'Tang Xiaolan agreed to his three test of all decent foes head shaking, heart secretly whispered to know if a test of martial arts skills, we believe that the more chance of winning Tang Xiaolan large, but to a test of what 'knowledge and experience' and gall bladderBut I do not know what to be out Everyone was skeptical, but know some things have changed, is Ten climbers, along sects have Emei monks stand, everybody looks bleak!Emei are homes to a number more, and have no sound! The law said: 'head of the brothers in the main hall waiting for you, come in!'Yu Shi Qiong Yao Yuan and Yuwen precedence, green damask and other four women hugged Wu Yunshan, into the main hall, I saw a lotus tank platoon in which, surrounded by incense! Farben sadly: 'If the head of the brothers had passed away this morning permit, for fear you do not believe, it will be left parked in the shed, you should check if?' Yuan Yi Zheng said: 'how could a coincidence, two days ago is not still good?'French yuan sadly: 'Yes, this morning, head of the brothers are known to verify if he knew sinful last words said, but to die in order to thank the world, and the one responsible for all the errors, mistakes and hope you read in his body! martyrdom of sake, spare, let Bi Men ...... 'Yuwen Qiong Yao asked: 'He was only these few words?'Think Act Yuan said: '! Head of the brothers said that in the past many, Bi Men did not know the children, please be forgiving of sin do not move to the subglottic children, head of the brothers will be grateful for in Izumishita'Yu Shi Yuan Zheng Zhu, did not think things would turn out like this, sometimes I do not know how to handle, looked Wu Yunshan, I hope she got an idea! Wu Yunshan meditation there are only the channel: 'There is no designated head Guipai heirs choose?'Farben together even said: 'Emei has no head, and future is only a temple Emei temple, in addition to preaching Buddha, the martial arts are no longer involved in any disputes, temporarily presided over by poor cassock monastery, monks later when another extension before to declare Buddhism Mi ...... 'Qiong Yao Yuwen help but angrily: 'How can something so cheap, you collude with blue MengNuji, big shouted: 'No matter what we smell fragrant wind wind, the rules here, because too many idiot, come to be in front of the one hundred and short-sighted. That is really qualified bloomer bad? Nature is not, he is just a pawn Primus, had this piece is quite a successful piece, bloomer is taught illustrates made a great merit. Primus reward him a large Luo Jin Sin is not impossible, but unfortunately, he was on the land when pressed, that nailhead seven arrows book very insidious, who used to be sacrilegious nature, do not know the actual situation bloomer high Xing happy to use a lot, at the endKnow fooled, but it is too late, desperation, had enjoyed a decade of wealth, then reincarnated rebuilt. Since then nailhead seven arrows book began being known in the three realms, for such a vicious thing, naturally take precautions, therefore no one dared to start a feud with land pressure, but no one dared to use this nailhead seven arrows book . This stuff is too evil, who are used who are subject to the curse to see a late-bloomer, at the end not only to his own reincarnation rebuilt, is hard to establish their own country also usurped by others to go. That land pressure naturally know the consequences of using nailhead seven arrows of the book, but now also had to use, as long as the killing Kuangyin, jambudvipa also rudderless, will be, as long as get jambudvipa, their emperor cause there is half the battle, where also need to be afraid of what the curse. Miller says that the neutron cloud drifts to tour the Palace of Pitt, Pitt now tour the palace comes Tongtianjiaozhu explain Yuwen just finish the moment, since the door on a remake of the disciples returned after exhaustively supernatant days and restore the original lively Although there had been ten thousand cents to the scene when the DPRK, but not visible to the presence of three to five fellow Jin Ao Island Road Act of debate. People see the neutron cloud came, naturally know he was taught illustrates sects, suddenly all eyes red gas, not to mention the year cut the number of teaching illustrates teach master died in the hands of a single Zhu Xian four said it Tongtianjiaozhu Sword still body parts more and more disengaged, commanding voice from the protective circle revealed: 'Day Zero, do not let him get that knife, it is something in the world of numerology are not, absolutely can not let him take to! ' Du wind sigh, Yang Touxiang day, Tian Gangxing still have two. Star is robbery should have two real Tiangang Xing Liu days and that is to make the three realms of Heaven normalized robbery of heaven and earth. Another representative of a zero Yang Tian Gangxing it? Du wind now finally understand what she is. That is. Variables. World numerology are no records, beyond the Warrior God beyond all variables beyond robbery. What can cut open the knife, Mrs Fung mind naturally understand, he went to Liu days and around, grabbed Yang zero into the mysterious device, but did not use her to attack Liu day zero. He just looked at Yang Ying, smiling. Yang Ying has almost lost consciousness, but because of the smile suddenly cohesion, whispered: '?? You comprehend what it is the seventh-style' Du wind lightly: 'variable!' Yang Ying puzzled and said: 'What variables are?' Du Yang wind stroking knife becomes zero, cocked his head and said:. 'Variable is the variable, you know it's hosted in your heart, you do not know when it will appear, and you can only wait for it.' In the 'other' instant word blurted, Dolce wind seemed to have a layer of body shackles whom elimination, even Liu days and felt that this person seems to have broken the last heavy cocoon. Each break a heavy cocoon, which means a period and beyond, the only constant cocoon before and beyond. That is, each cocoon who kept pace, not beyond, the only hardship and died. However, the wind has Wu Du, and numerous heavy stuff outside the cocoon, in fact, has in mind. He grabbed Yang Ying and Liu days and inseparable arm, infuriating wonderful starry universe infused into the two bodies, and in that moment they both feel dizzy, Liu days and sneered: 'You do not divide open us the same root tree of life, how can you open our share' truly be accepted when the ancestral dragon heritage, has no less than ancestral witch's body, has a powerful supernatural magic, though have not yet reached degree archosaurs like that, let the three realms of the strong tremble, but to reach that level, but also a matter of time. 'I do not deserve.' Nvwaniangniang coldly. If the Dragon is her own discovery of the archosaurs then willingly left with the drop of blood to send Dragon, perhaps, she was very happy to recognize this sister, but unfortunately, the results of which are calculated to others, and that Since it is a different matter. Lu Peng among Taishanglaojun light, said:. 'Xuan Du, the day when you break the other 10 charges to ten ports sword Jian Zhen what?' Hyun have heard glanced Zhen Fang. Zhen Fang cheeky smile, secretly and said:. '. This is a Laojun refused to lose the primary, today the industry is not put his own together so soon afterwards began a' present to the side of Kuangyin nodded, half After the ring, someone sent of ten sword, Jianguang Senleng watch his appearance, is the reason I used the land to the lineup of ten sword, namely turtle Wen Long algae, green snake, fire fine, broken hill, According to gall, waves sword, dragon, Lingbao, jade dragon ten sword handle ...... Laojun took over, sighed: 'really is the finest nursery magic is indeed the year in the world of magic out hundreds of millions of pieces of magic, today the achievements of ten sword...' Knocked the moment, but it is broken sword in the land I rest a little soul, and move over the eight Dongzhen cents Nanjixianweng, Zhaogong ten humanity: 'Tomorrow's own war, amulet coming, but you killed him or he killed you, O Self When completed Shajie you four, butTomorrow when into the array, the array inside a yellow bell gossip stage rises, you first broke into dozens of tight encirclement, brings up the sword. Originally Yaozu sword. He also never Yaozu, not my, etc. harden. 'Dongbin, who also nodded, took the hand sword, their first not to mention a lot of Lian Ji,