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exhibit a hurry look, forehead sweat faint, showing focal color of his mind.Nangongyixiong uttered a sigh and said: 'Imagine being the court, there are a few hotshots really ......'Zhuoshao Fu softly a chuckle: 'As the accompanying Xiaguan say say come three teachers, is not regarded as Yongshou!!.' but sneer loudly: 'does not necessarily mean it did not say the two shots, which is flown barbarian big eater in the world's number one!.'Zhuoshao Fu slightly hesitated and said: 'If the lady in Mr. Long Lao Chen's position, but alsoWhen do? 'Yun Tianfeng looked up to the sky, mouth with a casual smile and said: 'Things such as playing chess, do not worry is the master.'His remark, four are moving, this sentence is too reasonable a.Zongyi moving in that direction at the moment no matter, they can not take off too old mine chase.Only standing still, but they can because of inaction, as long as an impatient and somewhat ancient mine action, he would be able to take the opportunity to get out of.Master the use of force, than accomplishment than wisdom, which can be seen, seems higher than anyone here Yun Tianfeng edge.Thunder Gods fretting, then sneer: 'I know you Chinese people pay attention to small and light hops skills, so just think of this move other special restraint sword style legs, to never jump of its light source, and I also prepare to what you just said do not move the law, especially in the upper and lower tolerance had a lot of effort, we may one thousand delay, the expense may not be me ...... 'Zongyi already a hint lighted, after listening to a lightning strike, it can not help but worry about them, but also by the relaxed look into impatience.Yun Tianfeng laughed laughed: 'Iron shoulder all the burdens brothels, must take up the final respite, since you confident patience decent, but added a delay might look, at least Mr. Long Lao is empty-handed, a few pounds heavier than you were holding iron Sword more relaxed. 'Although this large Qin Jianshi rude behavior, but his mind is very bright, making gestures can be seen, but one thing is the same. Du wind chop when Shendao control, cut Shendao endure the pain brought him, Tu is the same. Talent just dust. Will is the key to drive the knife. Sword admitted that he is his own master, Kamiya Mo Tu comb then put his hand to put his sword intended guide in the past. General effort began to break free Higgs Stewart, can be twisted into each other rather own meat also refuses to let go, he seems to own life do not mind, if not reversed shear force generals crack in the sun for a while He will become the sword hit the two, can be turned into bloodthirsty monsters blond nobility is not refundable. Mo comb body has become a bone in the carcass body armor cover, to move the carcass issued Italian sword. Some generals face changed, he did not grasp at powerThe whole block sword restricted conditions. This is the world of a clean break. Kamiya silent comb master stream fencing final esoteric Japanese swords, Bakumatsu executioner Flying Sword flow from generation to generation - day Xianglong flash. General only saw a burning strong sun light up completely pierced his eye mask. Between unprepared sword has cut into the general body, the sword even faster than the speed of the wind Du, let the opportunity nor the generals even dodge. He did not get away, but they can react. Jianfeng only felt some gentle, but also to the power of solar energy than blazing sword did not keep up, and Du shadow together with the pairwise forget themselves compared to the power of the sword is completely out of touch, power is divided into no interlocking one after another. Higgs Stewart blood claw still stubbornly clinging to the generals, but only grabbed the meat and bone, did not catch the critical parts. If not to snatch each other ideas for magical attacks abandoned wife catch hand, abandoned child catch to snatch the other hand is the main nerve, such as the blond aristocrat grab method can only be regarded as a kind of brute force, the generals could not resist sigh a