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sleep, immediately dodge, though it is pounding a bite, but the end was injured. Ukrainian tannoy concentrate all, slowly stand up, said: 'Meng brother, just let the beat just right, but also the end of theHave fun, we are still continuing on the palm How? 'Slaps a shot, and then the sound of metal clanging issued a Mars scattering the crowd, I saw his red palms, they are just like the just-released iron in general, we are left aghast, trail:!' Is he really excel King Kong is not the finest soil footer? 'The original black tannoy not excel footer King, soil, for a period of Yin Wu wind tunnel, there is a production of silkworm from the sky, better than the best asbestos fire, but yield very little, he spent thirty-three years effort, the collected silkworm from the sky made a pair of gloves, but also sets out a very thin layer around the alloy gloves do not come out of thin, metal gloves to this color and flesh, like the others, and he thought he was really any His hands were burned by the fire, but he also sets although there can fire Tiancan Si metal glove inner gloves, metal gloves were burned red, such as high fever that still is not unusual for people in the martial arts can withstand So it's magic body care, although not as painful Zen Master or golden master 'but is also regarded as one of the first class. Meng Shentong not know his secret double gloves, to see him palms red, hot nine lovers, but also feel a little surprised since heart:. 'No wonder people say this is very strange powers Laoer really shows.' But he but also not afraid, light, said: 'Since you draw Road children, Mengmou fight is hair move it!' Ukraine tannoy trick 'Pegasus vacated', palms together out palm strike to the chest Meng Shentong , beat Meng Shentong shot to face the door, palm law also defended vicious tyrants also fills his pair of hot hands, if to hit him, would be equal to the red cross branding iron? Although Meng Shentong magical wand, but it can not fail to have a third of scruples, the current virtual beat beat, not organize the information she stole the other half. After being cut off communications world, Liu Ji and day incarnation of the soldiers find work extremely difficult, they found a total of only five soldiers incarnation, three of the information has been taken away by God's messenger, the generals in the hands of only two . Where an animal is said to be the incarnation of God, you can find her generals, she was still sleeping still snow-capped mountains, not evolved completely, simply can not be put into combat. He was the last man left in the hands of the information in the general mind, this incarnation of the soldiers is a top priority. Even Liu Ji-day incarnation of that name are not arranged in the reincarnation of the way soldiers appeared, but arranged for him to live forever in history. The man is a strong second heaven, General Li Fei incarnation warrior! In this history, he also called Guang still completely reproduce the history of that era, only about his son and husband David's story has been successfully modified to erase. General purpose is to find the tomb of Li Guang, when God's invasion, so some of the world offset component strange happened, Li from China, he just moved to the tomb of the Nile, the generals in Chinese Baipao trip. Behind the tracker still exist, so the general feeling that the toughest three have emerged, and to follow the general forward a few hundred meters outside. Protoss three bloody awful. BodyRevealed only faint Royal noble, his face wearing a golden mask of 'London Ripper.' The body was covered with heavy bones, body bone stuck ten ancient Japanese sword fencing can be used 'bones swordsmith.' Most general concern is that were looked sluggish, cut back carrying suspected Shendao incarnation of heavy sword forward 'butcher'! In general left for the Nile Basin, ready to dig out Guang occasion, other forces also act with. The German capital Berlin. Berlin scenic wilderness, in addition to slowly flowing rivers and lush woods no signs of human habitation in body out round after round, fired Tongtianjiaozhu stabbed on the Qingping sword, but it is double battle Tongtianjiaozhu division two brothers. Tongtianjiaozhu though tough, but this division is not bad brothers, a main, a main defense, with the perfect, Qingping sword flashing coldness, Wan Jian Qi Pentium out with bursts of whistling. Qibao wonderful tree glow flashing between waving, as if light-hearted, but there are like mountain-like, and each and all strike hit the weak spot Qingping sword, and all of a sudden do not know how many were destroyed Jian Qi. Escorts Taoist cheeky compassion, above Ni Wan, Yuan relic light aspect Universe, between shine, nothing will have to see any Jian Qi. Ching Lin Po-color flag, Buddhist lotus, escorts buildings God, all of a sudden, from the bright light flashes, but it is blocked before the quasi-mentioned. Although flood bottomless. Not to mention the quasi nothing but hurt. Although Tongtianjiaozhu skills far above the two, but for a time but do nothing. Taishanglaojun side with Primus seeing this, do not understand how the West Second St. plans. AlthoughVery shameless, but very real. As long as broken Zhen Fang, Yao Zu naturally have a foothold, but is a complete jambudvipa that time, all Luzhou North dominated for the Wu family. West cattle Hezhou for Buddhism all. Just three go hand in hand, together offensive Dongsheng Divine. By the time the door no matter how powerful, can not hold a three-way force. Once upon a very confusing and now, out of the Wu family the opportunity, it is in line with Heaven. On air transport of the saints would win one, time, and then the palm of Yaozu jambudvipa, how amazing. No matter what, it will not let Beastkin Taishanglaojun had breathing space. Even if you want something with a woman on the bucket, it is impossible to land. 'Young!' Taishanglaojun took Tai Chi diagram readily cast in the past, but it is playing to escorts Taoist, and that escorts Taoist caught off guard, played the whole body of the Cold War, almost dropped Serpents underground volcano away, so he had the time to comfort Liqin Mei said so: even though Jin Shiyi sloppy, offended many people, even being called a 'murderous mad beggar,' but that he died, but the performance of his very great mind. Li Qinmei thought of her uncle Kim Se comment on this behind, among sad, felt some comfort to him, Jin Shiyi, though dead, but thus also makes him more understanding, more miss the. Yi Zheng startled, and said: 'Come in!' Looked up with, the door into the room and saw it was her brother Chung Show. Chung Show last three years never left her half a step, but never had to mention her marriage. This is the idea Ying Feng Chung Tang Xiaolan exhibition is the only disciple, Jin Shiyi is dead, and Ying Feng Tang Xiaolan hope to marry Liqin Mei Chung Show. But Liqin Mei Ying Feng understand the feelings, but also know her temper, her sadness over the end of time, if for Chung exhibition propose marriage. I'm afraid it will cause resentment, it is better to let it develop naturally. Qin Mei is a chest without hesitation who really after three years of daily life, though not yet to show Chung talk about a '. 'Word, but this is as close as brother and sister, and he walked into the room Chung exhibition, see the hands of exposing a length jade hairpin, his eyes the tears still looming, the heart could not help but do have acid meaning, thought:' Golden World Heritage dead for three years, she still can not forget him. 'He pretend I do not know, levy smiled and asked,' on the mountain to open several flower lotus, junior sister apprentice, how you always stuffy inside the house, do not go out and play? 'Liqin Mei said:' Somehow, I always feel lazy not want to move. 'Chung Show:' I tell you one thing fresh boredom. 'Liqin Mei said:' What fresh thing? 'Chung Show:' I came three guests master there, guess who? ' said:' Who are you? 'Chung exhibition:' The one is really Xie Emei School, but he is now the representative of the beggars come; one is Mangshan camp Cheng Hao: Another one is