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Dubbo Tathagata Buddha standing with the mountains, looking away Enlightening and other Buddhist masters, his face the color of a trace of abjection, sighed: 'there are a few Buddhist masters were born to be on the top of the Gods . As the monk's ancestral poke hearts guilt ah! proficient on EEP Buddha Buddhist, as I made a lot of contribution Mountain, great merit, how do standings of the people? Guanyin Venerable called merciful , stand on the South China Sea, for me Buddhism spread eastward, trouble, how do the list of people? ' Maitreya is still sounded a smile, that smile just at the moment, as if the devil from hell in general. Just listen to a big mouth, and said: 'There Perishable Buddha way, this is the quiescence of the road also cut the Buddha taught that year came before the Gods, there are ten thousand cents to North Korea of ​​the situation, massive, among whom three realms! can with proposition, but what can they do eventually, almost there to teach disaster off. Beyond postponed, when prehistoric Lich aspect in the world, is the sage would not easily angered Lich human, demon palm ** day, go primitive witch, who can block the edge, but in the end, how, and still lost in the tide of history among the three realms, Buddha Dharma profound, natural Kozo no need to preach these things. But Kozo reminded Buddha is Buddha Since it is ancestral to poke it, which is what I consider the overall situation of Buddhism. Buddhism prosperity now, as the year to teach the same cut. subglottic disciples although many moral person, but equally there are black sheep, the bad luck I Buddhism gas. So have today The move ton output. Enlightening the Buddha, who cause heavy, not only with the cut to teach, teach and explain that now there is a causal Xia good fortune door. Hongjun Taoist once said, the Gods will be required to cause deep, shallow roots were'The prince is also lancheng nine, it was the first two hour arrived prince called generals came for you, and the old generals just met me ......'He also did