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Compared to this time a little knowledge, you met, puzzle still hard to break, since only disturbing Kiyonaga and can not intercourse, it is not much better? ' Heimo Le heard immediately wake up to reality, busy replied:.. 'Younger sister is also very words have two little brothers and sisters for that martial arts is very good, people feel that is a common phenomenon uncle have 'old-fashioned attention to' words, is not prohibited meet. coincided with clear edge sisters no mind talking about, just a question, not a set to go to look for. Furthermore, this time with two uncles eager to go to Huangshan, also unnecessary leisure. both sisters urge caution force Peru, stupid they obeyed the three brothers. ' Jiang Ming see two such answers, ask inconvenient nature, had bored in my heart. Tong Xing had less concern, since it is one that will not let go. Some gathered disciples, the Pope intended to hit the previous years; some think shame defeat funeral previous years, moving Qianchou hook, jump thinking revenge. Originally pathogen fire and water can not exist side by side, conditions coupled with the promiseCausal, collusion has been a day. Only for the previous years record throes deep fear in the lesson, only in secret conspiracy, but dare sudden rise in revolt. Until last year, they number more public, there is the taste of two unsolicited guts lying pay, premeditated revenge experts, projections call momentum increasingly enhanced. Ming Zhang Qi is preparing drums, the survival of a showdown with the enemy, just to catch up with the party hacks Da Lei Jinhua Beishan judge things, someone went to offer, immediately took the opportunity to launch an attack. Early Italian rushing things out, the enemy will have no alert about land, but also it is about time they show a bright, but I do not know all the Orthodox Friends middle way, clever people in a lot. But since this door two cents to go after generation commander, was ordered to retreat, not allowed to reveal Kozo, Shi Hyun Chang Hai, vertical charitable fixed. Ha, I learned that sounds a lot like the griffin? I think about it is that it's the same, coming to find with it. Kunlun small scattered people of spunk. 'Jin Shiyi laughed:' You are really more ghost trick! Hey, you in the end to take me where to go? 'Lisheng Nan said:' Of course, Joe went to the North sea perilous secret martial arts it! 'Jin Shiyi greatly surprised and said:' How do you know martial arts cheats hiding somewhere: 'Lisheng Nan said:' Do not ask, is that you come along with me. Let hardships of coming here, has always been to find a martial arts secret perilous, do let Meng Shentong pre-empted it? Zhao Ya should not find. 'Jin Shiyi disbelief, followed by , walked the foot Lisheng Nan chose a climbing route, poke thatch, L right, not a moment has penetrated the jungle between the abundance of grass, Jin Shiyi said:' That weirdo live In the mountains, if met him. How to do? 'Lisheng Nan laughed:' Your courage is how small it suddenly, well, if you are afraid, I lent you with the sword. 'Jin Shiyi Yudai decline, Lisheng Nan said:' You take it, bumped that Frankenstein least three Wu Shizhao can withstand. That day he did not harm me, that is taking even met, I anyway. This is why I hate having to use the sword. 'Jin Shiyi accessSword and said: 'Katsuo, you must have something telling me:' said: '?. If I want to deceive you, but also with what you do you do not hurry, I will always tell you' Jin Shiyi mind a thin, endured a longer asked her to go for a while, Li wins another stopped under a tree. Surprisingly large tree, branches and leaves from Phi, like a gigantic Jusan, covering several acres, like a straight trunk boarding, dozens of people are estimated not to encircle. There are as strange is around it no other Zashu, which seems to take the hills gas are used to nourish this tree up. Lisheng Nan looked for a while, his face showing a surprised look, with Jin Shiyi recruit a wave, as soon climbing up, full of Jin Shiyi lone suspect, I thought: 'Is perilous secret martial arts will want to forward to fighting, said: '!!! Yao sister down and let us complete failure of the' by pointing: 'You can see for yourself that they are into the magic!!' and off Mimi two smiling down the stairs, Mo Lisha laughed: 'Snow Snake despite your beauty looks absolutely dead, nor can I so much magic, right now you admit that our almighty??! 'Xuenv paused before: 'If you set of pro technique fascinated others, I also believe that, say you fascinated Tianchi, do not believe what I say!'Guan Mei Mei smiles: 'The fact is, this is not on the old devil magic into it?'Xuenv said: 'Tianchi emotions have to cut off the state, nor any obsequiousness tempted to call him, you must be applied to the other hands!' said:! 'Yes Venerable mention Tianchi, Yu Xiang Gong eldest, although light, but there is also Zuohuaibuluan anyone, south King and Yu Zhong Lu is a man, Yu just a child, they will not color and fan ...... 'Off Mimi laughed: 'You do not learn anything deep pass a hundred might think. The reason?!'Wu Yunshan thought for a moment and said: 'I understand that they are in theAncient Warrior name has a double constitution. Zhou evil spirits in the body completely revitalized crazy walk, surging degree increased by at least several times. The second watershed ancient weapons breakthrough. Young zero blush: 'I can not down?' Her long legs are also embarrassed to clamp wind waist Du Du wind will shake the whole body stone needle and said:. '? Not now, remember, do not let go right, you can not hold a loaded' 'What equipment?' 'For example, convulsions shiver.' Young zero immediately thought of his body out of control in Du wind that time, instant hot cheeks as iron, and even hands are shaking up and whispered:. 'Why should I install this shameful way.' Du cold wind tunnel: 'you only need to deal with installed about three seven-star ancient weapons, or is five!' In the midst of the tourist group from afar, from time to time raised his binoculars away tourists glimpse of Great Falls, they naturally can not see