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Lonely Who is? Currently dean of comprehension sector, not to mention, there has been a goal now immortal, if get into Shushan, Wang did not know the strength of how many grades. Wang Wei awaiting promised a middle-aged man suddenly rushed at Wang Wei ear gently said a few words, Wang Wei face became pale. 'The older generation, I'm afraid there is no such good fortune Sun inferior.' In the end is in charge of aristocratic families for many years, I do not know how many storms seen under Sharp thoughts soon turned to the idea, submissively toward Lonely Road. 'His words means?' The speaker was English song, this time he was livid. Wang Shan received as a disciple of course is to win over the Royal and control means, but how Lonely identity guru initiative to close the door to others for the believers, others face was rejected, the dough is not by others to disgrace. 'Britain loose, not rude.' Well a Lonely Road, do not know the mind of Tao calm, still thick skinned it, at least not got the slightest color on the surface. . 'Head of the brothers' above Yingsong, a pale Road Jishou who suddenly said: 'idle king Patriarch reason to watch with black eyebrows, faintly colored carnage, I am afraid there is mass annihilation chiefs or their heirs.On Shushan, everyone is learning tactics Chongxiao Jian Qi, Yang chest sword, only busy studying art long Wylie Road Five gossip, and Jian Qi Chongxiao tactic but only with repair it, Shushan large fortune, genius Po countless centuries idle processing time of the mid-long road but now God only, the same song with the British. But Daoxing although poor, but on the five elements gossip, estimates the secret of the art when the world, apart from proficient estimates Li Shan mother outside the school, but it is the highest. 'Sure enough Daoxing live.' Wang Wei suddenly pale, sighed and said: 'Just the family to report, within the hall, the king of the mountain natal Yupai already broken.' After the royal children were born, Royal on the use of secret law, whichever is hospitals, reported a sick, just a pity that they did not have such a supernatural Zhen Fang. 'How military training is over?' Zhen Fang asked, grinning. 'How can ah, today met community recruit new, I heard the school on the matter very seriously, just a day off tomorrow, or to the battlefield.' CDC painful look, as if she really want the warThe same. Zhen Fang patted the shoulder and smiles: 'Just your physique, but also those who really want to help you practice your PLA good comrade.' Wang Yu Zhen Fang's a will push down, disdain and said:. '. Well, do not look down upon me, and now I am already a member of the Association of the future karate skills have greatly' 'Hmmm.' Wang Yu sneered: 'I martial tradition for thousands of years, of course, not a modified small Japanese Tang hand par, but that is the essence of my martial arts, where we can learn to, can learn all Some superfluous, but it is nice to hear that Wushu Association and karate, taekwondo test of Wushu Association has lost three years of karate. Karate Association this year, let alone move a mountain village called big wooden Japanese students, I heard that already Green Belt, it seems that this year probably have to defeat the Wushu Association. 'Chen one side of the square, the heart of a dynamic, karate points vaginal discharge, yellow belt, red belt, orange belt, Blue Ribbon, green belt, purple belt, tea belt , Black Belt. The big wooden village students want to come but more than 20 years old, but still can reach the green belt, presumably strength really good. 'But do not they move the Wushu Association called Zao people?' While Deng small building suddenly the channel: After 'I heard him but CONSERVATORY Royal, a Wushu Association Dynasty long and no one can punch block. What is more, there are people that he profoundly internal strength, functional open split stone monument, Feiyanzoubi. but the legendary martial arts master in the martial arts association wanted people to worship him countless sects. ' CDC face a slightly dare to hum loudly.' Stepped very wrist, wrist knife electric solution generally handed punch Ren left rib cage.The fact that he did not move, let the blade too close, suddenly left a withdrawal of the body, has landed in the left hand fingers handsome young man with a knife on the right wrist, fingers micro a force, that handsome young man with a wrist bone to be split equally, pain he was 'Oh' sound, are not loose understand wrist knife.Ren hand stretched it out, and that the solution to catch the wrist knives, said: 'man child is 'Zhangjiakou' Fa, do you see that dare hum sound, the band say this lying not many people, you I reported a place to come. 'That handsome young man grimace authentic: 'Yeer Men ......'Ren 'ah!' Sound.That changed handsome young man busy, said: 'We both are 'Red Gang' in the brethren.'Ren slightly hesitated and said: ''Red Band' Zhangjiakou branch.'That a handsome young man micro nodded: 'Yes!'Ren shook his head and said:. ''Red Band' in how have you two such people, as far as I know, the 'Red Gang' is quite strict rules to help'That handsome young man said: 'spend money to have fun, help regulate such things can not help.'Ren pondered for a while loose his hand, and said: '! Since it is easier on the head there Zhuer, since you ask it, I will find you talk to leading uncle.'That handsome young guy a harsh glare-jen, cold a chuckle:. 'Afraid you do not' move to go.The fact that he reached for a bar and said: '? You your name.'That handsome young man still bragging, Lengran said:. 'Surnamed Dong'Yan girl stepped forward and said: 'Mr Yam, I did not think you actually place ......'Ren smiled and said: 'Do I see a girl too, but I learned a few days to study the sword, and I am not seeing the girl bullied by others, under a radical also daring to fight it, to really hit master, let alone throw out registration is me, I am afraid I can not hold this life too, now that I think I was a little creepy, not Haner Lisu it! girl recover from it! 'He put the knife to the solution of the wrist