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hands and feet, never expect to account for the cheap, and therefore it is not dangerous. The most dangerous thing is over Pucheng, Lin Zishan that area where there are a lot of groaning cliffs, deep groove width of the stream, several places to climb steep mountains, deep grass to dense forests, easily hidden volt Dairen. mountain nature very wild, specifically about fights, love gang war. just peace years, and is the Official Road Roads through Zhejiang province, like us, also does not matter, in the case of merchants alone, they Duan Bule accident. There are three pass slipped inside, in addition to two months in front of the eagle earthquake collapsed saved the day, but like all day near Temple The Thunder Gap and nearly Xia Redstone off, all man guards the pass, ten thousand sadIn, it can be called really dangerous too! ' They all saw that Francis Chin Han north, led by one of Li Xiegua immediately felt a top, top plate big braid, green Cancan an ugly face, eyebrows, such as brushes, flat noses mouth with two fingers on the forehead to the wide a knife paralysis, take the oblique face, eyes flashing fiercely when two leopards, a glance in the lower Greenwood robber. Two horses linked, Francis Chin attention due to head a second man followed in the past, did not see the face, like last night, one can see two Yetan inn yard. Riding two on a pedestrian only saw one, no, said this more to the front, immediately Jiabian, speeding away. Then Francis Chin Huang Xuewen like to listen to in the car, 'alas,' a cry, suspicions have even come to the adverse action, too busy to look at, from the side to catch up with a question. Huang Xuewen holding a paper bag, despite the elaborate, just called 'quick look at the front,' Francis Chin horse bias aside, look forward, I saw a thin shadow being ran forward, the line flying, dazzling chase the second horse, only then to a vertical horse ass, Chi go together, immediately people actually unconscious, look look agility, working with black kids like last night, convinced the quasi-mentioned road to see the hit talent behind Kamimuchi Chufang Chen Jian on the Gods and the hearts of surprised, but did not speak. 'Gentlemen Daoxiong, please!' I saw Zhen Fang Sui pointing to the right of the cloud suddenly rose to four-bed, four aback, so the ability, everyone can do that, but in no way do Zhen Fang with fireworks as potential antelope hanging corner, almost without trace, can not help but cast doubt on the strength of Zhen Fang. Four holy not neglect, but also their sitting down. Tongtianjiaozhu saw above his head, five air impact air, give birth to three white horses, mighty, there are three lotus holding a two-edged sword, the coldness in the cold, it is quasi-mentioned Taoist shot towards the past. Quasi-mentioned Taoist furious, Ni Wan a move to show gilded, Stern is an icon, the eighteen hands, twenty-four, the Executive set Ying Luo canopy, flower pot guts, blessing God pestle, Po filing, golden bell, gold bow, silver halberd, streamers, flags, Yuguang shake, faint live Tongtianjiaozhu enemy's attack, but they slowly shrink Yuguang, less than a moment on the quasi-mentioned Taoist but three feet distance. 'Humph!' A colorful brilliance forcing air out of the fleet Nvwaniangniang Fenlian red, above the Ni Wan, out Colorful Rays, Rays among the mountains and rivers boat plans glory hit people, red hydrangea ups and downs, fired thousands red, like a red string section in general, throws up numerous causal. Colorful Rays soon Jianguang block, and slowly forced the past. 'Slut! Actually colluded West.' Primus skinned red, heart secretly swore, but do not remember who is who, for calculating his brother, also colluded with the West two holy. However, at the moment Primus is forgotten, but emerged on top of the head Qingyun, there is a big kung; colored haoguang put on ten thousand golden light, little falls, such as eaves dripping constantly. Ruyi edged ups and downs'In the martial arts elders believe that it was just one of her fears, but it does not stop her launch, two sides have not Tukou whole, this should not get involved, the body count has sword, wanted to TANG sister revenge, clutching the dead harm foul wrong, God armadillo on the potential removal of the knife. Unexpectedly, then not export, two enemies to have vertical, and very nasty words, the benefits add fuel combustion, furious: 'Don Shige self careless mistake turtles killed by poison. I do not believe this thing eat me the knife. You're bald bitch, blow this atmosphere for what!' 'You told me to chop this is it!' He finished, transports enough power of his life, the concept of quasi-armadillo neck, under the knife chop, just listen to the sound grams, stinging arms shook, just staring at the three blame God armadillo watching him, a trace does not move. A seven laugh, man surprised and ashamed, wanted to get away, a glimpse armadillo belly flat, could not encouraged, like very soft side to do this is the key, not to chop its head and neck, the heart of a regret, but also students poison idea, gulp: 'I'll try to chop knife!' sound with the sword, and secondary transportation fierce effort, a tight right-hand knife, cut to hold change, toward God armadillo belly bar to go. A six-time, A seven with a gold wire A Quan Ju station platform, just waiting for something completely accountable to the public through the field, seeing party drink: '! Why are not prepared,' the man knife was issued, because God armadillo seen worse, start Although confident when nineteen successful, like wary. Intent of the knife stabbed wonderful solid, such as barbed die, vertical back immediately, to prevent anti-mouth. Original early lay backward, who knows knife to armadillo belly, Jingsi bar in a very tough thing above, too much force, moving hand was rubbing stinging hilt, armadillo at the bar inside the abdomen only slightly concave, does not sting Jin, just feel good. Say, Cai turtles defeat all three see the first field, wounded or dead, no one wins, there is one person away, under the public eye, has long been ashamed,