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high strength, reclamation, omnipotent. Since that superior, to the secular to ignore things, otherwise, had I waited invasion of time, just be a martial art, and so I will be able to destroy tens of thousands of congregation, where centuries of shame what these angry young people what it? 'Gale Exalted faint voice filled with sarcasm intended. 'A few years ago, I heard that someone went to China, from there take on a kind, but the last eight differences, but all met the great God.' Exalted gale in the hearts of everyone, then caused a tidal wave, say just this old guy all day just to stay in the basement of this shrine, several times throughout the year can not see the sun, never thought to do well aware of the outside. Think of yourself as a weekday, each Mianrutuse scared. Exalted cold winds sweep a few people, and said: 'Do not forget that a few pieces of some kind of a great relationship, butIn our ancestors risked their lives, only to take over from the ground. If lost, I am afraid that in the future we do not see more than eight manifolds big God. Underneath your skills, or put me Come here! And so the man is gone, you still wants a later date. ' 'This?' A few people looked at each other, eyes are showing difficulty with color, although I do not know how to use the baby, but the baby is always the baby, is that they can not be used on their own hands, than in the strong hands of others. 'How, I'm afraid of some kind of you not greedy?' Exalted suddenly heard a cold and windy, triangular eyes shot a cold coldness, an heinous and destructive atmosphere enveloped the entire chamber, all the weight of the wearer. 'I'm afraid so on.' Taken aback and lay the hearts of everyone, thanks to the ground one after another, each taken from the arms of a dark beads to respectfully handed up. Exalted with gale Shouyi Zhao, a few beads suddenly flew over, fall into one of the palette. Gale also towards the side of a tile point a bit, emerged in a square hole, the palette will throw inside. Upon seeing the crowd, distant promise. Opportunity fleeting, at this moment it is definitely going to knock Xu Yuan. Six whistling strength has been approaching the front of Xu Yuan, the volume is growing, almost became sixRoad light beam. Any ancient weapons techniques, are farther away, the less power. Only one is an exception, and that is Mrs wind dedicated six-pulse return element sword. Six pulse GUIYUAN sword through ancient weapons of charge darling kidney and spleen gall bladder meridian to the formation of six, when it shares surging Jian Qi in vitro, but also bring out some of the constitution of ancient weapons, swords from six pulse GUIYUAN Du wind out of the body, the nature is Terry and absorption. Day A way to lose to the strength, the absorption is constantly absorbing the strength to make their own grow Xu Yuan still eye can not look at things, he places the ears stirred up a few hands flashed gold gun in hand, accurately nothing to open six guns, each gun there is a bullet through the six-pulse accurately return element beam sword. Seemingly minor to six bullets through the rear, the power of the light beam no chou actually disappeared. Du disease drop shadow and wind down, Xu Yuan special gun technology - the destruction technology is still extremely accurate, simple hit six shots in a six-pulse return element connecting hub where the strength of the sword to ashes. But then appeared in many far ahead, it will be no power cut Shendao Chou's Independence Day. Shendao cut from the blade with a touch of silent coldness, Zhan Xiang Xu Yuan's neck. At this vital Yisha, Xu Yuan eyes suddenly flash from a touch of light, like the sun never mesh barrier in general. A clasp his hands up, clung to the Independence Day Shendao cut. With the sound of the bullets hit the plane sounded knife, cut Independence Day Shendao collapse into a pile of debris. Knife skills for special damage - broken knife skills started. Five elements of earth wind strength once again into the body of Du Du wind poured it full of knives, devil opened his eyes, Jin Shiyi renowned suddenly stood before them, and could not help but surprise, Kunlun scattered people cried: 'Lao Meng, youWhat does this mean? What you want is a friend? 'Utah last words, Mulberry mother also cried, struggling jumped suddenly sprang to Lisheng Nan, shouted:' Give me my sister's life to. ' said:' Your sister yourself fall into the melting magma, my business:. 'Loudly, standing firm Mulberry mother myself, once again fall Jin Shiyi said:' 'was going to parry, only to hear the' thump wins Male, I remember the medicine cabinet aft some seasickness medicine, is I've prepared for you, take a few minutes to them. 'Meng Shentong slapped hands, shouted:' We all do not quarrel, listen to me a statement. I have been with Jin Shiyi said well, in this boat one day, we do not have to revert to old grudges, what you guys mean? 'At this time, the three little devil awake, I thought the current situation, in addition to Meng Shentong know how to sail, the other people on the water are illiterate, Jin Shiyi really need help, think of this point, three concept of a devil face to face, not say anything Meng Shentong said:. 'If the three opposition do so. 'Cloud spiritual son suddenly said:' We do not want to remember the old grudges that may be the secret treasure sea picture, originally Tibetan spiritual Master, and now in the hands of Jin Shiyi. 'Meng Shentong know Joe North sea story, roughly know there is such a picture, now hear them confirmed Jin Shiyi hands of greedy big play at once, and asked Jin Shiyi said:' You are now useless piece of day surrender Come on! 'Jin Shiyi naturally proud and Naken being threatened, sneer, was about to refuse, Lisheng Nan just took two steps to the rear cabin to get medicine, heard the remark, suddenly stopped, also repeatedly sneer, laugh than Jin Shiyi louder Meng Shentong said:. 'What are you laughing? 'Lisheng Nan said:' painting around me, being in such storms, do you think can preserve it? 'Meng it!' Meng Shentong said: '! Bad it also