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people on the face downcast, together Nu Sheng said: 'Du wind, you dares to immortal rude!' Du cold wind tunnel: 'Who are you!' Came the mysterious black hole secret language, as if the fairy people Hongqiao got instructions, barely restrain live sentiment: 'We are escorts Once upon a messenger, you have access to qualifications upon a time, we will be taken upon a time.' One fairy contempt eyes swept the crowd at, shouted:. 'You only seven people can enter upon a time, in which two people are not eligible for the rainbow' Fairy fingers with two of the older crowd, who have no signs of man power, to put it is clear exactly what the two of them. Du wind indifference: 'We are going to go with nine.' Behind the gray-haired old man quickly and hold the DU wind shoulder, and whispered: 'future son, do not argue, Mike and I both old bones, hey, even though there is no sense Once upon a time, might as well stay in the human world enjoy life. ' Finish the sentence, the man quickly lost smiles on fairy Hongqiao:. 'My old bones could not hope soaring, but since there is opportunity, can not let the pleasure of seeing the immortal Lord' Sin came on Hongqiao crowd bursts of laughter, one of them laughed out loud and said:?. 'Once upon a time there to see the main fairy Once upon rules, like you entering upon a person, only as we make fairy fairy servants make There will be a fairy, fairy on top of the immortal king will probably attend a hundred thousand years, you will have the opportunity to see the immortal Lord. ' With those words, that were already seem so very impatient cents, step down from the Hongqiao. Du Feng, who for the first time close to see the fairy. Du wind was in my mind to imagine tens of thousands of times over the form of fairy,Think it should be as immortal as described in ancient texts, dressed jade silk robe, head Dai Suguan; or integration with modern society, such as the movie 'The Matrix' series, dressed in a suit sunglasses, so no more than a few. Can now see the fairy form, forced remote support, the vampire is a secondary prevention and treatment, but that hidden strong Warrior ...... ' Yoo Ji-day authentic curiosity: 'What type?' 'Versatile.' Guang figure emerge along, watching Liu Ji sophisticated day look, laughed:. 'A man' Vampires have been unable to protect Du wind, followed by a second wave of attacks began. Korean prison sneered Du wind direction, halfway, he sank into the ground figure. Tianshu fairy could not help but frowned, now the wind has no resistance force DU. Korea actually have to sneak into the underground prison attack, it is prudent overdone. This is just a temporary complain, came a strange underground grunt grunt, Han prison to figure resurfaced on the ground. Look weird, body covered with underground metal ring melted into the liquid. Tianshu fairy temper no longer contain himself, pushed a Korean prison. Bingjian waving wind rushed in front of DU. Shouted: 'I came to pick up his head!' Not enough time to hit his sword. 'Boom' sound, smell countless places with flying debris. Tianshu fairy disbelief at his chest. There penetrate out a strong iron fist, fist extremely accurate breakdown point, not only throughout the vital parts of their land, will play into the hands of Bingjian two parts. The man is actually Korean prison. Korean prison cold face looked at him, like liquid metal body meltedThe face became very ugly, forced back wroth and said: '!? Mimi you really going against me in the end of the'Off Mimi snapped: 'You forced your blue Meng instigation by the intention to kill yuan, sever our life, we certainly want to protect yourself!!'Duron Santos said: 'I was to Hello, you listen to me, it was an alarm, and this person will not leave!'Mo Lisha cold tunnel: '? To know who is good and I only live fishes yuan me useful!'Duron Holy helpless, only a wave and said:! 'Well, I can not bear the same door Caoge, the first since civil strife, yuan does not have to check out, I guarantee you that he can make a bed of roses, now you can rest assured that