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being thrown in the garbage here, even a shelter graves are not. Car not stop, Yang zero to angrily rushed out of the car and shouted: '! Sea Uncle still here why did not bury the bodies.' Gathered around a lot of people, but are shy to dare outcrop, Angry Young zero yourself Quban corpse, the crowd suddenly there was a portly fat shouted: '! Can not move.' Young zero as fiery eyes shot to the fat hack a hop, she loudly: 'Why are not allowed to move our Liuzhen Chang has been a sea town t defend why his death, burial and even pieces!! places are not! ' Fat man surnamed Liu pushed the crowd out, secretly Yang zero aside and whispered:. 'Miss Yang, killing sea Waiting List sent a directive, and not move his body.' 'What! Sea t been trying to defend our town, and now he was dead, because the enemy of a warning, a look of the thing you fear?' 'Miss Yang, we believe that both the living ...... more important for the living dead should make a contribution.' Young Henhendechao ground zero spat, shouted: '!! T think that only if the sea alive is more important, he did not die.' 'However, the group of people about to kill the sea, ah, did not even see how they hands! And, they are the world's ancient martial Association person! World Martial Arts Association Ancient we can move untouchables ah, Miss Yang.' Du wind frowned, ancient weapons are creatures who do not like to be bound, just twenty years ago, in his own life, had never heard of any in the world of ancient martial Association. He lifted his fists, hands emerge from a jeep I do not know where to pry the chip under theChip placed between his lips. Humans have a weak biological current, ordinary people can not make good use of the wind so strong as Du ancient weapons, but the effect can be used to enlarge the gas, if there is a wireless network radio presence in the side, who then wear through wireless Network chip turned the world of the Internet, so ancient weapons themselves, it will temporarily become one of the world to share information with the continuous influx of the city. The continuous influx of new people consume oxygen, aging air purifier is a severe test. So the only rule of survival become urban residents. Urban gangs everywhere, murder as a routine robbery rape thing, I do not know a single foundation to travelers, often wake up to find themselves being looted, naked lost in the wild. Liu fat seem to forget fear, elation authentic: 'in the street in the city, I still have some old acquaintances, you can find the best hotel for you, the best dinner can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.' Young zero fiercely spit and said: '! Junk you know Luo Feile city consuls, I asked, and did not have anyone to know you.' Mouthful of fat lie sweat, quickly make fun of: 'I know people quickly ...... soon ......' Du wind pattern silk face unchanged, Liu fat quickly flattering and said:. 'The most important thing is to avoid Du Daye ...... instructor you suffer unnecessary harassment.' Du wind silent, looked just started in the two cards. 2 and 3 of spades spades have been to kill him, spades 2 is a four-star ancient weapons with superior refining capacity, spades 3 is a ship is four-star Xian Qi contaminated ghost ship. According to this order, the five-star level and above the ancient weapons will soon appear in front of them were. If you are using a five-star world of strength ancient weapons, Du wind confident you can handle His fear is another thing. Xian Qi! Twenty years ago, Du wind, we know that the essence of Xian Qi learned the essence of human life, if it is infuriating to use as its own, it will promote rapid combustion essence of life, essential to the body surface. Such ancient weapons can short power surge, but life will be greatly reduced, and the body will, as drug addiction in general, the existence of the moment can not leave Xian Qi. Even if the other side is a ghost became short-lived, as an opponent of Du wind barely benefit, play off, and only in those prying Once upon a damn thing. Du Feng has vaguely guess the robbery is coming, but it Zhen Fang amulet protagonist, then Taoist though obscurity Purple gave him, but did not say he could sanctification, so he is probably immeasurable amount of time in a robbery ST. Immeasurable amount arrival robbery, robbery under the saints are in, though you have a quasi-saint, but inevitably some danger that this might be able to transition into my roc West, told him, into my bliss, does not stick very undesirable, he will After three years the amount of the robbery, after you Nirvana for the new Lord of Ten Thousand Buddhas. ' Sakyamuni Tathagata heard a move the hearts of millions of years, the mood is already refining camel mountain hard, but at the moment seems to be weak in general ground water will collapse. He did not know how the quasi-mentioned Taoist Kunpeng crossing into Western Buddhism, though to him to draw a big round cake, in fact, it is used to block Sakyamuni Tathagata disaster. 'Thank you teacher disciple.' Sakyamuni Tathagata quickly thanks Road. Venerable escorts nodded slightly, pointing to the right, the two sides emerged to some kind of a party but a golden lotus, but only Nine, the western treasure lotus twelve items were later eat mosquitoes Taoist Mishina, let Western leaders regret; but the one and the other countless flags, embroidered with blue lotus flower, very holy, just west treasure, then divided on the matter Baoyan, Ching Lin Po-color flag. The two things give escorts Taoist and Dubbo Tathagata Buddha, said:. 'While you are quasi-holy Daoxing, but in the end not as good as the founder of Roc obscurity sermon person, you can order two things blocking century' Shakya Muni Dubbo Tathagata heard rejoicing, quickly hand took over, the first step to give birth clouds, suddenly out of the Western Paradise, coming towards the North Sea. On the North Sea, the town Motoko dim yellow light with a single step, a breakthrough seemed to be the same. To book though tough, but the demon division Kunpeng Hetu and Luo Shu is not a simple treasure, even take