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instead bear attack power to burn bridges. Lu Ya muttered: 'cocoon?' Du wind like two-finger twist like pincers live tip, make a clean break that turned out to be his all-conquering Daoshi twist to live can not move, his indifference and said:. 'Third order cocoon' Lu Ya curiosity was underway, sitting on the ground up, looking up and said: 'What is the gas?' Du cold wind tunnel: 'I do not know, I only know the universe as vast as the air, no matter how strong the Daoshi, it is just a Milky Way.' Daoshi clean break he abruptly oppression into a line, from between his two fingers flow, Du wind look dignified. Daoshi volume is compressed, reducing the volume of power but because of strengthened somewhat, astray, he lost more than just two fingers only.  want to move, Du wind snapped:. 'Do not move.' Daoshi cemented silver wire passing Lu Ya ear, she was as beautiful waterfall of hair cut into two. She turned to dismay, looking kind of silver wire through the water straight into the lake shore, lakeshore away slowly penetrate. Du wind also seem relieved and said: 'Fortunately.' Third Order evolved cocoon of evil spirits, as vast as the universe, just to be able to Daoshi restrained. Although the power of a clean break can not be eliminated, but it can be used with cosmic forces of oppression into a Galaxy, always flowing. Lu Ya sitting on the ground continues to tremble, Du wind frown:. 'You can not be afraid of the people in this way.' Lu Ya scold: 'Do not touch me speak!!' Du wind a moment, only to find some land Ya BodyFirst Duron sects attributed to enjoy world music, first as a different city drowning Izumishita Alone! 'Wu Yunshan said: 'I do not believe that, maybe I can find a third way!'Mo Lisha laughed: 'If yuan is not fascinated, you still hope it would be difficult now, and yuan has been used to listen to me, with his one man, enough to make you give in.!'Wu Yunshan smiled and said: 'You should not even think too idealistic!' said: '! Unless you can answer lotus fragrance, although not rare