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.''Thunderbolt' and said: 'Mr. Shen Shen girl to save so many players ...... palace?'Ren indifferent a chuckle: 'The rivers and lakes are so many capable people are not going to save Mr. Shen, Shen girl mention a weak woman, just Zhanger Ye martial arts does not solve anything.''Thunderbolt' blushed, coughed and said: ''Red Band' has tried several times to rescue Mr. Shen, Jing just too many players in the palace ......'Ren shook his head slightly, and said: 'Shen girl who does not expect the arena Rather Than on her behalf, as long as the rivers and lakes do not bother looking for her this weak woman, when necessary, extend a helping hand at her, make her peace arrived, She also satisfied. ''Thunderbolt' ugly little face, after a moment of silence before: '? So how Shen girl going to save Mr. Shen'Mr Yam said: 'As far as I know, Mr. Shen Shen girl intends to eliminate or even bankruptcy misfortunes.'Clap earthquake fire 'Oh,' to 'channel:' I understand, there are a lot of public corruption in this door, and Shen girl long afford, this road might have worked. 'Mr Yam said: 'a weak woman, so the only thing.'Pale man suddenly said: 'My friend's tone, it seems very sympathetic heavy girl?'Mr Yam said: 'It is, of course, all bloody, and no sympathy for Shen girl.'Pale man raised his eyebrows and said: 'My friends have a good one extraordinary ability, why not help the girl to go to Mr. Shen Shen rescue?'Ren indifferent a chuckle: 'Qi Ge flattering, there are so many capable people who are afraid of a given court players on the political arena, my nameless rivers and lakes is not flowingHow much courage, how much ability? 'Pale man sneer:. 'Friend neither the guts, not the ability, in respect of less accusing others.'Ren smiled and said: 'I blame it on what basis there'm blaming others, but ran into a grievance, you make uneven sound, so bite chest Tibetan grievances, speak out only, although inevitably offend people, but I do not care?! Actually insight will not care about me, even if a little unpleasant, he will stopped even if 'half step'! Archon two flashing eyes, and immediately understand each other, each other's mind, even if they are not together Du wind opponents, but let Du wind stopped half a step is not no way. Mind given the two loud shouts, palms no pixiang Du wind, but pixiang ground in front. Jianhou bluestone floor is made of hundreds of kilograms can resist impact. But this is far more than the power of the two together supremely, not to mention bluestone, even if you can steel missile defense, will be wiped out under the blow of Viagra. If deep crater floor appears Du wind cadence sure to change, even when they win. Under a strike, they feel like playing in the top of a group of cotton, full access to power. Solid bluestone tiles, like actually like a sponge foam float up to their full breaking Zhang Feng. Du riding the wind just right foot on the ground, came Ruoyouruowu trace gas from under his feet, passed onto the two consuls bombardment of bluestone. This wire is faint breath, making two three-star ancient weapons make every effort to blow, to naught. Two consuls breath choked efforts to ensure that infuriating not to vent, see Du wind lifted his right foot, they both roar, Zhang Feng smacked to the ground again. Under the blow, they just felt like the whole body bone pain was fishbone stuck in general, the collapse of the airflow in the body scurry, if this attack do not work, they really do not have any power to do a third strike. I do not know whether Mrs wind pity them, and did not do any obstruction. The blow down, bluestone boom slamming finally cracked. Then like dominoes general, all around quartzite also will crack the ground appeared a 4,5 meter deep pit. They huha huha pant, which under win the game. As long as the feet of a wind Du depress the pit, step frequency is bound to change, then you can get it and the other negotiations. Two hearts are ecstatic, did not take into account in their three-star status ancient weapons, negotiations for a chance to do so embarrassed how to hundred years after the death of the character, so Joe North sea secrets of martial arts, there can break the law. Meng Shentong know his acupuncture France badly, some fear, in order to avoid a lose-lose, he gave as unreal becomes real trick with 'Heaven Luo step' out of the way. Jin Shiyi magic with their own body care, they do not give him hit the body, which is the ninthShura hidden evil power, but also could not hurt him. Jin Shiyi want him entangled, an Italian tour with his bucket, and that beat reactive know Meng Shentong see, suddenly shouted, palms together to launch palm have to take, even have buttressed the ninth heavy overcast Shura Zhang Li Gong evil! Jin Shiyi shocked to know Shura most hidden evil power consumption Genelec, Dan Zhang issue, is not easy, but now Meng Shentong comic issue could have palms, enhanced power suddenly doubled, but once through the Jin Shiyi compelled Meng Shentong gas to Japan in order to deal with the original Tang Xiaolan, this month, hammered fathom the last one on the martial arts secrets heavy Secret, have whatever we want, send and receive freely, then palms also issued, would be subject to two a former Meng Shentong wrestled with Jin Shiyi. Jin Shiyi last time in the Royal River and Meng Shentong hostile, but also a little disadvantage, Meng Shentong now use the power of the Shura hidden evil power has doubled, Jin Shiyi how to stand? Fortunately, after his last also suffer, think of using acupuncture method unlocks the door of his tour in France, or else I'm afraid ten strokes could not withstand. Zhang Li Meng Shentong reminders tight, palms chain constant attack a dozen strokes, blood crest Danjue Jin Shiyi, internal organs almost like going to stoop over, quick-witted, and suddenly 'call' is heard, a spit, with Meng Shentong spit. Meng Shentong knew he had vomited Duron needle stunts, although he is now the skill, that is considered in the several Duron needles, can anyway, but if he spit saliva to splash Thus, although able to avoid the shame of face