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woman grinning: 'So a deal.' She was secretly laugh, how in the world is there such a fool that he tried to attack three times if they can not escape again. Thought of this, she worked the body curled into a ball, playing a few bombs on the ground, like a leopard-like catapult slips away to the Du wind. Du wind guard arms crossed over his chest, forming a standard frame hand gesture. [Frame] hand and can not be considered ancient martial art, strictly speaking, even the technical movements are not really, but only the most basic defense posture. But the ancient martial art has evolved into a modern fighting techniques for thousands of years, the martial arts have been greatly improved over that many thousands of years ago and has long been beyond recognition. The only not changed, and that is that the primary care-minded vital, both from the side door waist gesture - hand frame. It is said that even the fingers of the hand between the frame away from the gap, have very strict rules, an ancient martial whether received strict training, is to see whether you can see that the hand frame. The reservoir has been filled her body infuriating, become hard as rock. Flash from a trace of her mouth grinning, this time she was transported all the infuriating enough, if we do not wind luck Du defense, just tearing his fists on the back of Du wind, the wind must at least severing Du carpal hands. Du wind motionless, appeared to be crazy to hit the meat ball rotation. 'Call' to look, fat woman's body through the past from the hot air. Fat woman fell into the sand, eating a mouth sand. She immediately jumped up, big mouth breathing side edge howling: '! You, you cheat.' Du cold wind tunnel: 'YouBeen watching. ' Du foot wind, out there a half a meter deep circular pit. His feet did not move, just to let the body agility extremely heavy fall down, abruptly put his legs into the sand below. Du wind coldly looked Pangfu humanity: 'You seem to consume infuriating 90% of the suicides.' Fat woman looked bloodshot eyeful other mischievous smile of his face just to see that the couple had. Everyone felt that the King of Spain is really too interesting, even in such a formal setting so dress really is ...... beyond everyone's expectations. However, it is estimated the world only he would do, after all, we think of his age really is only 21 years old only, strictly speaking, is like playing age. Even a few more deep thinking people wonder why we are a group of national leaders, old, and ugly, without the slightest passion, and the mood of the antique, alas, are people with a political gift to the amount of age Well? In ancient times also has a lot of young lads when the king, but now Well ...... how the development, the government is now more serious aging ...... really vexing. This did not bother me and Felicity will shape how we impact on the visual and thinking, I took off the hat, revealing a flowing red hair, Felicity also took off the hat and sunglasses for me laugh laugh, then tired in my arms. I stretched out his right hand in a public blinding flash and a surprise in the eyes of intimacy grabbed her shoulder, Blurted out: 'The ancients say mad, really good, this body cold ......'God knows, the sun is so big, can heat the oil to the people.Yan Mufei heart sank, hesitated a moment, then raising his coat off.Jinyu Qiong beautiful eyes of a condensate, said: 'Yan Dear husband, you, what are you doing?'Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, said:. 'Do Xianzang girl, please do not arrest Section'Put off going to the Jinyu Qiong clothes draped body.Jinyu Qiong blushed, busy: 'You should not say this, like you, always stick on a dirty word, but I ...... I ......How could I ...... 'Yanmu Fei said: 'girl, I said, please do not arrest the secular section.'Jinyu Qiong hesitated, slightly stoop first cicada, said:. 'That ...... thank you.'Yan Mufei meekly let her put on clothes.She put my clothes tightened, suddenly looked up and said: '? Why do not you cold.'Yan Mufei laugh and said: 'Look at that girl hanging in the sun!'Jinyu Qiong became all the cloth hole structure. Feng Shui familiar people know, a break point in life, spread over three generations to be a great-grandfather's blood, spread over twenty years off the life of the hole, I do not know how many people to sacrifice their lives, so many people from this juehu absolutely door. Before moving off life rock cave, with palm and Fraser's Trick location, just and Du windBucket into a tie. Off life points a, Du wind body are isolated from the world of strength, even aging body began to decay, Lee suddenly felt cold winner. Lee Han leak just forget it. Independence Day Du wind is indifference ancient weapons, this indifference, but only with respect to the enemy, too inhuman behavior, will inspire his anger. Du wind hole off life immediately recognized the structure of indignant anger at the chest, the body last Du wind penetration pneumatic knife, had not yet resorted to pondering thorough knife. This knife is unstoppable clean break. Thor Lee knocked out cold spot was a clean break, if not then there are special circumstances occur, Lee Han had already died in Du wind sword. Raytheon Li Han, not be able to sacrifice themselves for others selfless person. With today Once upon a power station was on top of the world's Li Han, but instead to unite themselves and Xu Yuan, Xian Qi survival depends destroy him, really is a weird thing. Some distant sound came, off the crowd began tentatively be mingle into the ruins of the arena, Xu Yuan Du wind turned back and said: 'In tomorrow's ceremony, you will certainly use horsepower tie cents, fortunately It is in the world, the role will be greatly reduced cents, success plan ahead so you just shot down with horsepower tie, or even the shots are not horsepower tie was dying. ' Du wind indifferent said: 'This is not your concern.' Xu Yuan leisurely said: 'After the messenger cents cents fully open, horsepower tie strength is certainly not beneath you and I, you and I deal with each one of Thor, who has the ability to simultaneously