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fancy fighting, between a winner on their hands. 'Well baby, go back to this source. Not only have amazing defense, but also to break each other's weapons, which go back to this source, into a pile of scrap metal.' Zhen Fang frowned. 'Moo!' Cry, but it is strong cattle king emerged in the prototype, but about thirty feet, about five meters or so black, giant boss mouth wide open, I heard Li Xiao, a yellow object, with Xie toward an fishy Shichiku shot in the past. 'Bezoar!' Nine fox demon surprised. The original cow has a treasure, said bezoar, originally healing medicine, but the strong cattle king launched its Make magic, if re-jin, is also among its bezoar sucked into numerous poisons. Healing medicine, and it was originally Make it a murder weapon. 'Well, what are you Tau surprisingly not honest. Worth mentioning, let you eat bitterness.' Xie Shichiku suddenly hunkered mid-air, foot actually generated a lotus, this time in the hands of willow branches has become a towering trees,Xie Zizhu head, colorful hanging photochemical drawn under the whole body will thank Shichiku care, and they shook hands edged sword, coldness radiance, the tip Jianmang throughput, about thirty feet away. 'Bang' Qing Xiang, a huge hit on the strength of the light curtain composed by colorful glow, but not as massive imagine, but wrapped in colorful brilliance that slowly live golden bezoar, and protection under the willow branches Xie Zizhu After a brief shaking hands sword hesitate to stab in the past, but not the stabbing strong cattle king, but after reading the bezoar stabbing God among cattle king vigorously scream, then stick All of a sudden on the bezoar multicolored curtain fell down, hit the lawn, big sound is heard, let Zhen Fang frown endless. 'Oh, that monster go.' Zhao Han'd look closely to see that the cattle king emerged around a dark and stormy wave, you know each other beat bailing, quickly shouted out. 'Where to go!' Xie Jiao Shichiku Road. Toss in the hands of willow branches, suddenly into a colorful Albatron also has to be said, suddenly felt the cool chest, quickly looked down and could not help but pale.He turned on his chest robes, has been drawn to a cross to cross, each long Chixu, but it never hurt the skin and muscle.After a head bent over, God Yung quite bleak, four behind the Palace Siu Hung glanced slowly authentic:!!! 'Jida Xia Nan Kang Taixia Buda Xia heroes!Do not like four to five years ago, Jiuhua a while, you still fall or clear contents. 'After Albatron face shame to retire the side, I heard the words of the Master, the hearts are more surprised, in addition to Senju swordsman is just outside of the pass-through, Wan also think of the other three prestigious temporary fencing masters.Lotus swordsman Luoyang Kang Xiwen, Qisha JiannanNever noticed that he has sat down beside a friends, did not see his opposite Rimbaud them, apparently he is now the spirit has been completely focused on the screen. I looked on the screen along with the keyboard, he appeared in a piece of text, so that says: 'What does not kill the king with his king , and one of his numerous friends, led his numerous subordinates, doom resist the invasion of alien creatures from stab rock card race, wave after wave, no After the stop, the soldiers have just teamed up to issue a wave of Dragon Blood Dragon wave push back hundreds of millions of DNA variations thorn Rock Eater card, not waiting for a breather, there are numerous to describe ugly, behind three long spines meat wings rock Cards were also rushed down, and has not yet arrived at the Prince immortality their attack range, they emit numerous pieces the size of ten meters of green spore-like shells, being immortal Prince subordinates, who uses magic bullet, magic, and many missile interceptors in half immediately after it exploded in the air, have emerged as the paw shape watermelon-sized stuff hundreds of spores within each explosion, these claws telling anyone jumped, not a few of those people under control instead of being possessed by manipulating people to to isolate the flames, although only three stars, in fact, much more infuriating than Du wind abundant storage. If the person can see through it, it is time to take advantage of the wind Du Lingboweibu avoid each other's attack. But now it is like the wind to catch stray dog ​​like Du, the other driven round and round, making Scarface avoid unfamiliar when air swirl, consumes a lot of gas. Scarface desperately to flee, waiting for his opportunity to turn the tables. That is the power of the blast Roughs disappear the moment. Slowly, whirlpool already from the beginning of the unrest, into a smooth swimming. Airflow is slowly weakening, then after a while, the power of the blast Roughs, will be completely lost. Scarface bite the hardcore, as long blast Roughs get through the siege, the body re-unite after infuriating already depleted Du wind certainly not his opponent. Slowly, intense vortex flow has been stretched thin pulled, pulled by a standard oblong oval structure became, and after a few seconds, whirlpool uttered violent scream, crack scattered. In that moment, the wind and the Scarface Du almost simultaneously launched an attack! In the moments before the blast Roughs disappear, Du wind Lingboweibu frequency slips accelerate quickly swim to the Scarface heart flame the right and left hand of a Young, an subtle purple Daoqi cut into the middle of the flame. Roughs power blast just completely disappeared at this moment, all the swirl layer flame to Kuaiyu lightning speed back together again. H slamming, Du wind body shrouded in a blue flames. Scarface This is completely under Bo life, all five-star fairy fire burst from the body, even Xuantie also instantly melt into iron juice. They only see the place in which a dazzling white light, heat lovers, even if the air is completely melted in general.In the ultra-high temperature in Du Feng has body ashes, he turned around, his right arm to his right shoulder against the flame, a split violently. Roar, spewing hot air in a small mushroom cloud