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generals are instantly more than doubled, Kamiya silent comb has brought to the trembling voice: 'You're fighting methods and I like the sound of a powerful generals ... Biography out: 'using a similar method to fight in my world there are many. ' Kamiya silent comb bloody eyes let the light: 'Your World?' General light: 'my world, and you different world.' She held out her tongue only did bloodstained licked his lips: 'People like you should be unique in the world as long as the person down with you, right down with the world.?' General shook his head: 'I am an ordinary person, and you have had similar experiences in CapePeople. ' Higgs Stewart suddenly the sound from the back of the generals Cube came back: 'People like us encounter, which did not exist!' While the sound, like countless bloody claws like vines from the gap in the jet out of the cube, tightly grasped the general body, in general not come and struggle to open before, Kamiya silent comb has been pulled out edged knife, plunging the generals to the body. General immediately feel like their strength like an hourglass flowing quickly lost. Ninth sword. Kamiya live streaming seal heart fencing - solution. He struggled to roar loudly, burly body abruptly Higgs Stewart's sharp claw are reversed. In turn, like a razor, like the Higgs Stewart's body to cut crack, so the generals unexpectedly, the Higgs Stewart does not take into account their own lives, but the shouting and said: '! Kill him, kill him.' General positively metal cube has been dissolved, he saw lurking behind as the sun's rays in the cube. That is not the sword scabbard, cut Shendao incarnation has been pulled out. More blazing sun's rays, and finally the front metal wall is completely melted. Tu figure out now, his body had been burned hot light, he just does not bite issued a scream, but in trying to twist the sword. In the eyes of the general appeared to enjoy the look, and the wind compared to Du. The man in the military trail talent weak. Yun sword from his clumsy Tang big head, cold fronts onto the opposite, I like you like to experience the how 'Tang Xiaolan said:'?. as you will. 'Although he nuji rage is still losing auspicious moment ban noisy disciples personally former led the way across the thrill of climbing aboard. Wedding took place one day think of this thing, full house guests, which was not unusual courtesy, not wait for the nearby, act out; even one pair just weddings married couples. Also wearing a dress, to follow after the Tang Xiaolan officiate. Jiangnan hee hee laughs: 'This has always been the wedding actually no.' said: '! Funny you do, you have to touch the forehead wearing a' South smiles: 'Yes there is a little pocket of pain, but there is such a century sad fun to see, and not feel the pain! Ha, ha, you see them running to this couple wearing dress look strange, wait till after their children grow up, I want to get them to make fun of it! 'Zou Xia Xu again good and angry, funny, and said: 'you know, when you grow up almost a father to you, or so childish:.' Jiangnan dancing, shouted: '?!! Really Really Ha, ha, you are pregnant friends.' limit pinch him a very low voice shouted: '?.? chatter sound, you have to know what the lower sky cried for three months was a call, Penn is your cause, you still happy' South is also low voice said: 'You pregnant, how is myBlame it? 'Zou Xia Xu flushed,' broken 'and said:' Nonsense, I mean, you provoke trouble today! 'Thanks to everyone at attention Lisheng Nan action without listening for their philandering, otherwise, I'm afraid to make fun of other people think the south, have to turn to someone else to make fun of. With the crowd on the thrill of climbing duo Li Tang, I saw the ice stuffed with white girls have been waiting eight, have bowed to greet Lisheng Nan met, I said, 'Miss', it seems seems to her maid. group can not help but be surprised, though, to the knowledge and ability to be extremely Tianshan martial arts has been non-general, figure out Lisheng Nan noticing only within two years, to find such most will not know Shaolin human, but this unusual set of boxing used to children, so the two of them come through, but it is divinity stern, different, every boxing play, are hidden infinite power! Shaolin Morohito the outside, and have seen that before, 'Luohan' It does not count; Zhu Shaolin disciple is seen with relish, feel each other's boxing can learn a great place. Mercy Jackson battle with a trick 'oriole off the shelf', palm circle, sealed open lower; palm-designate from the bottom piercing elbow, ribs hammer pounding chest; thirty third generation Shaolin monk will preside no live Dharma pass under the 'Ocean Five fist' to change, hit thirty three strategies boxing, called 'break Shaolin Boxer thirty-three Road', this move is the 'break Shaolin' keep in boxing with subtle attack and changing. Suddenly easy to potential subject and object, Arrow Venerable boxing road has been sealed Mercy Jackson, seeing as long as you can and then move out of a win, Shaolin 'Eighteen' was enraptured the hearts of all thinking: 'corporations are from the same source, in the end is higher than the one we ShaolinChip. 'Mind not been sudden, I hear,' Peng, Peng, Peng: 'Three sound boxing ring, somehow, Arrow Venerable Jing Si arm will bend like, totally unexpected from the orientation call, Mercy Jackson resorted to 'Sanyangkaitai', a move three Wu, all was empty, but the other side is a three punches, Sincere future Shaolin disciples have hit it surprised no trivial matter, but it turned to pain Zen Master smiled: 'Mercy and worked hard in recent years does not break agility, be a little achievements. 'Utah last words, I saw like a spring-like Arrow Venerable suddenly pop out to go watch the air, it feels touched the red-hot iron fist like. The original Arrow Venerable make yoga is superior effort, muscles random distortion in the bucket to the tense occasion, suddenly resorted to, therefore Mercy Jackson cold off guard with the Road children will, but Mercy Jackson 'King Kong is not bad agility' also has a third of testament Master Bong Oh, I very much care for my master, he lifetime is not to let me know this secret underground. 'The original about thisIsland volcano secret Dulongzunzhe his income over the years, all recorded in detail in the diary, the diary of the last page, is the place for the eruption of inference, and save the Holocaust way he drafted the . He also thought the future to save Jin Shiyi this catastrophe, but it really is too dangerous, he loved more than the birth of Jin Shiyi, told him they could not bear to take this odd risk, so he not only let Jin Shiyi know the secret, but before dying, to leave Jin Shiyi rushed Snake Island. Later this diary is Dulongzunzhe Friend | Sa day eight arms mythical assassination apprentice seized on Snake Island, which then go through a lot of transition before the Jin Shiyi hands. The reason why the promised Lisheng Nan Jin Shiyi sea, there is a reason for this is because most of the recent volcanic eruption, think the way to look at the Snake Island. After listening to him after Lisheng Nan, Rao is she full of evil, but also can not help but tremble with fear. Jin Shiyi solemnly said: '? I've had it a year or so,' Jin Shiyi hear her say, it purports to. Laughed: 'You want to go to find the secret powers of the North sea Joe perilous course will never abandon you, so you have a man of adventure.' Jin Shiyi heart:. 'If you abandon me, in that I really wish for.' But he shook his head and said: 'No.' afraid to miss the event. This can also be. But if it is to find Joe perilous secret powers of the North sea, the sea fog, there are ominous storms that strange island cake, I also would not let me go Master how. Listen to his tone, seems odd risk horses. I am not afraid, but if I died in that strange island, with such die here, you can also hope to eliminate this devastating consequences. 'Lisheng Nan said:' No matter what the odd risk, is not as underground volcanic ground there are numerous snakes more terrible, right? 'Jin Shiyi thought for a moment and said:' Since Only he caught the first mountain Aries, you can eliminate the causal and I his. Well, do not know how I know the way he is enlightened. ' That Luzhou North all year round this is wicked and wild mysterious gang of gas filled the entire continent, which Xiongshou numerous, numerous prehistoric monster, although difficult to survive, but in the end it can be considered fertile ground for his party. And yet a surprising place here, in the south of Luzhou North club, there is a volcano, called days of the South is not extinct, its radius of about a million years, volcanic eruptions throughout the year, the fiery arrogance three miles straight to the sky, the hot gas, diffuse radius of one million, the whole day is not extinct around the South did not have any signs of human habitation, and even North all Luzhou North deep Xiongshou former owner did not dare to inhabit so, because this is when the family of one of the three prehistoric settlements in the Phoenix family . I remember how the Phoenix family is at stake, although both later fled north Luzhou, abandon Once upon air transport, but the thin dead camel than Martha, the Phoenix family strength is still in Luzhou North club in first place, not to mention, That is not extinct but south south from the fire eruption of the land, but the essence of the world of fire, even if a large Luo gods which are very carefully. Thus, there is such a natural barrier, who dare to die days south of the volcano to run wild. Recently, however, this argument was completely broken up, the day is not extinct around the South do not know what time Lianqi many people, someone has a demon, Buddha tactics, ranging from repair, have gathered in the days of the South is not extinct under , have overlooking the distant volcano. In the end is greed scary, when people forget the prehistoric past, the Phoenix family of powerful prestige, people have forgotten the days of the South is not filled numerous extinct in Phoenix fire, people forget the constant rush out from the depths of the