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Wei Chen was willing to embark on one. 'Under Kuangyin helpless, had said:' His Majesty also requested a letter personally written edicts, Chen Hao critical time to make use of body. ' 'Your Majesty. Kuangyin looks different from ordinary people, who had Pindao night astrologers. See jambudvipa had raised a red Jiao, vaguely handling the gas Myrtle between heaven and earth. And Kuangyin also sits jambudvipa, also looks different from ordinary people, as evidenced by Jiao and Kuangyin same time if not kill, the inevitable threat Majesty country boat in the future. His Majesty kindness, could not bear to personally Heaven, just take the array kill. 'Ma Yu see the eyes of the Emperor Sejong dismay of Italy, said quickly. 'Bang!' A purple straight between the Kuangyin care in which Sky, vaguely. 'Hey! But is yet to have a mystical mortal.' That is the array of Yulong Third Prince will know everything in a large array, see Kuangyin so vulnerable, how not to know the reason, could not help but sigh. Waved, Stern monstrous floods receded out, an sediment blew up, wrapped in a blink of an eye will Kuangyin which became a sand people, just barely visible trace of sand among people around the purple Teng, See a red dragon hovering on it, firmly protect the back Kuangyin. 'Good earth tone, Pindao to Destroys how?' Rolling thunder sound, from far and near, the sky clouds swimming, Yulong three Prince Carter, a blood-red sky southwest, in general seems to be on fire, blink between, on to the front of the crowd. Cloud over the whole head, a young Taoist, dressed in pale blue robes, robes over starry, starry sky innumerable, like Zhou stars are inherent in being, and as if Heaven visible operation, extremely secret.Hand dedicated a crutch, but also crimson crystal, shining specter, beautiful. Taoist left standing a person, as a beautiful woman, white fluttering if sen right hand leaving a drug basket, looks dignified and elegant, his eyes showing a trace of compassion, not Bai is who. 'Fellow, where mountains in the visible with the soul of the military to kill, not to mention I waited. Today, the imminent battle between good and evil, and so if I have what it slip, that's not a man to question, but a disaster for the whole community comprehension. 'Breeze looking gloomy reality, the sound could not help but big up. Everyone around heard nodded, apparently thinks breeze reality said even justified, even xiyi real sighed. 'If Daoxiong yet Pindao own enemy wants, if there is cause and effect, but also Pindao a bear.' Zhen Fang coldly. Religious person. Only care about their own gains and losses all day, but not to others is important. It just so white from leaving a shallow seal. No human right way is to let them come off the military spirit, you are sealed him numerous times, but also able to prevent damage to the other side of the countless times. World conspiracy and blatant lies, conspiracy to destroy as long as it can be found, but did not overtly, even if you found out, had no alternative but to follow the other cloth Shimoji path. Today is overtly had before, everyone had to line the road. As Breeze said. Although on the surface to say is very reasonable, but it is nothing but a set of self-deception, when it comes to key places, is the fear of the Kunlun door was damaged, after all, this is not an ordinary four hundred thousand military spirit figures. Really kill them is obvious casualties. 'Pindao admit Daoxiong boundless beneficence, Daoxing profound, but they can not agree Daoxiong Pindao to do so.' Breeze real looking gloomy, sneered: 'If Daoxiong kill these soul of that nature is a good thing, maybe Daoxiong able by virtue of the angel realm is also unknown, but if Daoxiong if failed, four hundred thousand military spirit break open the seal out. It may fall into the killings among the vast land, so not to increase the power of the evil ways of thin air of the it? ' 'Ha ha, in that case. Pindao resorted to another way to a best of both worlds.' Zhen Fang could not help his back and laughed. These people