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purple hyacinth Pilian from the waist slowly flying, into a purple color close at hand waving, from time to time to prepare for this from the sand in the attack, after entering a big fuss, but it is increasingly meter Mongolia surprised, hide countless years, although unlike in previous years, there are two Great Emperor Yao Zu Jun and donghuang nothing at the time, will talk about Heaven Dafa, but secretly sneak myself have taken refuge in various famous Taoist, Buddhist brake hidden among the Road Act or listen to the Dharma, also a trace of supernatural enlightenment, but never heard what FIGHTING actually so insidious. But he clearly visible, that the sky is not an ordinary thing sand, relax a little bit, let the sand fall into their own issue, probably no less than Tarzan force. A grain of sand in the world, although not a world that sand so powerful, but if re-jin. Huang misty air that glorious, it is a very powerful. When he first entered the large array of countMongolia which felt strange, dark soul can not move, the chest is not among the five gas faint turnover smug, as if blocked in general. You know, off the line myself, once the day the door closed, five gas chest was closed, but it is the same with the mortals, like drunk and unawakened, and fell asleep, breathing the breath of sound, but it is millions of years of cultivation, all became yourselves. At the moment, no thought Destroys meter Mongolia, which is able to Win is a very fortunate thing, as a breakthrough Sanjiangkou defense, that is a thing of the future. Mongolia is thinking when it counted, the sudden burst of flashes in front of Glory, a variety of valuables such as years of pearls, agate millennium, baizhang compete with corals are all in front of the fire, flashing a variety of brilliance, stab counted towards blindfolded shine. Mongolia has long been counted at the moment that affects the mind Hun Kim Doo, Where ever thought why there has been such a big fuss among the many treasures, under the confused look, he reached out and to stay in the wall of the door? 'There is no joy of Cao Kinji volume, light, said:' I own district office, you do not have much to say Young. ' boss to discuss a dull, had to withdraw again when all eyes are focused on the body Kinji Cao Cao Jin brother blush with anger, avoid salute, stood up, slowly said:.' Gu Zhihua, You expulsion today, the preservation of your master's grave, read here, I told you special legislation portal, also associate you with my aunt Lu mentoring retain higher status, Spring sweep, you can get on Mangshan grave, But you are not available Mang sent out his disciples in the name of swagger, well, hello Health go! 'A remark that sent the disciples among Mangshan count, there are too many people think, but we awed by the majesty of the head of the senior sister apprentice, are silent silent. Yizhong Mu just hit a nail, nor will . Besides After a long while, Cheng Hao came forward, slowly said: 'Gu Zhihua expulsion today, a lot of stand-oriented faction Jianpu power sword, and accurate her own company, as this faction offshoot, This was extremely generous, but also how to show mercy? Her father was a big enemy of the door, when you dare to something it can not guarantee the future, not inward bend her arm? Affiliation yearned for? Its future sudden thing, how about now take precautions to ask her out? 'Cao Kinji remarks are based purely door sake, and indeed reason, Cheng Hao Gu Zhihua, although I believe that the Great Satan will not recognize a father, but told him to guarantee that he did not dare to bear this relationship, is said a Cao Kinji Dayton, had silent count with Mang old hero Huobao You have sent generations of friendship, came out and said:. 'Guipai clean house, decrepit outsider, had not much to say. But this is the only disciple Lv Siniang think, if her inheritor out by the wall, she Izumishita no peace of mind. IsYou can read the Lv Siniang sake, quasi she left? 'Huobao You Yilaomailao, improper wording, meaning, they do seem a little blame Cao Cao Kinji Kinji worship a worship leader. 'Well, Red Cloud sages no pity for you since childhood teacher teaches, therefore charge you for the believers, you may be willing?' Nether leader asked. 'You are who actually forced my mother to coach?' Seeing red boy, cold stand in front of Mating female body. 'My children can not be presumptuous, fast Shishu ancestors met with the leader.' Rakshasa woman shocked, I did not expect his son would go so bold, is not even to mention the Red Cloud ancestors Nvwaniangniang can beat people, in front of Nether leader is in large prehistoric god, the one to teach your ancestors. How can a child called spin tolerance. 'Well, I'm just the founder of Western saints, where there is any Shishu ancestors.' Red Boy disdain. Carter, leader nether face became pale, and one side of Zhen Fang was laughing, said:. 'So people, the idea is to be a pioneer as a pioneer of the Gods,' the moment to tap the side of the Admiralty, ordered the boy and said: 'Go, call your Kongxuan Shishu come.' Boy, not neglect, quickly out of the hall, to call Kongxuan come. 'But Phoenix's son, then the next stop bloomer Jinjiling people?' Nether leader face slightly changed, and quickly asked. 'So the people, could do the vanguard of the division?' Zhen Fang nodded and laughed. 'But, you can.' Nether leader nodded, then forced a late-bloomer can do nothing, can quasi-mentioned Taoist colored SG income among the saints under almost invincible, is that maybe are not rivalsWe go and see that lake seeking to find, at least have picked up the corpse buried it. 'Baili Chao threw a punch shot, shouted:' No matter how cunning enemy, I have identified them cut to pieces! 'Suddenly I heard earthquakes, feet outside a rock he played as general storm dissipated, the ground went so far as to leave a wide and deep pit, the power of the fierce, really scary extreme.Yunhe exhibition is surprised, aghast speculation: '! Reclamation of this skill really can' cover led us along the Shiji Li, came to the mountains mouthful pit edges.