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in the land, the power of infinity, and even he was just visiting a lot, feel gripped the moment heart calmed down, and even had a lot of thought too weak down. That mysterious Grand Master has a quasi-saint of the statue, with the creation of the Confucian school of merit to cut out a corpse, chest temperature dependent uprightness Confucian non-ordinary children can be compared. Uprightness that is most sensitive to the world around him very well aware of Reiki, I planted a large array of land, leads the world in the murderous, mysterious nature are known. See also the other side to come today Jiaozhen moment laughed: 'Do you want to worry about Young, who gave the next day Shishu treasure, enough for you to make use of body.' Kuangyin nodded, had the fire under the title Zhen Fang gave HL and magic Although I do not know exactly what that magic effect, but that the industry is indeed formidable HL fire, people can eliminate karma, promote the repair increases. Kuangyin angel now actually have to repair, when the Yellow Emperor in power this degree is a very good thing. Kuangyin moment in the mysterious Grand Master and two neutrons and cloud to escort these men Immortals. Went out of the camp, towards the large array from. That land pressure to stand on the chariot, looked across Kuangyin come. Pending speak, suddenly became pale face while, smiled and said: 'I teach two Yaozu and people kept themselves explain, why come here two Daoxiong Could this man taught me explain two Yaozu not declare war?? 'Although the mysterious land pressure on both Dafa morality exists already know, but to see the real person or a towering rage, not to mention there are a cloud next to neutrons, the mind is shocked. Although the land is not under pressure Daoxing mysterious Grand Master, but if coupled with a cloud neutrons. Pressure on the land no guts shot. 'The land pressure, you do not know the fate, actually vain emperor, destroy the balance of Heaven, and is now starting the sword in vain, was not afraid to embark on a the reality of the contact is almost completely cut off, leaving only the eye of a needle the size of the channel is almost, but fortunately did not completely shut down, but this is the point size could barely maintain communication only. Yoo Ji-day drops of tears falling, dropping into the world. She did not notice when the wind left in Du Luo Feile body, Luo Feile who fall some strange dust, but also financialAmong the world. Du wind after the war years and the Emperor. 'God' betrayal day Liu Ji, and took power after two years of general and Liu Ji day. World time after thirty-seven years. Under Liu Ji day clever arrangements, the world is almost reached the extradition attempt to save the world, but the world is still at the same point in time to destroy the bomb, but this time there is no large-scale war in the world, the world found a common enemy, the ability strange The super powers, with the goal against the common enemy, the World War suddenly does not exist. Chinese world, everything like Du wind had experienced that in the real world as wonderful, even walking a rugged mountain generals Diego, also here in the real world not feel any strange, to borrow the words of Liu Ji-day, What is true simply does not exist, you can see the feel is real. Your mind is the most effective real existence. Around General also followed a long-haired girl weak, running down a wheelchair, wheelchair walking on rugged mountain road, than even a bit smooth flat road, she looked up and wittily said: 'General brother, thousandth time to ask you, where you come from, where we are going. ' General overflowing with a smile on his face, smiled and said:. 'Can not tell you.' General aloud and said: 'Xiao Ji, you backwards.' He will know why the other deliberately ironic, no matter what the world, the West is an extremely unlucky vocabulary. The girl is called Xiao Ji shake their heads, a beautiful hair drift in the air. Rippling like the fragrance of jasmine camel: 'Xiao Ji ah ...... this name is so ugly, I want to