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first rotation, Jupiter can stay in the house. 'Then stature flash, but it is the good fortune to fall into the hall. Shortly after, the air rises and purple clouds, elusive, but it is the whole Tianzhufeng are blocked up, people can not see which way the actual situation, in which apparently Zhen Fang cloth under the ban, in order to do retreat purposes. 'Venus!' Yanjiao look cold. Yanjiao Taibaijinxing suddenly patted the shoulder and said:. 'Yanjiao, though you are in heaven is God, but as long as there was a place you do not explain the causal teach religion nor cut, more non-Western sects, in order to have a future The achievement, in front of the people that you hope to have congenital Lingbao and Zhou stars whoever large array of non-ordinary people, though now his magic is not high, but the future is not promising you that I can be compared. sage no, there will be a large revere action, if not mistaken Pindao in words, amulet will come, in front of people, I am afraid that you are backing up to. 'Taibaijinxing fared burgeoned in heaven, not only by Emperor trust, but also for the Assembly of Immortals are not evil, it is because he can anyone as a friend, to give pointers to give pointers about it, but also took some good fortune. Monkey Sanfanliangci amnesty by then heaven is not fruit, and later also playing Havoc, but Taibaijinxing, but did not have any malice, that is because of this. Miller says Zhen Fang day swing next week day at Tianzhushan large array of stars, kill Jin Yi Tao Jun, massive, imposing like a tiger, within Tianzhushan countless fetish, scared whole body shook themselves, hiding in the cave have been afraid to come forward. But it also has a curious mind who could not help but look what happens who head out. Three hundred years from Tianzhu, There is a pool Minghuan Green Dragon, which ranks a white snake, but it is already Polygonatum Poria for food, in addition to the body's natural aggregate, plus plenty Tianzhushan Reiki, one day give birth to treasure timber from time to