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Your Highness, Red Cloud ancestors, Red Cloud ancestors!' Wu Yang is not stupid, heaven can hear the name of the people without blinking an eye, is clearly not a simple person, carefully looked at some, but is shocked . Pale blue robes, little stars, holding a crimson crutches, not the three realms of Red Cloud reputed ancestors is who? Really afraid of what, never thought here met Red Cloud ancestors, but with that little girl really know each other, the relationship is not shallow. Heart secretly anxious. 'Red Cloud, ah! Hongyun Shishu!' Ten hearts surprised all off, his face showing a trace of embarrassment, the other side is really the Red Cloud, the woman on the call soon Haotian not too strange. Although known as the Three Realms Supreme Emperor, butHongjun a pulse, but no one knows, but when the boy Zixiaogong Haotian within it. After the demise of the original Yaozu heaven, Hongjun Taoist flat counted, so just let Haotian in charge of heaven, commanding three realms. Really counted, not Hongjun Taoist Jade Emperor of the pro-disciple, and even his disciples are not really. 'You are very good, I hear you in heaven in irritating very badly, I do not bother tube. However, an attempt to harm you, but today my sister, nor Pindao regardless.' Zhen Fang face cold. 'No, no, Red Cloud Shishu, disciple but a joke of it, where dare harm small Shishu it!' Ten square Chen spilled all off a tripod hats, where dare Next, quickly argued. 'Well! You think the secret vague, if not Pindao out? Well, today is your father came, and I may not forgive you.' Then stretched his right hand, a sudden and devastating purple, into a large purple hands towards the ten all off call. Over Ni Wan, flying orb, shine shining, shining haoguang shine Sky, also towards all off shot to ten. All off the face of the ten big funeral, looking at the sky big hand, an enormous destruction of breath blowing, this time it feels so close to death, my mind could not help but reveal a trace of regret among color. 'Red Cloud senior, mercy.' I