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she came to me to do what? 'Gu Zhihua say, Li Qinmei thought the other hand, heart and said:' Yes, Lisheng Nan and Meng Shentong grudges, before she hated sister valley, the valley is about my sister but because of the exigencies Meng Shentong daughter, now dead Meng Shentong and wanted her sister will not find the trouble Valley. 'She was afraid to mention this matter, it willGu Zhihua embarrassed, they turn to change the subject, said:. '.. Gu sister, congratulations you have to take over the head, but I can not come to the ceremony of one hundred small token Cunxin little gift to you, hope you are satisfied that the sun' He finished out of a box, and then said: 'There is a Tianshan snow lotus, you leave it for a rainy day.' Gu Zhihua see her affection set design, had suffered a moment while the other two wine tears. So, now her father is dead, although sometimes inevitable by stimulation, but things have been in the past, like the haze cleared, emerged the clear sky, but she was therefore made up his mind, to revive the prestige of the door, a good father atonement. On the other hand, she has determined not to marry for life, love scars, while still on, but not like the previous confusion. Yizhong Mu such as a public one day with the door to see her better day, gradually perk up, also secretly happy, head too deep celebrate who has been a resurgence of Mangshan sent home. Instant after March Yizhong Mu choose the Mid-Autumn Festival this August 15, inaugurated as the new head of the good old days. Send invitations in advance over the factions head, some parents come, not toward the past, also sent someone to come to congratulate. Mangshan beaming on this day, the new head of the pick Ren Dadian was held on time, be told on three generations after the head of the Patriarch, the ceremony is complete, exactly noon. Then the ceremony is the messenger of the factions accept congratulations. He is sound Yinger among the Mangshan send as Zhi Ke Sheng Lin suddenly came disciple reports: 'Outside there is a black laser line, only to find embedded in the door of the weapons, most have somehow failed. But even without the use of any weapons, which the steel gate is 60MM thick super alloy forging, and can withstand small missile bombardment, understanding this guy does not come break. Behind him a loud voice: 'The remaining schedule can launch his weapons.' ControlMembers of some doubt that he is not got it wrong, but when he turned over to see the city three consuls were standing behind him, looking solemn when not immediately impose warnings, but open to all weapons firing system. One of the cool sound consul said: 'It seems that the intelligence said the intruder is this person.' Another man laughed aloud: '? Two Star ancient weapons I see how he pass through!' Door stands an ominous tone, like a monster treat the bite of the big open mouth. Du wind did not hesitate to advance to the door. Weapons systems on the door without the slightest movement, but Du Fenggang a step forward, at the foot suddenly sank, the giant pit on the ground would appear out of thin air, he stuck down, pit extending six 360-degree rotating mechanical steel clamp, from six different angles clamped tightly to his waist, by the touch judge, each at least be able to impose more than the weight of 1000KG. Two machine guns on the door of the corner timely start, beginning Haloxylon spit flames, incessantly to his launch. DU bullets did not hit all the wind, hit in the upper part of the pit along, sparking bursts of fog and Mars. Can vaguely see the dust clouds, the wind was vise Du meaning no struggle, just cover your head and face with both hands, like a storm, like machine gun bullets let him shoot. 'Da da da da da da da' sound constantly blink of an eye, the first two machine guns magazine have been exhausted, the smoke dissipated, Du wind slowly down his arms, not as they imagined to be shot was full bullet holes in the body. Instead, six metal arms, machine guns, regardless of the enemy in a hail of bullets intensive bombardment, said:' I should not kai reasoning more, but I only bear the emperor's trust, since the caution, strict selection, also is as deserved. So be it, please Sagong adult players first choose a group of Guards sent, so my brothers and they have a competition, if anyone can unbeaten in San Shizhao of this person can go to get around the Shaolin Temple. Guards picked first, and then pick the palace guards. 'Simon Makino such arrogance, could not bear the common phenomenon of the first, and immediately said coldly:' I am overconfident, and I want Mr. Xiang Ximen gotten the recipe and see can go tooShaolin Temple? 'Simon Makino startled Yi Zheng, busy:' Sagong adult jokes with his brother, and adults martial arts excellence, Brothers has always been admired, Yanyong try? Haha, does the adult is determined to be my incompetence, the more effort I test it? 'Simon Makino already knew then speak recruit bogey. Would like to say a few words to laugh, to quell the common phenomenon of anger, but I did not realize the common phenomenon of Ban Qilian hole, quietly, to a default. Simon Makino embarrassment, Kou Fang Gao positive want to persuade, to find an officer came over, with the common phenomenon of Shi a ceremony, said: 'guide adults, why personally end, demeaning? Beizhi Fucai, the more willing to be subject to any test, but also save giving ridiculed assassination: Let's say that in addition to the command of the Guards, then nobody up. 'He finished, standing upright in front seat, his eyes staring at Simon Makino common phenomenon of listening to him say, just kind of, thought and said:.' I heard Simon Makino martial arts are very strange, I may not have the certainty of his victory, as Let this person try. 'Bianji laughed:' The sweet brother was new coach, proud pupil, inside and outside the martial arts have been a few into the furnace, Mr. Simon is willing to give him the recipe can it? 'This officer is none other than Simon Jin Shiyi Makino.' Well, 'a cry, trail:' What is this? His disciples how a competition with