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view, would be to call their own Luan Zhao Shishu ancestors. If he became a disciple of Du wind, which is a generational relationships can completely chaotic mess, not good at calculating zero Yang Zhou Zhao Xiumei said: 'That would be temporarily called ...... ......' Electromagnetic practice room door wide open, Du wind unceremoniously pushed her inside. Young zero eyes, immediately appear the tens of thousands of tiny magnetic field lines, compared with Tien Du Bagua Zhen cloth under wind, these magnetic field lines in the middle of the gap can be drilled elephant was sparse, but the difference is, and Tien Bagua Zhen These magnetic field lines are slowly swimming. Yang put his hand into the zero magnetic field lines between the two, and immediately felt a strong pull force her to bite the bullet, tighten the two magnetic field lines from the middle of the body to go through, to wear a half, is already sweat. Seeing the magnetic field lines slowly shrink, already close to his body, sweating profusely, struggling to earn Yang zero, and finally through the past from the first tier of the magnetic lines. Luo Feile hit a yawn, lazy authentic: 'You can not get away it, I'll get to dinner.' She did not go away, but stared at the hand of Du wind, there are several strands Ruoyouruowu gas, one end of the wind in the hands of Du, Yang tied one end of the zero waist. Yang zeroThe situation appears to be very dangerous, in fact, as long as the wind behind Du controlled properly, some of her most is frightened by it. Young is working through the second tier of zero magnetic field lines, the pace stumbled, Du wind with her hands then dumped posture change hundreds of tiny gestures to avoid Young zero harm. See Du Yang zero wind this concern, jealous little fox hair whirring said:. 'Well, she is so stupid, taught her to cook it always learn not to see me, I personally do steamed fish, keel seaweed soup, do not guarantee a thorn, kelp thin enough to be drilling the bone cracks. ' She suddenly remembered something