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crying Li pole, as if filled with pernicious containing gas, all guests, all surprised! These people just came, positive Cao Jin Shiyi Kinji and hard-fought, no one sent the disciples Mangshan watch them. To attend the grave of heroes, although some suspected heart, but they are the same is a guest, of course, arresting inconvenience. Until they cry, this all amazed, surprised everyone! Armed Shenni to know the identity of the former Ming princess but now as much as two to give her cry Zhaotingmingguan grave, which has been very strange; but not yet sent the disciples Mangshan salute, they were the first to sweep up, which is more is contrary to the common sense of the outside! This strange sudden, Mangshan sent the disciples could not help but have divided the mind, relax the siege of Jin Shiyi, the Yizhong Mu according to happen, the cemetery would have survived more than a dozen of the shovel, but sent the disciples Mangshan Prior to the grave, for cutting the grass casing, trim cemetery, just because we surrounded them, to deal with Jin Shiyi, put the shovel resting on the ground; the three men after a one-armed Shenni grave crying, picked up the Since shovel, go Lv Siniang grave, doing all heard that old monk suddenly, Ji Zhi shouted: '! tick thief guilty of rebellion, I can not kill you your lifetime, after the death of bone you have no deposit' handle a play, three of the shovel, shovel together Lv Siniang grave door to go! Lv Siniang life by people admire, who would ever think of someone to dig her grave, the pack was shocked, of a sudden, Hema sound, deafening thunder. Just at that moment, already two disciples rushed MangshanUp, to throw on when applied to the air, Aviva will participate in martial arts grave several hundred, but few people see clearly, others simply could not see that the old monk hands, the sound suddenly thrust between Hema and quiet on down. Yizhong Mu surprise, it was actually the old monk he used this door, 'Zhanyi eighth down' superior internal strength, Seven Chivalrous in filled, was surprised to find numerous red flame overwhelming, Pig blink of an eye will burn up around the middle. Where once Pig preparedness, although the repair is very high, it is already mid-Jin Sin, but do not know this unusual fire fire, but when the year Pangu, the opening day of the ax and chaos collided birth flame, for chaos spiritual fire, the fire can be a blessing for general comparison. Just listen to the sound of fire, screams rang out through the heavy fire, the miserable end. 'Xiandi, give him a happy now!' In the end is a bit of friendship with the town Motoko, the concept of God through the void, natural feel all large array, see the outcome had been determined, said quickly. That Zhen Fang nodded, Ni Wan saw a move, a haoguang rising fleet a milky Dinghai beads shine around the sky straight down to jiu their lives as if nothing will be able to see. Haoguang one, suddenly the sky purple stars together than down. Getting the fire pig called, sinking Dinghai beads seemed to see the fish cat, flying in general shot in the past, haoguang flash, suddenly that group received the flame inside, the void has emerged a Dinghai beads, glimpses of which now have an honest pig into, vivid. 'Pig!' Chaos deep, Samsung cave, suddenly sounded shrill screams, was surprised to find a monkey statue, the two drops of blood and tears faint down. Shook the hands of quasi-mentioned Taoist Qibao wonderful tree. Sigh: 'Today you kill him Young, the future you scrapping his apprentice for-one wants a newspaper reported that he have nothing to say..' Said the hands Guanghua flash, light flash on that stone, but See a Full Metal Jacket monkey emerged out of thin air, holding a golden cudgel, monkey eyes red. 'Master!' 'You're in the cave, and hear, the opportunity to go after their own revenge, if you go this time. I'm afraid that even you yourself can not hold.' Quasi-mentioned Taoist face expressionless. Tianzhushan on. Zhen Fang looked on his head hanging down under the stars and brilliance, has a road golden