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Divine, the moment I swallowed spittle, cautiously said:. 'From Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang Flying Fig' 'Now that the mural still there?' Zhen Fang eyes shot a ray coldness, if not each other a little bit useful, long ago a fireClean. 'Gone, I'm afraid this time would have been sent to the British Museum.' Distressed Hain said. After all, their hardships was stolen out of the treasure, but also did not appreciate enough, it was given away to others, does not want to feel bad immune. The British Museum is the world's largest and most famous museums. Built in 1753, the museum has a collection of more than 600 currently million. Due to space limitations, there are still a large number of failed collections on public display. Museum officially open from January 15, 1759 to the public. British Museum, also known as the British Museum, Great Russell Square is located in New Oxford Street to the north, is the world's oldest and most comprehensive museum grand scale. It is a collection of many cultural treasures and books around the world. Collections of the rich, the numerous types of rare museums around the world. The British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Louvre in Paris as the world's three major museums with. Both sides of the main entrance of the museum, each with eight thick high Romanesque columns, the upper end of each cylinder is a triangle top, inscribed with a huge relief. The whole building boldness majestic, magnificent. British Museum Egyptian Museum, Greco-Roman Museum, Western Heritage Museum, the Museum of European medieval and Oriental Art Museum. Among the Egyptian Museum, Greco-Roman Museum and the Oriental Art History collections of the most eye-catching. And many of the galleries, the most famous museum than a. This day, it was the weekend, on a large square out of a Lauren Russell Rice, honor yet luxurious. Although the British Empire economically developed, but this limited edition vehicle ownership is still very difficult to see. Walking on the Jin Shiyi, or for the fate sigh? Or is someone both cry and cry yourself? Liqin Mei thinking? She is a past remembered four years ago. She was imprisoned in the stone room Meng Shentong,When the white section of the scene and the beginning of the meeting, China Valley. She hit it off with each of China, to the undisguised tell his feelings for Jin Shiyi, the Gu Zhihua pointing her to the Laoshan find Jin Shiyi, and later everything possible combination of Chen Tianyu goalkeeper she put him out. She played a measured when she does not talk to Jin Shiyi mix when also exhibited the influence of tears in his eyes, she had thought for his own life experience and sad, and now she completely understood; Gu Zhihua afford mood that day with their mood at the moment exactly the same. However, when Jin Shiyi still alive, ah, but has endured his own sad, the Jin Shiyi whereabouts without domain hesitate to tell her (and with this lie lie to her, Yi good completely ! On the contrary) and now she is completely understand: is in order to fulfill her, she would rather sacrifice the feelings and Jin Shiyi's. lying quietly under the moonlight, in the eyes of Li Qin regret, like even holier than the moon covered with a layer of brilliance, such as Li Qinmei sad twist, for a muffled cry: '! Good sister' secretly thought:. 'Unfortunately, but he was already dead,' Chung Show cried: 'junior sister apprentice, you, you' said: '! I, I did not cry,' they went to the window, opened the window, deep absorption of a cool air, quietly wipe dry the tears on his face. At this moment, the wind suddenly saw the trees, so there is a personal film, suddenly flashed disappeared. Liqin Mei Yang to surprise, exclaimed: 'World Heritage!' But I saw the moon in the sky, the wind stopped quiet tree, far looked out, in addition to a few little like humanoid stone outside, where there is nothing! Chung Show warble shouted: 'junior sister apprentice, you, you see who it?' Opens the door, he ran out, the same people who did not see anything. Li Qinmei