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want, I used to go under the lake does not have to.' Girl was shocked and said: '?! No, you have not heard it said that a small sword suzerain automatically fly kill ah.' said: 'I am not afraid of the sword!' Girl bid to block and said:. 'You may be afraid of ordinary sword, Excalibur, but this, ah, I do not want you adventure' Bai Lichao no interface, head stretched 'pop' jumped tree to go.Girls under hastily chase, both went to the lake, but the moon has to go down the west side of the lake fish have been scattered, and that the dagger did not know where to go.Girl sighed loudly:. 'I did not edge, even look at the good fortune are not' abnormal see her depressed, busy then said: '! Do not be sad, for you I will find a' big girl anxious, his hand He pulled and said: 'Do you want to lower the lake?' Baili Chao said: 'I want to send you something as a souvenir, but there is no good thing, I am determined to find a sword for you.' the girl exclaimed: 'You have ! send me an orchid friends I have it close to the body, ah, 'Bai Lichao shook his head:'! flowers a day would be finished 'Girl excited authentic:'! not finished, fool, I never received it with ! 'This sentence is clearly inspired by Bai Lichao what inspiration, I saw he stared at the girl, but also silly nodded.Girl pulled him tighter, also looked at him, and thus, the two unspoken, soulmate.Long, long time, Baili Chao softly: 'Miss!' Girl stretchTrail came a voice exclaimed another position. Have bowed to the ground, eight pray God to be rich. 'Humming!' Zhen Fang frowned driving distance of several helicopters flying above a plaster painted this flag is clearly helicopter hibiscus. Swept away about one hundred meters of their Yamata no Orochi, Zhen Fang foot of the meal, suddenly has increased by several hundred meters. Thus, it is that a few helicopters in his feet up. 'Prime Minister adults report found no goal, no ... no!' Zhen Fang first step to helicopter quickly became a pile of scrap metal, falling down from the sky, broken into pieces. ' only then explain the three sects disabilities, later backsliding into Venerable Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, Fugen Venerable, Manjushri had three heritage . And now accounts for Emperor Zhen Fang Feng riding, nature can get Cihhang's heritage. Han Chi fairy got this secret method was by no means impossible. 'Crawford is really good fortune of the people live.' Physiognomy monks face suddenly became pale and laughed. Suddenly offering alms bowl hands in the air and suddenly see two dragon now out, claws, on the aspect up in space. Suddenly caught numerous military spirit broken head, white as a thread to haoguang as connected on the truth monk eyebrows hairs, clearly visible. That truth monk ruddy, forehead above the specter revealed, glistening. Everyone was surprised when it's in, I heard the big ring. I saw the truth on the Ni Wan. Emerged in a golden light, criss-cross, shiny cents, but it is now out of a relic, relic aspect element of light, very bright. BehindXiyi real face shocked, although the monks know truth has marble relic, but before the relic is seen. But it is a virtual image, which emerged today relic, but it is a real image, the other party has validated Lohan apparently Road fruit, equivalent to the door of the angel realm. Since the addition of a Buddhist master. 'Immeasurable revere. Congratulations Masters entering Rohan Road fruit.' Xiyi human reality and so the door quickly a ceremony, even Kun-yuan fairy king, who is also the color of envy hint. Monk Po phase solemn truth, a pair of enlightenment monk look, quickly rushed salute and said: '!.. This is the power of good fortune also Pinseng live where otherwise qualified Yu Lou to break,' he said and fell also the truth, if not square Chen proposed that this probably does not know when the truth monks have such opportunities do not know when he can come across so much condensation relic for their military spirit, achievement Ocean Road fruit. Xiyi heard real face of a move. Buddhist contradictions, after the war between good and evil,