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troubled, Ji Xiaofeng used in several martial arts that are seen from the end of him, with his own martial arts training, the merits and demerits Coushang reluctantly, the most they can say is just come to ten, and Meng Shentong said about twenty-four ratioThat is more than double the difference. Meng Shentong laughed: 'Little Acts only in my door for three years, yet martial glimpse barriers flaws surely more, feel free afar Tang big head so high on Mengmou achieve rapid progress hear ah, Tang big palm. ?? door somehow domain Shu Well, yes, let this a test, but also a lack of judgment, whether you want to ask a few martial arts masters out a review of our comments about it, 'Tang Xiaolan Chen Sheng said:' No Mr. Meng. Bo Wu Xueyuan, met people know, Tang is far less than that this a test, I'm throwing in the towel is. 'remark, eclipsed the audience, many of whom he secretly injustice, the real contest, his son won, oral the contest, but he lost, it would not be big Meng Shentong take advantage? But they made it clear beforehand, so to speak better than the law, although the heart has displeased the crowd, but also no how. Meng Shentong said: 'Don Modesty big head from the bottom, Mengmou fear, Samuel Cheng praise, humility, had to thank you for allowing this game the right, you can now start the second field test of the. it, 'Tang Xiaolan said:'? Please Mr. Meng topic 'was secretly whispered. I do not know what he was born again cunning topic. Meng Shentong call and said: 'Yang Young, you ready for it?' Yang red symbol should be: '! Well,' I saw him holding a tray from the crowd, the disk has a sweat, two small cups, large cup filled with water, a small cup is empty. Everyone felt weird, I do not know what these items are going to do. Meng Shentong took out a small paper bag, publicly ripped the inside of the bag color powder annoying song Dalin during, and after shaking, and then injected into the two cups, two small cup is just equal to the capacity of a large cup. Meng Shentong do these things, and then Lee Han adults, twenty years ago, how he would be defeated in the hands of people like you.' Du wind frowned, this plain dress girl's words, contains a strong despise their own means. Independence Day Du wind experienced numerous opponents in this life, there is fear him, there have been brave enough to confront him, which some few people who go all out to make Du wind. But this blatant contempt pixels mounted his girl, his first time to see. Du wind slowly raising his hand, and a large knife in plain white dress girl's neck and said:. 'If you want to make it useless Lee Han disdain me, best to find the right reasons.' Su loaded girl slightest fear, distant dark, suddenly sounded a slight clicking sound. Du wind ears, the other no longer seems deliberately hidden deeds, intense nine stars in a corner of the lake's infuriating rising nine infuriating pan full of stars like the nose smell like gunpowder, which also mixed As bullets loaded with a slight clicking sound, in the sense of infuriating, and also overflowing with heartfelt feeling of hatred. Is the sense of air swallowed Du wind, as if in a storm like a boat sway, precarious. Su loaded girl shouted: 'Do not sell!' Du wind eyes light up and said: '?? Who is who he is.' Du wind indifferent silence, plain dress girl then sneered: 'According to legend, Independence Day is a cold wind Du combat weapons, even though his wife was the son of a gun to the head, and they would never sacrifice their dignity in cooperation with each other, for right? ' Du wind blade-like eyes staring at her as if really own legend in general, is fighting a cold weapons, then I am afraid that this knife an inch forward, will pixia this prime equipment girl's head. Su loaded girl looked at him fearlessly, her body surging sense, like lightning general blazing gas,Disappeared without a trace. Cocoon had experienced Du wind will know that this is the aftermath of the failure of the cocoon. After the amazing physical superconductivity, can fail infuriating totally that laughter, no malice, not like sneer, Feng Lin is? laugh, can not help but lead to three mysteries, first, just is not someone secretly helped themselves? Second, in addition to outside Meng ShentongWho knows 'day escape acoustic'? III. If someone is really secretly helped, that laughter is the same person as hair, why he is so secretive? Feng Lin secretly in contemplation, puzzled, when Fang Meng Shentong that came out of a person, indicate to the Wudang challenge, this one is the East China Sea islands Kanli long sword Tuzhao Ming Ming. Only to hear that he broke into, said: 'Su Yang serial killer used seventy Wudang sword of infinite power, small can of himself, to please enlighten me Wudang brilliant scholar.' Zhen Zi age in most factions head Light, seniority also shallow, I do not know the origins of this person, I thought he was the head of identity, of course inconvenient end, trying to pick a skill highest Young, up to cope with, only to hear Tuzhao Ming laughed, according to said: ' are the first few singles candle door, continue to do so, too boring, I heard the most powerful performances of Wudang sword is Jiugongbagua Jian Zhen, please head Ray led Guipai clever scholar, cloth into this array, so that small How can to experience? 'Wudang about Jiugongbagua Jian Zhen, is a serial killer sword proficient nine people, according Jiugongbagua cloth into position, since the late Ming migration Wudang Taoist yellow leaves create this Jian Zhen After more than a century used only three times, once to deal with female swordsman Yu Luosha, one is to deal with the Great Satan Korea Bleak Hills, Ye Hengbo couple: the last time it was ten years ago, to take students in Sichuan Emei ' open forum time soon, 'when dealing with the spirit of the mountains about nine disciples. Wudang sword comic book with quick reflexes dense, if nine people proficient in swordsmanship with serial killer so, it is simply not the slightest gap, even the flies fly, but, that is counted in the presence of factions guru, but also they even use the opportunity cents also no. Horsepower always tie around his head down Xu far issued under eyed lit screen cover. Program consists of three tie together sniper Guang Wu and horsepower, and now the strongest of the three Warrior Du has not shot the wind was suppressed, Li then did not show up, that is always in the dark days of watching Liu Ji wonder again What've. According to the normal procedure should now immediately suspend plans, yet it can protect themselves. Xu Yuan's mouth hint of sneer. Watching horsepower tie silhouette, Xu Yuan chest is more intense than ignite when the wind singled Du courage. I am a gun Xu Yuan tomb, is the ancient weapons and Du par wind, like the goal is to break the wind and Du Once upon a time, Wal-Mart does not need to rely on the wind to survive Du. Regardless of whether the wind is made to suppress DU plans must continue execution. Top Ancient Warrior dictionary. There is a carry. There are dead. No retreat! Gently stomped away. With Du wind on the war, promised so far is a stomping foot metal ring has been torn apart, turned into a hail of bullets flying all over the sky. Xu Yuan also understand that this cover-up could not knock down the top of the ancient weapons, but now stood motionless horsepower tie, but it is the best live targets. After three scraps stamp, Xu Yuan's face suddenly changed. He has pushed the foot of the gold ring turned into hail of bullets, but the effect is not even a minute, the ring motionless. Instead his body into a quagmire like Vietnam, like Shen deeper. Raised on the ground in front of a head-shaped metal relief, facing Xu Yuan sneered:. 'I called Han prison, the earth is my hell.' Xu Yuan sneered: 'Do you go to hell now!' Korean prison foot suddenly a light metal ring had beenTurned into a liquid in his drive, and now not only do not bring liquids Xu Yuan's body sinking, floating on the surface also firmly stuck to his body. Liquid deepest strong explosion took place, countless metal reliefs like liquid