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movement.' Laojun a sweep of the two, slightly wrinkled brow a bit, so do not mind, how can we spend the amulet. How to revive the Pangu authentic prestige. 'He did not mention now sanctified, even became St. Mana Daoxing future saints is the lowest possible. If not, he studied under disciples scarce, it was more than a dozen, and the West, such as cause and effect very well with me, I am afraid that this must To his good fortune that were sent to the Gods, the Shajie should say. ' 'He also realized that wrong? Hands so quickly.' Unlike Tongtianjiaozhu Primus, soon realized that was wrong. Could not help but be surprised said. 'The teacher then gave him the Purple obscurity, is not afraid to let his holiness otherwise significance.' Laojun sighed: 'Western duo sanctified but in the end, although it can be heretical, not for millions of years Pangu authentic teacher. correctly predicted long ago, Red Cloud is probably the key. That West Second St. probably know the reason, it has to make Red Cloud, and even killed a West Buddha, too cold. Unfortunately, the number of the West too much, Red Cloud could not understand the trend, they came to the West is probably the last stone on their own feet. Red Cloud when it does not move, but why this time when moving around does not realize what is? not a holy end ants, red clouds can not be a holy, even if there is great merit can they do in the body, I'll wait for subglottic thousands of years, are big merit in the body, to the time amulet together, where also care about what merit. That way the destruction of the gas, I'm afraid no trivial matter, although I There are eye, but simply finding out that since the destruction of the road from where the sky, just know all Luzhou out in the North. Thus, treacherous place this atmosphere. Hongyun extremely alert, one can see wrong, it has been began to move. Hell things, the relationship between my plateTwo ancient authentic and western side of air transport, can not fall in the hands of others. Today, after the West had real gossip, injuryEnemy husband, wife and a Women Current hatred, division doors have better connection, an error unbearable mistake again, many find it difficult to just avoid the rate quoted is not cowardly enemy. To avoid leaks, and then provoke trouble, even daily disciple Tong Xing Shi neither side made it clear, Suntech mention. After an absence of two brothers Syria, Iraq providers and other mythical feng heard so much evil Lord Daodang track, it would not be in this thing Yao people, sooner or later have to go meet, Suntech asked him to help, naturally happy for. Incidentally, the Pro hands before, and met with Gan, he and older brother of Iraq providers Antarctica is trouble friendship, and Peng, Ling, Yan Zhu Xia mostly good old knowledge, see below and ask all the chivalrous acts, heard Sagong Hyosung also together, can not help but shocked. Ancun: 'Before heard rumors that the Iraqi trader behind the name is often said Gan, Naixiong deliberately evade death, not in order to assist the field, not for revenge after the death of anti-cross with the enemy thick enough to various friends, bring shout . Naixiong in the day, the smell would not vote, so many years, but also the hatchet, as to persuade, and seeking only disgrace, an unfortunately fight, victory is not good, defeat is not good. 'repeatedly assured Ken public business, said Hyosung man famous for many years, a total of only met twice, no close friends. He presided over the matter is, this man's hand before the notoriously ruthless, evils, concerning official relations major inconvenience to his plea, see the works in this decrepit Thin arms, try again, and calm. Qian Peng agreed early and Hyosung. Track all aspects of the notorious evil enemy, without a good class, in order to avoid troubles, will punish the assassins solid, Daodang one person can not escape. Gan helpless sympathy but hard surface, like a one trick, one side promised, first to come forward with advice Gan Yi providers, Xiaoyilihai make it surrender the assassin, you can