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Shiyi provoke her mind, passing shadow slips from the heart, Lisheng Nan suddenly cough a few times, moaned:' more terrible dry mouth, as if to smoke it: 'Jin Shiyi smiles : 'Why did you say the words of a car? Thirst deserve! 'Having said that, the whole situation like Lisheng Nan endure the pain, but can not help but secretly born pity, looked up, smiled and said:' There seems to be a family, we drink tea in the past to discuss the point. ' eyesight is less than Jin Shiyi, far and saw a shadow, then rode away in a multi-channel, this look at, and it turned out to be a roadside tea shop. Jin Shiyi smiles : 'Just, just, do not have to beg a. 'North of this roadside tea shop, and sell the majority of food and wine, Jin Shiyi tied the horse, Lisheng Nan pulled into the tube Chapu was an elderly couple. Then, shortly before dawn, their doors just open for a while, before customers door, the two couples is happy, but also surprised Jin Shiyi Brown said:. 'wine you, give me a pound of wine, no precedent to drink two Bowl. 'That old lady Doudi surprised, what seems to be wildly afraid, scared speechless, that warble old man said:' Your honor, please, sit down, I, I went to tea. 'This note Lisheng Nan Jin Shiyi clothes stained with blood in the heart, thought:' That we are two brother officers dressed elderly, who have blood debts, no wonder they are alarmed. 'Jin Shiyi removed a silver, smiled and said:' I know that some tolerance, parasites always people do not give money, we are not that number of people. This mina you first take, drinks food money, take the time to count. Ah, what you can send wine dish? 'This old man opened Chapu decades, have never seen an officer like Jin Shiyi so polite, he looked at the ingot held the money, where to dare to take, again and again, said:' Without this rule: Without this rule! You always enjoy face, willing to store my tea, which I can take your money? And things have not yet come the end, if you always sympathize with us, after eating, then casuallyTheir two ruthless, we just is also extremely Xian Qi, Liu Ji-day lives of the tree, no two leaves are the same lines, the trajectory of the falling leaves of different pieces, each place and even minor details, such as swimming in the branches of ants, bees around the fruit fly, have never exhibit the same track and morphology. Liu Ji day hundreds step can definitely hold his thoughts at the most minute details of each. Willow Tree of Life Butterfly day is completely different, similar place is too much, with this simple girls everywhere are strong emotions. Dufeng Li engraved Radial saw that he was looking at the tree of life in a daze. That the body can not find a trace of life, just as the soul from the body in general. A bug on the trees are crazy jumping, jumping every time, all the diversion between two nearly identical blades. Radial even to their spiritual diversion to the only insects, then after a while, he will follow the path of Liu mood day butterflies, butterfly heart leap willow day. Gentle wind on the ground circled Du wind shadow revealed. The first thing he did was a punch in the Radial body, also deliberately come up with a great sound. Insects stop to look up a Du wind. Du wind beat Radial cut ear, and beat up his nose cut off. In order to save the day butterfly Liu Du wind done everything, do not hesitate to himself as bait to attract butterflies Radial leave Liu days, unfortunately, insects farther away. Du wind sigh loudly, no further action Radial body. His figure gradually blurred, out of the protection of the loop Huangji Xian Qi. Until the release of gas all collapsed in his body, opened his eyes, Liu Ji day eagerly asked: 'How' Du wind shook his head and said: 'I did my best, then think of other ways.' Xu Yuan face sudden change, clenched his gun. Those in the audience do not know it is still much lamented this girl is so powerful, clean up a face to face that terrible old man. Xu Yuan, who is seen clearly, Radial spirit has occupied the willow-day butterfly body, now the willow-day butterflies,