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from the bottom of the lake, the entire lake bed flat slashing layer, Du wind comprehensive body was spewing mud mask the lake, the land becomes an instant breath Ya blurred. Mud Lake bears numerous fine gas, gas gradually join the one to form a mighty force as an array-like structure. This gas intended powerful army did not rush over, but continue to roar and stepping sound interfering with the eyes and ears Du wind. Du owned natural wind does not move, listening to days depending on the class techniques fail completely under interference, he has been unable to capture Lu Ya position. Ten broken dome-like wonders beyond imagining Du wind, ya land use [broken dome - Total Annihilation] spike Scarface, he thought this type is attacking style. Total Annihilation power too common, leading Du wind and did not break the power dome ten style too seriously. Now it seems that [Total Annihilation] This type of hands ten type style, is the world's strongest interference-type techniques. Du white sword from falling back into the soil in the wind on the lake mud suddenly a huge whirlpool pattern Yang Qi, cyclones formed a huge dragon, and Lu Ya gas strangling together. Du wind left hand holding a knife, hold the handle in his place Verge, Independence Day Shendao suddenly cut the mutation. Originally indestructible blade. Instantly twisted bean sprouts in general. Top blade, slowly bleeding out bright red Occult Blood. Du wind body, but also quietly transpiration from pale red Xue Wu. Ancient weapons ban skills! Omen disintegration! For most ancient weapons, the demons facilities out even after the disintegration of the undead will badly hurt, only Yang zeroDu vertical wind this day Warrior constitution can only be cast with impunity. Stars make up the gap between the enemy. Du wind and shrouded body to the knife, is already fully match with Miss Ya - Eight stars infuriating! Pinned as devils knife camel whistling sound. Blood red dragon-shaped cyclone pinned purple lights phosgene in the lake, Qianjun Dangqi found that the sound is that detract from the mouth since the youth.Just at that moment, I saw that beautiful boy pouting and said: 'Brother afraid we can not deal with him one of the two?' 'Did not mean' A young man with the mouth, eyes are noticed Baoshu.How many years pass, this position can be planted, but that year the Great Emperor Chun Yaozu it, how will this good fortune Taoist planted this array? 'Among the words with a little hint of panic but it is clearly on the front of a large array of ground Zhou stars have Jisi fear. Although Zhou stars a big fuss with the original stars of a large array of different, but it also can be a few stars showing Zhou power points. Among primitive universe, space countless practice place also has a good person, but not everyone can get. If want to find their ideal practice, which they would have to look for. But to pass through different spaces, is not a simple matter. In the endless void countless dangers, it will be lost, a non-big Luo Jin Sin is impossible to make the repair of these things. 'Bang!' A red light suddenly found out, taking advantage of the Jin Yi Tao Jun mind fall, if ponley lightning fast, broke open and empty now, hit over. That Jin Yi Tao Jun, although repair to advanced, but can not hold Zhen Fang attack, although in the hands of the bullwhip slightly resist a hint, the body is not a simple thing robe magic, but hibiscus stick but it is the innate spiritual roots refining, sun real fire is very powerful, and Laojun shamisen real fire with little different, a surge of hot whip along straight into between the heart and lungs, Jin Yi Tao Jun could not resist a blood spray out, very fishy. 'Good fortune Taoist Tao Jun, today this is not your cut to pieces, Pindao dogged.' Jin Yi Tao Jun triangle eyes shot raging anger, turning a dig, but showing Liangbing flaming sword, the blade middle faint blue little has been extended to the tip, flashing a strange light, although no magic wave, but emerged in an atmosphere of cold. Snake Road is a road when