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Emperor suddenly ashen face, sneered: After 'You think you know my fellow Red Cloud's plan, but also make their own sects disciples do not replace things he would like to take a look at Guaren opportunities. ** meddle in the day. just no excuse. Guaren calculation is wrong, let him have that excuse. But, now the situation has been different. As long as you and I live, it should be robbed of the people, naturally Zhang Zi Ran couple Two of. this is not you and I will pay attention to the quasi mention Taoist ** If you want to control the day, occupy three realms air transport, nature is to have him shot. I just need you to take a Jiuding, broken fellow Red Cloud to simply be able to. ' 'Dichotomy has become a world trend, brothers, you and I want to make early plans of.' Eight palace, Primus shining golden eye, as if to penetrate space, overlooking the three realms of mortal beings. Taishanglaojun eye slightly opened, the slightest VECON stream which said: 'The teacher then had the words, but the three realms to fundamental human world, Red Cloud Young has occupied days ** Once upon a time people want to occupy the position of emperor indeedToo few forces, contrary to the balance between Heaven said. ** Since the day he was to occupy, but the emperor was not for him all over again. Ding and fortune were connected universe air transport, first took his universe tripod again, broke his air transport, so it can not maintain the balance of Heaven. ' . 'Right now I'm afraid that is wrong with the' Primus heard looking for a happy, but it is frowned and said: 'Now the two sides are working together to break the West Chen, Wu family's future to face Temujin Temujin born in the end is the blessing of Heaven, to come upon a unified manner, one can a non-confrontational. If at the moment shots, Red Cloud huff, joint Temujin Wu family together against me Divine door, can not a Zhou Dynasty resistance. ' 'Young in office, so I can not see too pure inaction, most likely to jump outsider, it can analyze something..' marrow scope to a cave not far from where. Du body flat after the wind. She kept shaking Du wind body, and patting him in the face and back, but no response Du wind. She tried to try to own the gas delivered to the body in the Du wind, Boo slamming, blocking airflow hit the invisible gas field, fully sprung out. Zhao hole Luan's voice said: 'Freeze, you will kill the male division.' Zhao Luan first completed the process of absorbing the knife marrow, shakeNodding came from her and pulled out a small box on the silver needle in the body of the wind Du vital acupuncture points. Needles just tie into the needle becomes bent. Then a bomb root out, Zhao Luan frown, his hands became a sharp scalpel, Qieru Du skin below the surface wind. Snaps, Zhao Luan hurriedly scaling back, already too late. Scalpel into three fingers have been Zhenduan gas field. Zhao Luan puff to bite the mouth to spit chewing gum, frowning: '! This time finished.' She looked up and down Young zero. Suddenly said: 'I seem to have heard of Certified Public is to train you to three stars for subsequent use for bone marrow Dafa absorb your day [vertical] constitution.?' Young zero aghast: 'I ...... I will not change for bone marrow Dafa.' 'Laugh, for bone marrow Dafa for that is to make the division of public utilities division sober when you want. You can only use the second method.' Young zero suddenly guilty, she also heard that the number of 'second method' very embarrassed and asked: 'What method is ...... Young zero even dare to lift the head, and whispered:. 'Some still do not understand.' Zhao Luan impatient: 'Ah Ya Ya, so you know the division of public premature death, simply, that thing you put a man to imagine your fingers, usually the place where to put where, add a bit deeper.' Young looked at his slender fingers zero, perplexed. Zhao Luan staggering, this little girl for sexual purity to understand really unparalleled, even masturbation evidently not done such a thing, but makes the vaunted 'experience' Zhao Luan